Arthur had a lot to do when our son put his luggage carrier on the roof of his car. My neighbor calls it a "coffin" because it looks like one or almost.

Anyway Arthur wanted to check out the coffin and we had to pay attention that he didn't climb in it a travel to Amsterdam.

When son and car were gone, he settled down at his usual place in front of the mailbox to observe what is going on in the street. When a dog with owner comes along, Arthur would jump on the little wall and start grooming, while the dog gets hysterical and barks and barks and the dog owner is desperate and tries to pull his dog away. Arthur has nerves like steel ! and he likes to tease dogs !

Pookie instead of using the commun water bowl, is probably fed up that almost each morning a toy mouse is swimming in it has choosen the smallest bowl awailable in the kitchen besides the sink to have her drinks there.

Rosie loves to lay half in the sunshine, probably she wants to get black because only the white part of her body is in the sunshine. I can hardly see her, but when I call she jumps suddenly out and surprises me.

When Mademoiselle is tired she loves to be the Princess and the Pea and has her nap on a blanket, a table cloth and 3 cushions ! That way she is sure that nothing would hurt her delicate body.

People when they get older get also grey or white hairs. Kim becomes brown ! She had always been so black that you could hardly see where was the beginning and the end of the cat. But now she is a little white under her chin, and red brown at the back. Strange.

Please don't forget to visit each other !





After a normal quiet cat life week, Saturday it was suddenly interrupted by a very special visitor ! A mini human ! To "normal" humans my cats are used to, but mini once, that's a little different. They make strange noises and are moving arms and legs around as if they were in a swimming pool. This little human is my 6 months old grandson Toby. He is a very good little guy and only cries a bit when he is hungry and for that he is very ponctual. So my cats weren't really bothered by him. Pookie even stayed with us in the living room and allowed him to watch her.

Arthur, has nothing against mini humans and even allows them to pet him, so he didn't bother at all when little Toby tried to touch him.

Rosie had disappeared somewhere and came back exhausted when the mini human with his maxi parents were gone and sniffed at the baby stuff and finally slept the whole morning on this little baby carpet.

before she was looking for a sunny place in the garden

where she spent the rest of the afternoon taking a sunbath.

Kim always surprises me ! She never fights and is such a strange and shy cat, but when it comes to defend her house against other species than cats or dogs, she apparently transformes herself into a black panther ! When I opened the stores in the morning I saw a fox on our terrace staring at me. This was the first time since 35 years I live in this house that I saw a fox ! I don't even remember when I saw a fox last time running free ! I have seen some in the Antwerp zoo ! And what did Kim do ?? she jumped from I don't know where and chased the fox away ! I just had time to grap my camera and make a picture ! I wonder if the fox dares to come back !




As you can see, Rosie is a happy little cat with lots of mousies to play with. But apparently they are not enough.

She wanted to give a special treat to her beloved Arthur. So during one night she catched a real mouse,

and generously put it in his water bowl. Unthankful Arthur didn't even notice this special present, emptied his food bowl and looked for clean water in the sink. He doesn't like mouse cocktails !

Mr. G. has returned from Italy and Pookie is happy ! First she checked the suitcase to see if it was to be unpacked or packed. The flight hangers proved her that he had come back for good, so she left my room and moved back into Mr. G's room and bed, no night fights anymore and a harmonious snoring concert together when, tired from the early flight Mr. G. had a little afternoon nap.

Arthur too is happy ! His Mortadella supplier is back ! Diet is finished, so with a full stomac he collapsed on Mr. G's lap who just watched a crime story and therefore has this serious look. It's difficult to laugh when somebody is just stabbed, fortunately only on the screen.

Pookie doesn't care about crime stories, as long as no blood dribbled on the floor so she lay happily under the TV and yawned, satisfied that the household is complete again and the daily routine back.




Since Mr. G. is on holidays, a territory war broke out between Pookie and Rosie. Pookie since her arrival in our house had always been my "personal" cat and had moved out of my bed into the bed of Mr. G. when we brought in Rosie. Since Rosie was a baby she had slept besides me, and Pookie apparently didn't bother. But now that Mr.G's bed is empty she wants to sleep also in my bed. The one who takes the place first remains and hisses away the other.

This night Pookie slept besides my bed, as Rosie squatted on it. Sometimes they both sleep on my bed peacefully, as long as it is dark, and they don't see each other. Who pretends that cats can see in darkness ? Mine are an exception then. As soon as I switch on the light and they realize that they are both laying on my bed, the hissing starts again and one leaves. There is no winner. What should I do, besides telling them to stop it. They don't listen anyway.

Rosie can be vicious ! she hides under the table and when Pookie walks by she gives her a slap with her paw !

As the weather is so summerly warm, she meditates about future attacks on Pookie in the garden.

Arthur eats his cat food and is not at all interested in what I am eating, because there is no Mortadella. He is mostly outside and sleeps somewhere in the bushes or in some neighbor's bed. He is not complicated.

or he sits besides Kim.

Kim as usual doesn't bother about changements in the household. She leads her usual life outside and comes in for food.