We were very proud after cleaning the tiles in our garden because they looked like new and Rosie as inspector of finished work did her job and looked if everything was in order.

She thought yes, now at least her delicate paws would remain clean.

Not so Arthur, he thought Mr. G. had prepared a huge new litter box for him and as soon as the tiles were dry he tried on several spots if they were suitable to make his important business. Mr. G. was delighted !

Rosie after her inspection collapsed on the heating and dreamed probably of the next mouse hunt.

Yesterday morning I found Arthur in this position again on the sofa and after finding him so cute I went into the kitchen where

I discovered this. Spaghettis which I had left on the heat plate to cool down, but I had covered it with aluminium paper. Apparently this didn't bother Arthur at all because he took out the amount of Spaghetti he wanted to eat and then he fell asleep on the sofa with his belly full. I think he must have Italian origins.

I found Pookie this week sitting side by side with my little cat decoration enjoying the sunshine and the first spring days.

Since Kim had been at the groomer I wasn't able to take a picture of her in her full beauty. She is always outside. According to my neighbor she sleeps in her doghouse and only shows up when she is hungry.






I had a quiet agitated week with my cats this time. We had noticed that Kim was again full of knots, and looked like a mop. Her fur was very thick, probably because the winter had been colder than usual.

As none of us can touch her with a brush I took her too the groomer. It was a very hard work to get her in the cat carrier ! She slept in Mr. G's office, so we closed all doors except to the kitchen. Of course she felt that something strange was in the air so she ran in the kitchen and from there into the basement. But there too we had closed all doors so she was trapped on the steps. No escape possible and I could push her in the carrier. I tell you we were both exhausted !

But it was worth the effort. There was so many fur coming out, I could have knitted sweaters for a whole army ! It's a pity that she is not a sheep.

It's also quiet offending when you see her there on the table. She purrs and makes "pasta" with her paws and the young woman told me that Kim is her easiest client ! She should see her at home ! Now Kim is a beauty again, but rather invisible. Once freed from her carrier, she disappeared in the garden.

Coming next was Rosie bringing in a mouse. I heard bird chirping while we watched a movie, but it wasn't a bird it was a little mouse running through the living room followed by Rosie and hiding under the TV set. During the whole film Rosie sat there and watched, and then Arthur came too and they both waited for the mouse.

I wanted to safe the mouse so when we went to bed I closed all doors but left a little hole between the store and the window door so that the mouse could get out. I checked 3 times that I had no cat locked in the living room.

Unfortunately next morning when I opened the door, Arthur jumped out, I hadn't seen him and he had spent the whole night with the mouse enough time to catch and kill the poor thing. Mr. G when he sat down with his coffee found the mouse dead between his feet. Arthur is a generous cat he wanted to present him a morning gift.

after the night with the mouse, Arthur had to clean himself before he started a long nap.

Pookie wasn't bothered by all these events, she did her Yoga exercises on my bed and continued to sleep.

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Spring is in the air and my lazy cat family woke up from its hibernation and switched from indoor to outdoor cats. I suppose as long as it is not raining and not too cold.

While I was watching TV, I saw Rosie inspecting the neighborhood on the roof of my neighbor's garden shed, happily looking around for friends and ennemies.

Then she exercised for natural needs purposes, found the ground too hard for her delicate little paws, and unfortunately prefered the litter box in the garage a little later.

Kim was happy to suddenly have some company in "her" garden and even came to greet me. Her fur is full of knots and she looks like a mop. If there wasn' the tail you wouldn't know where is the beginning and the end of the cat. On Friday I have an appointment for her to get her groomed and all the knots out by a professional "cat hairdresser", as she won't let us touch her with a brush.

While Arthur prefered the sun in front of the house and warm his back on the stones, Rosie took herself for a cow and ate some grass for her stomac. If all my cats would eat more grass I didn't need a lawn mower anymore !

Coming home, she first had to clean herself from top to bottom while I admired her Yoga positions.

