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and thank you to participate to our get together where we just meet each other and write about our cats. That's a good subject, at least for me, because there is always something to tell ! Of course blogging cats are also very welcome they can empty their heart here and complain about their humans.

Here are my four cats for those who don't know them yet.

Lisa 16 year old, bullheaded and a nerve saw Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

She makes it to her target to always sleep in a place where she disturbes everybody. And she only gets up when she is hungry, that means each time when somebody puts a footnail in the kitchen.

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Pookie, 8 years, is a very clever and intelligent cat. She rules the whole household and is very tender and could be petted the whole day without interruption.

Fortunately she is spayed otherwise she would have filled a whole orphanage with cat babies. She considers me as her personal belonging and is tied to my leg by an unvisible string.

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Kim 7 years, is a very timid and shy cat. And unfortunately she confirms what humans have too, beauty doesn't always go along with intelligence. Kim loves all cats but is very distrustful against humans. It took us more than 3 years to get her close to us to be brushed and petted. She depends very much on Pookie, who had taken care of her when she was a baby.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Arthur 5 years is the only male in this harem. He is a very funny cat, there is no other description.

He puts himself in the strangest situations and causes always a lot of laughter. He loves all humans and even dogs, but ignores cats and hates male cats.

Therefore sometimes he comes home with a scratch on his nose and last week even with a small hole in his tail.

When Arthur sleeps he sleeps and no earthquake, Tsunami or the well hated vacuum cleaner can wake him up. You can move him around or put a hat on his head, he sleeps.

Everybody in the neighbourhood knows Arthur as he likes very much to sleep in other beds and doesn't feel embarrassed at all to settle down in a freshly made neighbour bed just to check if the laundry is really clean !

I still have the blog where I wrote about Arthur and if you wish you can read his adventures

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    A little cat orchestra to welcome you ! Please put your ear plugs on !


    CATS ON TUESDAY IS CREATED !!!! - Some tips

    When I saw the number of cat owners or should I say "humans owned by cats" in "Mr. Linky" I couldn't believe my eyes ! That's just wonderful ! We are 42 so far !

    That is more than what I ever had dreamed of. I thought about 15 max and not more ! So are you ready to begin ?

    The only thing I want to ask you, please do not write in the comments "nice picture, nice story" especially when there is no picture or no story. (It happened once to me !) Of course it is impossible to read 42 posts. So pick out the once you are really interested in and leave the others. Everybody will find its cup of tea ! This shouldn't be a marathon for collecting comments.

    There is nothing special to do except put a Mr. Linky on your post which allows you to open blogs very easyly. For that you go to :


    subscribe, log in and get it. Even I made it and I only started blogging this year in May. Before I had no idea about a computer. It's FREE of course and the idea I took from Photo Hunters, animated by http://tnchick.com/. (who is also with us ! ) It's also used by Thursday Thirteen and Wordless Wednesday groups. So the idea is not from me, but I like to copy and "steal" useful and nice stuff. (I am a blogging cleptomaniac !)

    As a logo take this

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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    he just has such a bored, posh look.

    Just copy and paste it in your sidebar and on every tuesday on your blog entry, so that all owned by cats people can easily recognize that you are a member victim too.

    I counted the pro sundays and pro tuesdays and had to decide on tuesday because that day is a quiet day with no themes (I have been told). For those who are afraid not to have time during the week, they can prepare their entry on sunday, post date it and just click on "publish" on monday evening for example.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    Everything of your cat, except a dirty litterbox is welcome. You do what you want, a picture is enough too. Just let us have fun that's the most important thing ! And only when you are half dead you have an excuse for not posting in CATS ON TUEDAY !

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us The bitter truth

    As soon as you have written your "complaints" or "funny things" about your naughty cat(s), come here to my blog and use Mr. Linky, so that the others can easily find you. I think that is enough for the beginning.

    If anybody has some other ideas just tell them ! Any good advice is welcome !


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    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I had a dream .... no, just an idea !

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    They would be happy !

    Wouldn't it be a nice idea to take the time once a week and only write or post a picture about your cats ?

    I thought as there are so many group games are going on why not for cats ?

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    So every tuesday or sunday it depends on what you prefer we could write a page about the adventures of our cats. And if you don't have time, you just post one or more pictures with a little text.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    We could name it CATS ON TUESDAY or SUNDAY

    I will put a "Mr. Linky" here at the bottom and those who would like to participate have just to click on "enter". This would facilitate me to join you immediately (if you are not sleeping and I am up, or the other way around because of the time difference).

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    When the selected day arrives and every participant has written a little story or put one or more cat pictures with a little comment on their blog we could go from one to the other and make our comments. This way we would know more about each other and our cats !

    Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    This could be the logo to be put on the top of the post, so that it is easy to recognize who is participating.

    What do you think about that ?

    When we have enough members of CATS ON TUESDAY/SUNDAY we could even make a blogroll. But first I have to know if there are some people who would like to join this idea.

