The use in Belgium is to offer Lillies of the Valley for the first of May




If ever one day you won't hear from me anymore I died of a heart attack because of Arthur !!

Looking out of a window I saw something white in the window of the new house behind our garden, which is still under construction. I went on the patio and saw it was Arthur sitting there in the 3rd floor and looking over his kingdom ! Of course he had a wonderful view because the house is quiet high ! I screamed "Arthur !! what are you doing there ?" as if he would give me an answer.

Mr. G. joined me and Dominique (my neihgbour) too and when Arthur heard us speaking he shouted "meauws" from the window ! He has a very loud and strange voice, it sounds as if he meauws through a watering can.

After a while he suddenly disappeared inside the house and then showed up in our garden. I was relieved !

As the weather was so warm I took a deckchair and a book and was reading peacefully when I saw Arthur suddenly jumping in and out a bush ! I took my camera and shot ! Arthur disappeared like a white arrow behind the garden shed. Only later when I saw the picture on my computer I
noticed that he had a bird in his mouth !

Shortsighted as I am and without my glasses I hadn't even seen that ! the naughty boy !

When he came back there was no bird there anymore but in a twinge of generosity, he allowed me to rest my foot on his back.

Pookie too left her beloved bed and came out to sit besides me and enjoyed the sunshine.

I think Rosie had forgotten that the grass is full of little noisy insects and she was sitting there listening and watching one single butterfly who probably was lost !





Since we have the ash cloud from Iceland hanging over Europe, the sun is shining over Belgium and the sky is blue ! Over 6 million people are blocked in airports all around the world, but my cats enjoy a plane free sky !

Even Rosie who doesn't go out at least not alone, sat for the first time this year on our garden shed and watched over the garden.

The grass smells fresh and there are plenty of little insects inside to chase around !

After a nice walk outside she settled down in my bed again and kept me company while I took care of my cold !

Pookie too dared to go outside for a bit and met her sister Kim who is always outside.

With Arthur it's another thing, we almost don't see him anymore or just like that on the steps when he hurries up from the basement to the kitchen to his food bowl. Otherwise he spends his days I don't know where, probably napping in a neighbour's bed and accepting treats. I suspect that he is fed from everybody, because he doesn't eat very much but gets fat and fatter ! His favourite place now is sitting on the little wall in the sunshine and observing what is going on in the street.



For at least half an hour, Rosie was jumping up and down her cat tree and was looking around everywhere. I wondered what she was looking for and checked the wall. I just some dust but nothing else. Rosie must have halucinations.

Meanwhile Arthur sat on the little wall waiting for a dog who approached, pulling his owner like a toy who looked as if he would do water ski. Arthur loves teasing dogs. He sits there like a statue and makes a motionless face, while the dogs jump up and down and bark like crazy !




Unfortunately spring retired again and it's quiet cold, grey and windy. Rosie checks the weather to decide if she would go outside or not, while I make the bed.

She decided to stay inside and invented an invisible mouse, at least the mouse was invisible to me, unless she chased a very tiny spider, I couldn't see.

After that, she was tired and joined the always tired Arthur on my new sofa covers. I decided to be a good person and let them sleep, anyway I can wash the covers if they are dirty. I admire myself my generosity !

Here is a detailed Arthur, how he is litterally hanging around the whole day !

Pookie only has two interests for the moment, eat and drink. And as tap water is much better then the (same) water in a bowl, she helps us to increase the water bill.



Rosie seams to "suffer" from spring feelings, she tries to seduce us humans and her Arthur.

by looking cute

Then she feels tired again

and looks at us with half closed eyes ! How could we resist ? Impossible !

Arthur can, he just sits on Rosie's cat tree and dreams of garden, car and neighbour's bed inspections. That's more interesting than a rolling around Rosie

Pookie is as always, happy that Lisa is gone and now she drinks again from the tap.




On one day (!) last week the sun was shining and I was cleaning the terrace. Rosie took the opportunity to play hide and seek with me in the bushes. She played around and looked for mousies, and ran through the garden as if the devil would chase her.

But not for long, because suddenly a thunderstorm came up and when I heard the first thunder, I saw a white flash flying in the house, it was only Arthur who had showed up from nowhere, he is afraid of thunder.

I found him hidden in the wardrobe amongst the winter coats, and he came only outside when the danger was gone ! Arthur is a real hero !

I had to buy a new netbook for travelling because my other one gave up it's soul and it was too expensive to get it repaired. So now I am proud owner of an Asus netbook which Rosie had to inspect immediately too.

and Pookie overlooks the whole household from the top of the sofa and keeps a watchful eye on all of us. Thunder, rain or sunshine, Pookie never changes her daily routine.



I have never seen a cat who loves to be photographed that much as Pookie. She starts to purr when I point my camera in her direction ! A real star model. Before I put the birds into my flower arrangements, I gave them to her

You see, she didn't do any damage, but posed ! Here again she is on one of Lisa's favourite place !

When my Easter decoration was finished, Rosie had to check if everything was in place. She pulled out a few yellow feathers, which later I found in her food bowl. That was a change for me, because usually there are always her little toy mousies in.

and the whole gang wishes you a