With all the space Arthur has on the sofa to sit or lay besides me, he choose to sit amongst

all this stuff. Remote control, mobile phone an apple etc (not to mention the lighter) but he sat on the TV program. Cats love paper !

He is still sleeping in Mr. G's office during nights and also during the day when he wants to have his peace and not to be disturbed by Rosie.

Rosie always wants to play and sometimes they don't have the same opinion !

Rosie is always very active and often we can't watch our crime story properly because she acts as clown and we miss the murderer !

When it had snowed she was watching the street to see if there was something going on.
And she still keeps me busy to take out her mouse toys from the water bowl. As soon as they have dried on the radiator she puts them back in the water ! I am overworked !

Since we have put up the crèche, Pookie loves to sit in there, sometimes we don't even see her she fits so nicely in the decoration. In the evenings now, she loves to sleep besides Father Christmas while we are watching TV.

During the day she loves Mr. G's bed.


Barbara said...

Pookie is so sweet, love that shot of her in the bed. I do like Rosie's job creation scheme for you with the mice - wonderful. Arthur is always a star :O)

The Chair Speaks said...

It really is difficult to see Pookie in the crèche. She looks like part of it. She is so sweet.

Both Arthur and Rosie are funny and cute in their own ways.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I love the view when Pookie staying at Mr. G's bed, that is sweet~!

Anonymous said...
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Ellen Whyte said...

Poor you! I hope you get your account back, Gattina.

Rosie looks so busy with her snow watch and mousie wash; and Pookie is a little darling. Lovely face.

We love Luna said...

Bonjour sweet cat friends and Gattina!
Pookie looks so comfortable in Mr. G bed, cute picture!
And I totally understand Arthur there, here I want to take my peaceful naps and my friend "Jersinha", a peluche, wants to play, like Rosie there.I think I will send my peluche to play with Rosie in your place! :)
I'm so sorry about your problems with the Google account dear Gattina, I hope you can access your account today, it's so difficult to be without email!
purrs and love

Maribeth said...

Wed once had a cat that liked to watch ice hockey on TV. She would chase the puck across the TV screen!

Cat Mandu said...

I love to climb up where Dad has all his papers and curl up for a nap. (I get blamed for swishing my tail too much, sending lots of papers to the floor.)

Luna und Luzie said...

Thats great, Pookie is watching over the nativity scene !
So cute in Mr. Gattinos bed.
Rosie keeps you always busy with mice ...it´s not boring in your house.
Sorry we are late today...

*Happy Tuesday*

Cat and DOG Chat With Caren said...

Thanks for the "linky" hookup!

Arthur is one technologically savvy cat!


Katnip Lounge said...

We love seeing what's going on at your house. You Cats are always busy...Arthur you cracked Mommy up with all your electronics!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

We enjoy the catch up of wot's going on at your howse during the build up to ChrisMouse!

Sparkle said...

It looks like everyone is enjoying the holiday season. And that Arthur - all men gravitate to electronics, even mancats!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Love seeing all the pictures and to see whats happening. Looks like all have their own spots.. HUgs GJ xx

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just want to say hello to the community

Sweepy said...

Woof Gattina! Pookie got the best bed! Arthur got the second best although he can snuggle with Pookie. Come to think of it, they can all sleep in Mr G's bed and as for MrG, well, woof! MrG can sleep in the sofa. Arf!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Great photos! all of you kitties are good at providing moments of exercise for your mom and dad, otherwise they would be stiff!
bonkbonk happy stay warm and enjoy your winter.

Whisppy said...

So good to see everyone doing well...er...where's Kim?
I wonder what Rosie is thinking when she is looking out of the window?

Amy & the house of cats said...

Cats do love to sit in the strangest spots don't they - and I will never understand the fascination with sitting on paper. Ours are the same way!

And oh Rosie and her interruptions of your shows - that sounds so much like our house!