Each morning when I am in the bathroom, Pookie comes for a control if I do everything the right way.

She moves around and rubs her head against the furniture. There is even a black spot on the one with the basket drawers. When I asked her to move a bit and show her little face, as an answer I got the blur picture and just a tail end.

The big question of the day was where to nap !

So she did an hour on one sofa, and then did the big move to the other, where she stayed for the rest of the day.

Rosie too, didn't know quiet well how to spend her day, as it was very stormy and wet outside.

After a nap on the table, she finally decided to jump down, do some Yoga exercises and then decided she
would move into my room and her bed.

She wasn't quiet sure if she would stay, then looked at the raindrops falling against the window and after having noticed that the floor is too hard she finally joined her mousies.

Sometimes miracles happen, after three months of playing "The invisible cat" since a few days Kim came back inside ! 

I saw her under the kitchen table and after having emptied her bowl, she retired in Mr. G's bed which hadn't happened for a very long time. Now I hope she comes in every day so that I can lock her in and take her to the groomer, the poor thing has an awful fur ! She looks so neglected ! Fortunately my neighbors know what kind of cat she is, otherwise they would certainly alert the animal protection !

Arthur has a new job. He became "stalker". He sits outside on the window sill where he doesn't get wet and looks through the window inside. It is so funny to suddenly see his face pop up and observe us !

He also has stolen Pookie's seat and warms it up for Mr. G. when he returns from his jogging, which means from the Television to the Computer and the other way around.

The only one still moving in this lazy family is me !






We had some nice sunny days this week, but Pookie doesn't care about weather, she spends her days with the same routine Mr. G. does.

When he goes out in the morning she goes in the garge, rumbles in the litterbox spreading its content all over then she goes out for 5 min, comes back and goes to bed. When he is back, they work together as you can see, work is a big word because he plays cards ! When they have finished with the computer they start with the TV. The perfect couple, except that Mr. G. doesn't rumble in a litterbox.

Arthur is full of energy  ! He suddenly had discovered that he has a tail and tried to catch it in the bathtube.

He chased a lot and it sounded like playing a drum ! Finally he catched it and washed the tip thoroughly ! And I had wondered who played "drummer" in the house.

He also tried to be very helpful and while I was folding the laundry he sat in the middle of the kitchen table and didn't move ! I had to move him a bit from right to left to have some space, but when finally it was done he sat in the middle and admired my work !

Arthur is also a very polite cat. When on Friday evening my friend Dominique returned home, Arthur walked her until the door of her house. What a body guard !

Rosie when the sun is shining and it isn't too cold, sits always at the same place and waits for mousies, birds, butterflies, etc. Fortunately without success. She also has a special nail file, one root of the wheeping willow which once stood there.





One morning this week I entered the living room and stepped on something hard under my slippers. I looked down and what did I see ? The rest of a bird head and two bird legs ! The body had disappeared, at least I couldn't find it (do bird corpses smell after a while ?) There were feathers all over the room and I had to take out the vacuum cleaner to clean all these feathers from the floor !

Miss Rosie lay under the dining table on a chair with a very satisfied expression on her face ! For a change she hadn't brought me a mouse but a bird !

Arthur has his affectionate period, and wants to be petted all the time. He also shares his time on lap 1 which is me and lap 2 which is Mr. G.

Whenever I am in the garden he watches over me and when we were invited at our neighbor's he invited himself too. First he meowed loud his protest that we were sitting in another garden, and when I called him to come over he did immediately ! Fortunately he stayed outside while we had supper but when we left he was sitting in front of the door and walked us over to our house rolling in the red gravel from time to time. With the result that we had a pink cat in our kitchen.

The rest of his time he spends on the sofa, even under cover !

Pookie lives her self chosen lifestyle as indoor cat and only sits outside when I am sitting outside. Otherwise she does her nap marathon on different beds or sofas the whole day.

Kim remains invisible. We know that she is around the house and she comes in for food during nights, but no way to approach her ! She runs away, it bothers me a lot because she really needs to be taken to the groomer. I don't know how I could catch her !





Dominique came back from holidays and had taken back her canaries !

Arthur couldn't believe it for a couple of days and watched the door !

For the moment Arthur is a very active cat ! It's love time in cat's world and as he is an eunuch, he expresses his feelings otherwise ! He runs around, chases his tail, hides and seeks himself or ...

runs behind his harem ! Pookie sends him to hell and disappeared in the cat flap. Rosie too, doesn't like that he runs behind her and jumps on her, after all he is quiet heavy !

To my dispair, he also has discovered a new litter box, he uses the bark instead of earth ! Unfortunately under the bark is a plastic lay agains growing weeds, but with his digging I don't know if the plastic will resist !

He also has re-discovered my lap and has become a real cuddle cat. You should see my shanks full of little red scratches, because he hasn't learned to keep his claws inside and makes pasta on my knees !

and when finally he has "worked" enough, he now has chosen Mr. G. desk chair for his naps ! A fact which upsets Mr. G. as he refuses to sit on the floor.

Pookie too, suddenly wants always to sit on my lap, and here she waits that I finally sit down !

From Rosie there is nothing special to report, no mouse this week, but she likes to play with little things she finds on the terrace.

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