The shot went off, with all these strings ! I thought everything is wireless now !

You hide a treat under the camera, true ??


We are all happy, summertime continues !

Rosie lays lazy on the warm tiles

or on the grass which also is her salad ! From time to time she tries to catch a fly, but otherwise she is far too lazy to move.

Sometimes there is the noise of rolling drums from far and Arthur hesitates if he should go already inside or wait until the thunderstorm really arrives. Often it's a false alarm.

I was a little worried because he didn't eat or only very little and became so skinny ! I tried out different cans of wet food for seniors over 7 and added a bit of water, to make a kind of soup, that he ate a bit. Then friends told me that their cats didn't eat very much either, probably because of the heat.

Poor Arthur had a bad adventure, he came home, wet !! but so wet that it took a whole day and night to dry his fur ! I rubbed him with a bath towel and strangely he didn't protest. At the same time I was furious I thought somebody had thrown a bucket of water on him.  But who ?? Nobody in our street would ever do that, Arthur is so well loved by everybody. And then one of my neighbors told me that he probably had fallen in a swimming pool, which after Miss Marple like investigations I thought that could be possible, because he was wet everywhere except his head !

Poor little old boy was so shocked that he slept besides me the whole night and I had the impression to sleep besides a sponge. As it was so hot, it didn't disturb me. It was a win win !

We have gotten an invitation from our mayor to celebrate our 50th wedding day in the City hall. Arthur always careful, layed his tail over the invitation so that it couldn't fly away in case of a draft.



I think hard how to import a few more mousies, there are none anymore in our garden !

That's only your camera ! I thought you would give me some whipped cream !


Since 3 days summer has returned ! After napping marathons, only interrupted by a hungry stomach, Rosie and Arthur discovered the outside world again.

Rosie strolled around the house and was looking for some mousies to hunt, but there were none !

She decided to sleep on or besides the table, and observed the world from there.

She also loves to sit besides the cat statue and from far I thought I would see Arthur and her.

Sometimes it's hard to find her, I know she sleeps somewhere in the shade around the house and finally I found her hidden in the rockery.

As it was so warm we had around 30° I had moved to the terrace and wrote my stories from there. Arthur was my supervisor and kept me company.

With the age he became very affectionated and always follows me or Mr. G. it looks has if he is attached to our legs with an invisible string.

He always makes me laugh when he sits in the open fire and sometimes even sleeps behind the logs and I don't find him.

Mr. G. pretends that he becomes deaf because when he lays somewhere and looks deep asleep, he doesn't come or at least move an ear that he had heard a noise. I resigned, I thought now he will follow Kim's footsteps and he can't hear us anymore. Until the day when I took out of the fridge a spray can of whipped cream. I have no clue where he was but suddenly he appeared and became hysterical !  If he loves something  then it is whipped cream. He meowed like crazy and tried to catch the can ! I quickly put some cream on a little plate and he gobbled it down as if somebody would steal it from him ! Now I know that he still hears very well if he recognizes the spraycan and the noise it makes when the cream comes out !

And he keeps an eye on me each time I open the fridge, always in the hope that I take out the whipped cream !

Now I am 100 % sure that he hears very well !



€&"#%£$ can't find the button !

Wait a minute that I wake up !

Who says so ? I am not cross eyed !

(says Isis, my best friend's cat)


It was still very warm beginning August and Arthur and Rosie were mostly outside, sleeping in the garden.

Since Kim is gone, both of them have changed, now they are again together as they were when Rosie joined the household 12 years ago. For at least 10 years, Rosie always hissed at Arthur when he wanted to sleep close to her. Now she chases his tail and they are again close together. 

Enjoying the warm grass

Arthur loves to replace a vase, and Rosie needs all cushions from the chairs as her outside bed.

Arthur "watches" over my freshly painted stool. No mouse or bird hunting, they are both very lazy.

And then it started to get cool and cooler and was grey and humid outside. It smelled already a bit like autumn, far too early !

Miss Rosie now spends her days on the scratching plank which she adores. She takes care of her claws at least 10 times per day and then lays down happily. It's so used up that I have to buy a new one !

and when her play hour arrives, she likes to tease poor old Arthur !

Arthur has become a pain in the neck ! He always asks for food and talks a lot ! "Poor" Mr. G. is complaining all the time and feels harrassed, he can't sit down in peace and eat, Arthur is immediately there. Of course it is not Mr. G's fault, but Arthur's. Who started to feed him at table I wonder ? According to Mr. G. it was Arthur. Sometimes I think they became very much alike ! They have the same loud voice and the same idea the whole day "when do we eat" ?



Can't do selfies, had to go to the vet and my eyes look awful !

Youpie !! My selfie is done

Now give me the treat !!


Usually it's always Arthur who sits or sleeps besides the ceramic cat, but now it's Rosie's turn. I thought I should paint one of them as a tuxi, so she has a twin sister !

For the moment nothing special happened, I think they all recover from the heat wave. Rosie since I was away is always talking or sleeping besides me when I watch TV. I don't remember what she whispered or shouted in my ear on this picture !

Arthur had chosen the coolest places in the house, his preference was the top of my car in the garage !

Unfortunately he didn't support the heat very well although he tried to lay in the shade, he got a sunburn on his ears which were full of  crusts and his ears looked real dirty. On top of this his eyes started to water and when it dried his eyes were surrounded by a black thick line ! He didn't let me clean it, he started to run away when he only saw me with a tissue and the special lotion I had to clean his eyes.

Finally I decided to take him to a vet. Not to the usual one, because she is too soft and didn't want to treat him and on purpose ! Therefore I went to a vet clinic in Waterloo and thought there will be one vet to treat Arthur. First we, Mr. G. and I had to put him in the carrier ! Mr. G. held the carrier and I tried to push the struggling Arthur inside. With his four paws he stemmed himself against the grids, I had to take his paws of, my arms and hands were scratched, but finally he was inside ! We were both breathless and red in our faces and I was already exhausted !

In the car he sang a bit, but then stopped because he could watch the street and in fact he loves to drive in a car but not in the carrier.

We were a bit early and I put Arthur on a bench so that he could look out of the window. Which he did. He had calmed down and behaved real good !

He didn't even care about the dogs who came in and wanted to sniff at him, the cars outside were more interesting. But then he met the vet a young woman, when she tried to approach the cage, he started to behave like a wild tiger, all teeth and claws out, the hairs up the tail doubled and he pushed out terrible screams which made me think of a Hitchcock movie ! No way to treat him, she had to sedate him and I should come back in two hours.

I went home, rather worried and two hours later I picked up Arthur. He had heard my voice and meowed loud ! I payed and he stopped meowing I put him in the car and let him out of the cage ! Was he a happy cat, he immediately went behind and looked out he was again my brave, good old Arthur. Because old he is ! 17 now !

The first thing he did when we arrived home, he stormed in the kitchen and emptied his bowl  !

The vet had done a full job ! Not only had she cleaned ears and eyes, but also pulled out two teeth which were rotten and had given him an antibiotic shot.

For the moment he is very quiet, eats like  horse and is still the one who makes the rules in this house at least with Mr. G. !