Rosie is in a playful mood, no selfie

Rosie found the button on the camera !

No, no selfie

Next time I will cooperate better, says Isis


Ever since Isis left the shelter with her new servant Madame N., it took her only a couple of days and very naturally, she took possession of her new home. She quickly forgot the terrible home where she came from, where a passionate tomcat ran after her and tried without success, that she gave birth to a lot of kittens. There also were  two small children who wanted to use her as a toy.

Fortunately the owner realized that poor Isis was very unhappy and brought her to an animal shelter, where she only stayed for a day to check her health and then as Mme N.s daughter worked there and found her so beautiful that she gave her to her mother, who just had lost her beloved Golden Retriever Charlie.

Now Isis has a home which suits her perfectly. After all she is an exclusive cat, and the only child and she thinks that now finally she has the home which she earned since she was born.

Mme N. was full of good ideas for a perfect education for a perfect cat and told us that she would never allow Isis to sit on the sofa, on the table or ... sleep in her bed. It didn't take long perhaps a week, when at one of my visits I stated with pleasure, that not Mme N. had educated Isis, but it was the other way around. Isis takes a lot of space. She sleeps or sits on the sofas, on the armchairs on the chairs on the table and ..... she sleeps in Mme N.'s bed !

You can see who is the master of the house, it's not Mme N. anymore, no it looks rather as if Isis has taken the place and had left a little space for her new servant.

From her new cat tree, she watches over her kingdom, and controls Mme N.'s office

From the sofa at the entrance she checks the visitors. She is very social and very polite and has to sniff at and greet everybody.

When we have all arrived she climbs on her cat tree and observes what we are doing.

When the weather is nice she also has a big terrace at her disposal from where she can overlook the gardens, watch the birds and eventually dogs.

Little stories of Isis' life next time.



I just woke up to do the selfie !

Now I am exhausted

What is a selfie ?? That's my first one

I am Isis and proud to have done a selfie !

Rosie must have a sleeping virus, not the one which spread over the whole world, that's only for humans.

She sleeps most of the time and often on places where Arthur used to sleep.

It's too early to say if she misses him, but I think so, she looks a little lost and is more often with me then before.

Below is Isis, she belongs to my friend Nicole who adopted her from an animal shelter where her daughter works.

Isis is four years  old and a Birmanese cat, a little girl who should produce a lot of kittens. Fortunately Mr. Birmanese didn't like her or the other way around, it didn't work. On top the poor thing was terrorized by two little kids who loved her too much. Finally the owner had enough and brought her to the shelter.

She  was skinny and rather shy. Nicole was informed by her daughter that there was the ideal cat for her who was used to stay in an apartment and never go out. Nicole saw her and brought her home.

Ever since Isis became a beauty with her cross eyed blue eyes, her fur is shiny and she became more round. She also turned out not to be shy at all and is very social. When we are at Nicole's she is always with us and we can pet her she is not shy at all anymore. She is an only "child" now and of course spoilt ! She was lucky to find such a good home, in fact both are very happy to have found each other !

Corona Virus effect



These are all cat selfies from different friends.

Sweetie, a former stray cat and now a princess

Stumpy spending holidays with my son, while her servants were on holidays


Choppy my friend had picked up in an animal shelter

and our Rosie the Queen of the house now. From a cat with 3 siblings she is now an only cat child.

I still can't write about Arthur, we all miss him so much, Rosie has changed a bit her behaviour, she often sleps on places where he slept. Today it is exactly one week and one day he passed away.

I am not sure what to do with this blog, he always inspired me. I will see in the future.



After 18 years of life together, Arthur fell asleep forever. He was sleeping on a chair when the vet came. He didn't even wake up he just opened an eye and closed it when he saw that it was me. He didn't see the vet. He just continued to sleep and after he had gotten the final shot without moving a bit he was gone as you say "over the rainbow bridge"

You can easily imagine how hard it is to loose a family member, but it was really time for him before he started to suffer. Despite the fact that he ate a lot, he was so skinny and all bones. The outside of his ears were infected and apparently he had started a skin cancer which happens mostly to white cats.

I am not able to write more I feel as if somebody has hit me with a hammer and Mr. G. couldn't hide some tears. I join a few photos of his life. He was such an intelligent, social and funny cat, we had so much to laugh about him with all his adventures. I will write about him when I can.

Now Rosie is the only "child". When she arrived they were four and one after the other passed away after 18 to 20 years of commun life. Rosie is  12 now we hope she will stay with us until she can go into the Guiness book of records.

Between these two photos 18 years went by

He was such a cute kitty not bigger as the remote control

He didn' take much space on the sofa

Sleeping under my Kaftan and stealing food from plates belonged to his hobbies

Sometimes he also used the cat tower or sat outside on the tiles and listened to people walking by "What a beautiful" cat !

He had very funny sleeping positions, and loved to watch TV especially animal movies

Once I managed to give him a bath, that's when he was not white but black, he had "worked" as a mechanician under a car. He also was the best model for all photo memes.

I could write a whole book about Arthur and maybe I will do it when his absence hurts less.



a profile selfie

when I was young and still could do my Yoga

Today I am wearing my perls for the selfie

Enough ! No selfie anymore !

And the storms continue and always on weekends.

Grandpa Arthur stays in bed or walks around in the living room. He still eats like a horse and now he even wakes me up twice during the night always for food. So I get up and feed him, otherwise he continues to meow non stop until the morning. Slowly it becomes difficult but he doesn't seem to suffer. Of course he goes more then often in his litterbox and drinks a lot. But all this is normal with old cats.

As it is so bad outside, Rosie takes the furniture for trees and jumps like Tarzan from armchair to armchair from sofa to sofa

and then finally rests and falls asleep for the rest of the day !