Since Lisa is gone to the bridge, Pookie is happy. Apparently Lisa had ruled the house with an iron paw and confined Pookie to Mr. G's room and the kitchen. Now she keeps us company each time we are in the living room on Lisa's favourite spot of course ! She also goes around in the house and has completely changed. Kim too is more often at home.

Pookie likes to stay inside and doesn't go out very often

Rosie is happy in the warm weather and takes a sunbath on our pet cimetary. Unfortunately I have to say that all cats (ours and others) use this place also as their favourite litter box. I think they must have other feelings about grief.

Sir Arthur is in his element ! watching the birdies and hoping for mousies. He also has discovered that he has a tail attached to the end of his body and started to play with it as you can see on this video.

Fresh grass smells so good !

Kim doesn't run away anymore and I could take pictures of a happy cat ! I always thought she didn't care about Lisa, but apparently I was very wrong ! Moral of the story, only we humans are sad !






Last week I told you that Arthur had discovered Rosie's diet dry food on the tower. Now he goes there to show me that he is hungry. He doesn't like dry food that much so he makes a mess with the bowl, throwing the pieces out and all over, while Rosie watches him with philosophy !

Just to show me that he also wants special food he eats a few pieces. Then he follows me in the kitchen and smells at his bowl to see what is in there. I go back to my room to feed Rosie because I still want to check if she eats properly. Arthur runs behind me to check if there is no better food, and then usually eats up everything in her bowl, although it is exactly the same food than in the kitchen ! Psychology !

A few days the weather was nice so they played a little outside, Rosie cleaned the tiles rolling all over the terrace.

In the evening they played Romeo and Julia

Lady Pookie is getting fat ! There is no other word. I think she is full of spring feelings and has a great appetite. Here she shows her belly and does some belly dancing, but don't dare to touch it then she gets very angry !





Since Rosie had been so sick I feed her in my room to keep an eye on her and to see that she eats correctly. She also has special dry food for fragile stomacs. To avoid that the other cats touch this (very) expensive food I have put it in a little bowl on top of her cat tree. She is the only one who can go up there at least that's what I thought. This night I got up for little girls and then went back to bed again.

Rosie's cat tree, the bowl decorated with a red mouse of course

Suddenly I heard a big bang and then as if somebody breaks very dry twigs. It was my clumsy Arthur who is too heavy to jump on the platform of the cat tree, so he used my rocking chair which had banged against the closet to reach the cat tree and enjoy the good food.

After having accomplished this heroical act and with a full stomac he jumped on my bed like an elephant and fell asleep, soonly joined by Rosie.

The view I had laying in my bed







I want to thank all of you who send me such kind words when Lisa went to the rainbow bridge.
She needed at lot of attention in the last months and I am sure that she is far better where she is now. She was 18 years and 5 months with us.

It's sad to say, but the others didn't even notice that she is not there anymore, they continue their usual little way of life.

Pookie is very happy to have inherited Lisa's basket and moves in there when Mr. G sleeps like a windmill.

Rosie only drinks from this little bowl, I don't know why because there is a big bowl on the floor. Here she is interrupted by some birdies !

Although it's still very cold, Arthur found that he should sit in the middle of the street to sleep and look around. Fortunately there are no cars during the day !

Of course when I wanted to film him he stopped rolling around, listened to the birds and then went working under my neighbour's car. Instead of having a white cat I had a black one after that.



Yesterday we took a very difficult decision. I called our vet and asked her to come because Lisa couldn't eat anymore since two days and made terrible noises when she tried to eat. I gave her only the liquid of the food, but even that didn't work. Before she started to suffer and starving we thought it is better to help her over the Rainbow bridge. She died in my arms and is certainly happy that she could join her beloved Max who went to the bridge in May 2005 at the age of 19. Since he was gone she had changed and became a solitary cat. She supported the others but not too close.

Here she is maybe 6 months old. Max was like a mother to her or rather a father, they were always together and she slept against his big belly.

Lisa also loved to watch running water

napping in special places

and adored watching Mr. G shaving or sitting and helping him at the computer

She also was a good model

These are the last pictures. She had this big ball at her cheak, the size of a ping pong ball. As long as it didn't disturb her it didn't bother us eather. But probably it became bigger and that's why from one day to the other she couldn't eat anymore. Our vet said that anyway there was nothing to do anymore because her whole head was full of tumors.

This is the last picture of her, shortly before the vet came.

Fortunately we had time enough to spoil her and say good bye, so it is not so hard for us. But still, the house seams to be more empty. This morning I didn't have to let her out of her room, clean the litter box, wash and brush her, I have to get used to that. Lisa was exactly 18 years and 5 month old.




Cats as we know have a hard life and different occupations. When I came into my kitchen this morning I found Miss Pookie sitting in the sink and meditating about ecofriendly water.

Meanwhile a storm was arriving slowly and the sky got menacing and dark

but as usual Kim doesn't care about weather and made her round around the house

Arthur thought it is the 1st of March today, so time for a thorough spring cleaning of his precious white fur. He has to show his beauty once the neighbours are out again !

Rosie fully recovered as you may notice in this little video, found a little piece of a string (don't ask me where) and while Arthur was watching her from my bed, was doing her morning exercises.