I was away for quite a while exactly 3 weeks for my tour around the Northern European Countries.

I just came back and my head is full of pictures and memories.

My darling cats had a nice holiday with Mr. G. and behaved as if I had never been away ! No offence, no particular joy, just the everyday cats !

Only when it came to selfies, they weren't used anymore !

I look a bit blur but I don't repeat the pose !

You can take a picture of my tail, I don't lift my head !!

Quick ! I need my beauty sleep !

The weather has cooled down and the cats are more inside. Especially during night.

Both Arthur and Rosie have chosen the sofa for their naps, one down one up,

and of course Rosie always in my bed. Now that it is cold again, she always sleeps with me to keep me warm ! Isn't that nice !

Only Kim has changed her sleeping place completely ! She choose our bathroom !! Now each time if one of us dares to use the toilet she is offended, gets up and waits. We feel watched in a way and hurry. Then she lays down again, gives an angry glance and continues her sleep !

Arthur still tries to sleep a bit outside and has taken Rosie's favorite place !

He also does his neighbor watch work, here he is waiting for the mailman, at my neighbor's house.

My friend's Nicole's "new" cat Isis slept on a wall she has in her living, fell down in her sleep and broke her paw. Poor darling, she is such a sweet cat and supports her bandage without being naughty ! In a week it will be taken off.