After a normal quiet cat life week, Saturday it was suddenly interrupted by a very special visitor ! A mini human ! To "normal" humans my cats are used to, but mini once, that's a little different. They make strange noises and are moving arms and legs around as if they were in a swimming pool. This little human is my 6 months old grandson Toby. He is a very good little guy and only cries a bit when he is hungry and for that he is very ponctual. So my cats weren't really bothered by him. Pookie even stayed with us in the living room and allowed him to watch her.

Arthur, has nothing against mini humans and even allows them to pet him, so he didn't bother at all when little Toby tried to touch him.

Rosie had disappeared somewhere and came back exhausted when the mini human with his maxi parents were gone and sniffed at the baby stuff and finally slept the whole morning on this little baby carpet.

before she was looking for a sunny place in the garden

where she spent the rest of the afternoon taking a sunbath.

Kim always surprises me ! She never fights and is such a strange and shy cat, but when it comes to defend her house against other species than cats or dogs, she apparently transformes herself into a black panther ! When I opened the stores in the morning I saw a fox on our terrace staring at me. This was the first time since 35 years I live in this house that I saw a fox ! I don't even remember when I saw a fox last time running free ! I have seen some in the Antwerp zoo ! And what did Kim do ?? she jumped from I don't know where and chased the fox away ! I just had time to grap my camera and make a picture ! I wonder if the fox dares to come back !


Ellen Whyte said...

A fox? How lovely! I see what the kitties mean about the tiny human though - babies have a tendency to tug tails. I'd stay clear too :-)

Whisppy said...

What an eventful weekend! I love especially the picture of Arthur looking at Toby.

Linens and Royals said...

Rosie wants to get rid of even the smell of that cute mini human, Arthur looks much more relaxed.
Well done Kim, chasing the fox away. You were very brave.

Spunky and Manny said...

This is my first time linking up here. That is a nice yard for your cat! Or should I say "Super Cat." That was something how she chased away the fox!

We love LUNA said...

Bonjour dear friends, sweet Gattina!
Toby is growing up faster, he is a handsome boy!These pictures are adorable, I imagine he was very curious about my cats friends there.I know he is already good friend of cats.
I'm here trying to imagine Kim as black panther, she looks so easygoing indeed! Funny thought!
purrs, love to you all
And a special kiss to Toby!
Luna - WE LOVE LUNA and mommy Léia

Mr Puddy said...

OMC !!! So much exciting thing here !
First, The mini human...Good on you Rosie, slept on baby's stuff !.You are really brave !!!

Fox !!! OMC !! I couldn't believe Kim can chased the fox away..She is a HERO !!! But I hope no more fox in your backyard. Stay Safe !!!


Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

What a exciting weekend you seems to have had !!!
The mini human seems to be a cute little guy , but I have heard that it will go over when they start to walk :)
And o Fox in your garden ??!!
Amazing indeed to see !!!
I live in the countryside and I have never spotted one.
Can understand that you needed to rest after that !
Happy Tuesday :)

Maribeth said...

We have a fox that lives in the woods near our home. I see him from time to time. He is red.

catsynth said...

Arthur is very patient with children - and that's a very cute picture of Toby trying to pet him. (I think cats and kids are a great combination.) I think Luna would be quite scared...of both the child and the fox.

Impressive how Kim chased the fox away.

Irishcoda said...

Wow, Kim chased a fox! Brave brave Kim! Your little grandson Toby is just so adorable. Of course Rosie would want to claim his things for her own! ;0)

Barbara said...

Kim is so brave! I don't think ours have ever met a fox, a cow sniffed at Posky once though and nearly gave him a heart attack :O) I don't think my cats would be as tolerant as Arthur is with mini humans!

Cat Mandu said...

I love foxes, Gattina. I have a collection of several hundred. It's great that he ran away. Rabid foxes would not run.

SuSter said...

What funny face, in the first picture, has Toby!
I'd like to take part to your tuesday appointment, but I think my english is not good enough for writing my cat-posts. Can I evenly put your link and logo on my blog's home-page?

Jo said...

Well done Kim for "seeing off" the intruder fox. And like CatMandu's yoomen says, good that he ran off. Means his not carrying a bad disease for us kitties. Good on Arthur for being kind to the mini-yoomen. I still have to learn that says my female yoomen. Well, no mini-babies here in Kenya. Hope to see you visiting my yoomen's blog about my travels later this week! Purrs from Shadow Hedges, Kenya

meowmeowmans said...

Gattina, your grandson is so adorable! We love that Arthur is so good with the mini humans. :)

And what can we say about Kim, except for WOW!!! What a brave girl to chase away that fox!