Difficult to make a selfie if you see Arthur !

I am not amused ! Look he had too much mousemilk !

I hope tomorrow I feel better ! I celebrated to early !

Fortunately my cats are not afraid of fireworks. Each year a lot of animals, cats and dogs run away in panic and it is difficult to find their owners, because most of the time they have no identity chip.

The only one who is not at his ease is Arthur, he rather fears a bomb attack and not the lights so he sleeps under a table or a wardrobe. Otherwise he doesn't bother. Rosie just turns her ears around and Kim doesn't move. I think she would even sleep besides a firework !

See you all next year and hope that you are not too much afraid of the firework noises !



I made an effort for Christmas !

Is there the smell of turkey in the air ??

I changed my sleeping place, I now sleep just close to the front door. Nobody can get in !

We are waiting for Christmas. Time goes by quicker when you sleep. And she, anyway has still some left overs of her flu !

I like the wreath and the little angels and love to keep them company !

to all of you !



Don't come in like an elephant I am busy with a photo session !

zzz...zzzz....what did you say ? Selfie ? OK

I show you a selfie of my tail, I am in a bad mood today !


The last 2 weeks I have spent in Egypt at the Red sea in the Sunrise Holiday Resort, leaving my poor cats in the rain and cold, fortunately inside the warm house. Mr. G. as usual took too good care of them because they all looked a little more XL !

While I was away Kim had changed her usual place which she had occupied during at least 4 months always at the same place in Mr. G.'s room on a rug. Only for eating and other businesses she left this place.

Now she has moved to the entrance ! Don't ask me why. She does exactly the same, screwed on the same place, day and night ! Fortunately we don't get a visitor each hour, then she would certainly choose another place.

Rosie and Arthur tried to occupy themselves a bit, but did sleep mostly, while outside it stormed and rained. In the news they said that Belgium had 9 hours sunshine in the whole month ! No wonder that people have sour faces ! Cats are more discrete they don't show their mood in their faces but with their tails, which would be difficult for humans because they don't have one to express their feelings.

Everything went well during my absence, and now that I am here, they probably wait that I take out the Christmas balls and decorations !



We have a nice life with Mr. G ! We even get whipped cream which usually is not allowed or at least not too much. She needed warmth and sunshine, because she had breathing problems and now she is in a country called Egypt, which is very famous for cats ! We were even were goddesses there !

And here is a picture she has sent us the weather is wonderful and she and her friends are purring in the sunshine ! They are in Hurghada at the red sea.