Arthur is in his element ! The sun is shining

and he sits on the side walk waiting for people to pet and admire him. There are quite a lot strolling along in our little street. Mr. G. burns the weeds with his "flamethrower" as excuse, not to be petted but to be asked what he is doing and chat with people too. So both are very busy.

Arthur also loves to sit on the little wall just for dog teasing, but as there were no dogs he climbed back into our garden.

Rosie gets crazy with all this bird chirping and tries to catch some by jumping up into the hedge. So far her hunting was unsuccessful. Good for the birds ! 

She also loves to roll around in the sunshine

Arthur hungry from his street work dares to eat from Rosie's bowl. She watches that he doesn't eat too much !

The black fur ball on our terrace is Kim, she loves the sunshine too !



Now she persecutes us with her tablet even on the terrace !

Yes, it's a shame, I am birdie watching !

I love this selfie, shows that I am still looking good with 16 !



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Where is the tablet ?

I made it !

Sorry, but I saw a spider on the ceiling while pushing the button !



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Poor old girl Pookie has a hard week behind her. The vet had suggested to pull out her last teeth because they could cause infections easily. I took her to the vet and waited until she was asleep and then I left. The vet told me she would send me an sms when she is ready to be picked up.

To my surprise in the afternoon the vet rang me and told me she would bring her over, as she had a visit to do in my area ! She is the most kindest vet I ever met ! I know her for almost 20 years.

Pookie discovered her home walking like a drunken sailor. Then she hid under Mr. G. desk where she stayed for a day and didn't eat at all. But then the next day I prepared her food adding a little water and she ate with a very good appetite. Amazing how cats recover so quickly. She even took a sunbath on the terrace !

Naughty Arthur had peed again on a rug ! It doesn't happen often but from time to time. There is nobody new in our surroundings ! Does someone know what I could put on the rags ? Cat repels attracts him ! He always does the contrary to what a normal cat would do ! I was happy to see him using the grass this time !

Rosie is a little bitch. She doesn't want to let Arthur in, and when he is in she doesn't let him out !
That's her new sport.

Kim as usual ignores what is happening around her and sleeps all day on an armchair, or she goes out and disappears.



I stretched out my paw that's enough work for today !

I think I have to stop my diet !

That thing went off so quickly ! Now I am blur !



Sweet dreams

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Pookie's morning concerts became whole day concerts and it was just terrible. She sang like a group of false singing Opera singers. I just couldn't stand it anymore and finally went to the Vet. She checked her from top to bottom couldn't find anything besides the last three teeth, which eventually could become a thread for infection. We fixed an appointment for the next week to pull them out.

Meanwhile the vet gave me a homeopathic remedy which felt like chewing gum. She said that Pookie probably suffered from anxiety which often happens with old cats (Pookie approaches her 17 birthday) and should help her. I have to admit that I didn't believe it would help at least not in a short time like all the homeopathic medications.

She should take two per day to start with.

Very much to my surprise not only she ate it in her food with gusto, but her meowing became already better after two days. And now she is again like a normal cat and had stopped her daily non stop concerts ! Am I relieved ! I was close to a nervous breakdown !

Sir Arthur didn't behave like a Sir at all, but it was not really his fault. I was away the whole afternoon and my cleaning lady had closed the door which leads to the garage were the litter boxes are. Arthur has a good taste, he choose my new bathroom mat as his private WC and I only noticed it when I stepped barefoot on the mat ! The mat was soaked ! I washed it out, hang it on the heating and a happy Arthur slept on it !

Rosie enjoys the sunshine and is mostly outside in the garden where she eats her "salad" to barf it later on the best rug !

I have to say they keep me busy !



Once again she insisted for a selfie session !

I hid under her dress

She insisted, I sniffed the thing

OK, I'll come out !

and then finally I posed !



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Mr. G is gone to Italy for 10 days to visit his sister. So I am a sad cheerful widow. Of course Arthur thought that he could do the same with me as he is used to do with Mr. G. which means if he doessn't get something from the supper he jumps into the plate. And that happened yesterday evening.

I was eating a Pita and he jumped besides me on the sofa, I pushed him away. He insisted and I pushed him from the sofa. Of course he jumped up and hissed angrily and  before I could do anything, he had pulled half of my Pita off and growling ran away with it ! He ate it all the bread, the salad and the sauce and of course the meat, leaving me with a little piece of Pita !

with a full tummy now, he leaked his whiskers

and then went outside to have a chat with the cat sculpture ! I think I have to lock him in when I eat my supper !

Pookie doesn't seem to miss him, she gives her morning concert and once she had got what she wanted, she is a happy cat.

Rosie watched TV with me

and when I woke up in the morning she already did her Google street view.