Mr. G. had prepared his sandwich and left it on the kitchen table only for a few seconds, but this was enough for Arthur to think that the sandwich was made for him, so he served himself before he too started a meticulous fur cleaning of his now bigger belly. The mortadella apparently had been very good ! Mr. G. was "angry" !

As he suffers from springtime lethargy (between us : the whole year) he uses now my light therapy lamp to get some energy. It had helped me so much to get my energy back, that I don't need it anymore for the moment. Pookie also thinks that she needs some more energy for mouse hunting and keeps him company.

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I don't know if spring is in the air, but my cats have a rather strange behaviour and are very moody more than usual anyway. They shouldn't be because they are all spayed, but apparently spring feelings are still there, although it's freezing cold, but the sun shines, and that makes all the difference.

This is the face of a jalous cat called Rosie who watches poor Pookie crossing the living room. Pookie makes herself to a pancake and crawls on her belly to the door, to avoid that Rosie jumps and runs behind her.

So you can understand my surprise to see them both sharing the sunshine in my room, Pookie on my bed and Rosie on the floor, it should be the other way around at least, because my bed is the private domain of Rosie. What a generosity ! Maybe men don't understand women, but I start to doubt about my understandings of cats.

Even Kim who always is outside does something she never did before ! She took a long nap on my bed ! and she is still there when it's empty and she can be alone ! Of course with some interruptions for natural purposes. Maybe she has a lot of worshipers outside and is afraid of them. Who knows ? Kim has always been very special, maybe she was a nun in her former life.

Arthur is happy when the sun is shining and when I came home yesterday he greeted me with loud songs and rollings around and when he was red enough from the gravel

he did his spring cleaning on the heating.

Has anybody of you similar feelings for the moment ? The answer of humans and cats is welcome. I am rather tired !




After two weeks of painters in the house my little cat family had another shock ! A baby in the house ! Little grandson Toby spent us a visit over the weekend.

Arthur, cool as ever, didn't bother about the baby, didn't even throw a glance on him, he was more disturbed by the baby's mother who chased him away probably because he could put some cat hair on little Toby. I was rather surprised because I knew her as a cat lover. Mr. G. wasn't pleased about this at all, but didn't say anything for Pete's sake but inside he was like a volcano, that somebody terrorized his beloved Arthur.

It bothered me far more that Arthur jumps on the table when we have guests, which really he shouldn't do, and then I chase him away too, but how can the poor cat know if when we are alone he is allowed to eat from Mr. G's plate and when there are people he is not ! With me he would never dare to do this. So while we were eating I locked him out, but Mr. G wasn't happy about this at all and his meal was somewhat spoiled !

Little a Toby a very good baby only cried when he was hungry but that, apparently didn't bother the cats at all. Anyway, Pookie didn't show up at all anymore once she had put her nose in the living room and had run away. She is a very sensitive cat and "smells" when cats are unwanted. Kim only came in during the night for food and fortunately Rosie slept on the sofa behind my head as usual and wasn't bothered even when I had little Toby in my arms.

Now I mean hygenic is very important for a baby, but too much isn't good either. Then they get sick for a yes and a no. How do farmer kids survive amongst, cats, chicken, cows, pigs etc ?? And our son had always lived with a cat since he was born and it all went very well. What I mean is that one should try to combine nicely the living together of babies and animals. So many cats and dogs loose their so said "forever home" because a baby arrives. To me that means that they never had been real pet lovers but only took a pet as a substitute for a baby.

In any case I don't like visitors who chase our cats away, unless they are personally bothered by them. It's their house and it's to us to decide what they are allowed to do and what not, and honnestly all our friends love our cats. Even poor Dominique who starts to sneeze because she is allergic !

Now everything is back to normal and Arthur helps with the computer work, he has also dialled a number on Mr. G's mobile phone I don't know who it was it was n° 666666666 (anywone concerned ?)

Pookie too likes this place and rests from all these stressing days

The weather is bad and they watch the rain out of the window.

Rosie finally has found all her mousies again, and as you can see relaxes happily in her basket.