    If you like to join do it here :
    and please put in the comment what day you would prefer. The majority wins of course !

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    I wanted to show you the latest napping places of my cats. Lisa discovered the microwave although it is standing there for years, maybe not this one, but then another. It's only since two days that she is sitting there and is upset when I open it to put something inside, because Madame is disturbed in her rest.

    ,Image Hosted by ImageShack.uscoming next

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    And also Pookie left her "holy seel" besides my computer and moved in an open suitcase and in the evening while we were watching a video, kindly dusted behind the player.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    Arthur since a few days squeezed himself between the armchair and the cat house (instead of taking his nap in there) and loves to stare at the ceiling. I checked but couldn't see anything not even a spider. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usKim also wondered what he is doing there.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    But after satisfying her stomac, she also found a very nice place ....

    the laundry basket which I had forgotten on the floor and found a nice cosy place in there. I discovered this the next morning and had to clean off all the black hairs she left me there as a friendly souvenir.

    And then I found Lisa here, where I wanted to go ! and there were nothing to do, she decided to stay and not move a bit. So I resigned and went to the guest loo.

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    Bad tongues pretend that cats are lazy, because they are sleeping most of the time. But this is not true, it only looks like ! It's not the fact to lay in a comfortable, warm, cosy place for 18 h at least, but it's very important to do it right ! And that means they are not lazy, but they work !

    First they have to find a suitable place. The beautifull basket (fitting with the colors of the room) that we prepared for them and placed near the heating is just good for trying it once to be polite.

    No, they watch you until you get up, usually very quick as you are late, therefore, they don't have to wait too long. As soon as you leave, they quickly jump on this still warm place, curl up , and take a "I have been here for hours"look. The worst person wouldn't chase this cute sleeping cat away !

    But before this moment comes, they have to eat. This is very important, otherwise they would wake up because they are hungry.

    Then they really decide on the right place, the bed or a just vacuum cleaned sofa or freshly washed laundry ? And when all this is done, then the real work starts.

    They perform their lay down ritual. First the place is checked with the paws, then they turn around several times until they curl up and put their nose under their tail.

    Arthur makes the demonstration

    turn around

    a little wash before

    and the work starts !

    Already sleep itself is very exhausting ! turning around, moving from one side to the other, dreaming, hunting mice or birds, waving tail , quivering paws, then smacking, purring and snoring.... all this is not at all like we do. We fall on our beds, lay there and get up after 8 h.

    Cat sleep is art. It's not important to them that they miss most of the world news (boring anyway, always the same). They prefer the sweetness of a bed.

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    When you look at these pictures, don't fall asleep put this is now the way my cats spend the days, as it is November and cold, misty and rainy outside.

    Arthur has found a new sleeping position and sometimes he interupts his hard sleeping work by glancing at us just to see how we look upside down.

    Pookie apparently likes the smell of her tail and also does her 24 h

    Lisa gets up each time somebody puts feet in the kitchen because she is always hungry or just feels obliged to check if she is served.

    From Kim it's impossible to take a picture when she is sleeping, as soon as somebody is approaching she gets up.

    So what are the news about these little sleeping group ?

    Arthur changed the postman, actually he had to because our postman disappeared and was replaced by a postwoman. He couldn't believe it as now he had to get used to a Motorcycle. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSo when she stopped to put mail in our mailbox he approached walked around and decided that it's not so dangerous because the next day when she arrived he ran behind the motorcycle and escorted her from mailbox to mailbox. I hope I will be able to take a picture of this curious couple.

    He also found that the neighbours garden should be cleaned and took off a little witch on a broom hanging on a tree and dropped it on the grass. And that had been the whole Haloween outside decoration in our street. Besides that he is quite unhappy, with this bad weather nobody is on the street or in the garden anymore and therefore he feels lonely. He so much loves human company ! (more about Arthur here)

    Yesterday Pookie became very curious because we had a 2 month old Babygirl laying in his bed on the floor and Pookie was very interested in the little hands wiggeling and intrigated was turning around her and smelled at them. We don't know what then happened, because she suddenly ran around and jumped and made a mess with the carpet. Maybe she got motherly feelings and was just happy.

    Camille, little baby girl
    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Lisa founds her momentarily pleasure by waking me up around 3 am, by biting in my hand or arm or whatever is hanging out from under the cover, it's just a little bite, but strong enough to wake you up ! Or she purrs in your ear and so loud that even one who is half dead would wake up. Lisa has this special purr-curr sound, a mixture between cat purring and pigeon curring. And when you don't get up in the following second she just walks over you and starts all over again. I have tried everything but renounced, the best way for tranquility is to get up, sleep-walk in the kitchen, put some food in the bowl and return to bed !Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
    And Kim, despite the awful weather prefers to go out and sleep somewhere and only comes back for her stomac and for the night. There she prefers to stay inside.

    Sometimes I think if ever there is a second life I would like to be a cat but in my home !

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