Arthur had a lot to do when our son put his luggage carrier on the roof of his car. My neighbor calls it a "coffin" because it looks like one or almost.

Anyway Arthur wanted to check out the coffin and we had to pay attention that he didn't climb in it a travel to Amsterdam.

When son and car were gone, he settled down at his usual place in front of the mailbox to observe what is going on in the street. When a dog with owner comes along, Arthur would jump on the little wall and start grooming, while the dog gets hysterical and barks and barks and the dog owner is desperate and tries to pull his dog away. Arthur has nerves like steel ! and he likes to tease dogs !

Pookie instead of using the commun water bowl, is probably fed up that almost each morning a toy mouse is swimming in it has choosen the smallest bowl awailable in the kitchen besides the sink to have her drinks there.

Rosie loves to lay half in the sunshine, probably she wants to get black because only the white part of her body is in the sunshine. I can hardly see her, but when I call she jumps suddenly out and surprises me.

When Mademoiselle is tired she loves to be the Princess and the Pea and has her nap on a blanket, a table cloth and 3 cushions ! That way she is sure that nothing would hurt her delicate body.

People when they get older get also grey or white hairs. Kim becomes brown ! She had always been so black that you could hardly see where was the beginning and the end of the cat. But now she is a little white under her chin, and red brown at the back. Strange.

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Barbara said...

Arthur is so funny, and I love Rosie's bed! Posky has got a brownish tint to some of his fur as he's got older, it must be a cat thing.

Mr Puddy said...

Arthur, I don't understand too, why dog always gets hysterical ..MOL
and Mademoiselle Rosie, I just know you are a real princess : )
Kim, I guess you turn to be a tuxedo cat, You are almost welcome !

Unknown said...

Kizzie says: I've never thought of roof racks as looking like coffins before, but now you've pointed it out ...

We love LUNA said...

I understand Arthur, I would be very curious about that coffin as well!
And Rosie is a doll, always adorable!
I think Kim is a beautiful "girl"and she will be always beautiful.I've already saw some black cat friends with different brown color, and I didn't know about this changing.Interesting!
purrs, love to you all my sweet friend, hugs to Gattina and lots of fun in this Tuesday!
** Here it's raining, but I'm happy because mommy and sis have a free week from school.So we can play together and also take long naps!

Ellen Whyte said...

What a Princess Rosie is becoming. Love the way she has you running around after her. Kim is looking good too. And Arthur, please give him a headrub for me.

Linens and Royals said...

Arthur, you are such a help to your family, how could they load up the car without your supervision?
Careful your white fur doesn't get too much sun Rosie.
Pookie and Kim, I am pleased you are are getting some attention and not letting clever Arthur and Rosie steal all the posts.

The Chair Speaks said...

Hahaha, Arthur is a real busybody!
Pookie is such a clever girl.
Perhaps Rosie wants to play hide and seek with you, to hide in the bushes to jump on you.
Whatever colour Kim becomes, she is beautiful.

catsynth said...

It's funny how curious Arthur is. Rosie looks very comfy and content on top of all those blankets. Pookie is quite clever to find the other water bowls (instead of the mouse cocktails). And Kim looks very relaxed out on the grass.

Luna und Luzie said...

Hehehe, Prinzessin auf der Erbse ...

Arthur is so cool. Our cats always hide under the car if a dog came along.

Ich kann nicht kommentieren. Nur da wo Name/URL erlaubt ist. Mal schauen ob es hier geht.

Photo Cache said...

have a lovely day.


Whisppy said...

That coffin looks mighty interesting, Arthur. But I'm glad your humans managed to keep you from ending up at Amsterdam. :)
Rosie certainly behaves like a little princess!
I wouldn't like to share my water with a mouse either, Pookie!
I wonder if Kim is getting brown from the exposure to the sun?

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

That thing on the carroof sure looked interesting. I would have loved to have investigated that too ! Glad you didn´t ended up in Amsterdam :)
So you also have a problem with swiming mouses in your water ??!!
A friend of mine Panter , has the same problem.
You sure are a princess Rosie !!!
Mom say´s that her cat Sixten that she had before me. He was too all black when he was young and as he grew older he turned redbrown too and was grey under his chin.
Happy tuesday !

Maribeth said...

Wonderful pictures! I love how Arthur watches the men put on the travel crate on the car! So funny!

meowmeowmans said...

Arthur is such a curious mancat (and BRAVE ... those dogs sounds scary). Rosie looks so very comfy on all those cushions, and we love how she hides in the bushes. Pookie, we don't care for mouse water, either. And Kim looks very beautiful in the grass. :)

Anonymous said...

Arthur is really brave! I hate dogs and just hiss at them and am very flat on the ground.