Arthur has changed his sleeping place again. After my wardrobe, first on the bedsheets then on my T-shirts, he had slept for about a months on Mr. G's office chair.

Now apparently it is too cold so he glued himself against the radiator and sleeps there.

The poor boy has to eat besides drowned mousies ! (please notice his new collar, he got for Christmas)

and could only drink mouse decorated water. I had to take them out and put them on the radiator as I do since a few weeks.

Rosie waits until they are dry to bath them again ! So the both of us are very busy.

I was watching "Homes under the Hammer", when Pookie the helpful cat was looking for the hammer behind the TV. Unfortunately she couldn't find any and retired in her favorite napping place : the crèche !

The cat family celebrated alone with my caring neighbor. They hope that little Toby is not exercising for tail pulling on this picture ! We celebrated with son, DIL and grandson in Amsterdam.



To all of you





Maybe you have seen on TV that together with France, Germany and the UK we are sitting in deep snow and therefore also in a mess.

The only cat I managed to see in the snow was Pookie, which is rather strange, because when the weather is nice she always stays inside. Try to understand a cat.

Mr. G. had to shrink to make space for Pookie and Arthur who keep him company while he is doing such important things like playing cards on his computer ! He has an excuse, he is retired. Our cats apparently too.

Rosie, the still active cat, wasn't pleased at all, that Arthur suddenly discovered her (personal) cat tree and by no means didn't want to leave his place. After a few trials she finally gave up and they were sitting both on the tree, watching me I suppose, not sitting on another tree but on my chair.

Here she tries to seduce us, (always during a movie) and rolls happily around in the armchair. I don't know if it is due to the snowy weather that she tidies up her mousies, because now every morning I find up to four mousies in the water bowl, the work she had done over night ! But this is not enough, as soon as I have put them on the radiator and they are dry, she carries them back and drops them in the water again ! I am a very busy woman to take out mousies the whole day, and change the water !

Rosie and Pookie found a nice place to sit and sleep in the nativity scene. They look as if they watch over the holy family plus the angels, but they never would sit in there together !! They are ennemies for ever !





With all the space Arthur has on the sofa to sit or lay besides me, he choose to sit amongst

all this stuff. Remote control, mobile phone an apple etc (not to mention the lighter) but he sat on the TV program. Cats love paper !

He is still sleeping in Mr. G's office during nights and also during the day when he wants to have his peace and not to be disturbed by Rosie.

Rosie always wants to play and sometimes they don't have the same opinion !

Rosie is always very active and often we can't watch our crime story properly because she acts as clown and we miss the murderer !

When it had snowed she was watching the street to see if there was something going on.
And she still keeps me busy to take out her mouse toys from the water bowl. As soon as they have dried on the radiator she puts them back in the water ! I am overworked !

Since we have put up the crèche, Pookie loves to sit in there, sometimes we don't even see her she fits so nicely in the decoration. In the evenings now, she loves to sleep besides Father Christmas while we are watching TV.

During the day she loves Mr. G's bed.