When I saw the number of cat owners or should I say "humans owned by cats" in "Mr. Linky" I couldn't believe my eyes ! That's just wonderful ! We are 42 so far !

That is more than what I ever had dreamed of. I thought about 15 max and not more ! So are you ready to begin ?

The only thing I want to ask you, please do not write in the comments "nice picture, nice story" especially when there is no picture or no story. (It happened once to me !) Of course it is impossible to read 42 posts. So pick out the once you are really interested in and leave the others. Everybody will find its cup of tea ! This shouldn't be a marathon for collecting comments.

There is nothing special to do except put a Mr. Linky on your post which allows you to open blogs very easyly. For that you go to :


subscribe, log in and get it. Even I made it and I only started blogging this year in May. Before I had no idea about a computer. It's FREE of course and the idea I took from Photo Hunters, animated by http://tnchick.com/. (who is also with us ! ) It's also used by Thursday Thirteen and Wordless Wednesday groups. So the idea is not from me, but I like to copy and "steal" useful and nice stuff. (I am a blogging cleptomaniac !)

As a logo take this

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
he just has such a bored, posh look.

Just copy and paste it in your sidebar and on every tuesday on your blog entry, so that all owned by cats people can easily recognize that you are a member victim too.

I counted the pro sundays and pro tuesdays and had to decide on tuesday because that day is a quiet day with no themes (I have been told). For those who are afraid not to have time during the week, they can prepare their entry on sunday, post date it and just click on "publish" on monday evening for example.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Everything of your cat, except a dirty litterbox is welcome. You do what you want, a picture is enough too. Just let us have fun that's the most important thing ! And only when you are half dead you have an excuse for not posting in CATS ON TUEDAY !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us The bitter truth

As soon as you have written your "complaints" or "funny things" about your naughty cat(s), come here to my blog and use Mr. Linky, so that the others can easily find you. I think that is enough for the beginning.

If anybody has some other ideas just tell them ! Any good advice is welcome !


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Anonymous said...

Super! :) I'm looking forward to Tuesday. :)

BTW, I've created a smaller button to put in my sidebar, to match the other 80X15 buttons I have for the various memes here. If you like it, and want to make it available to others to use too, the URL for it is:

The new kitten is settling in well. :) I've posted some more pictures. :)

craziequeen said...

Hi Gattina,

OOL told me about your idea. I have just recently dropped out of the other memes (mostly) so I am free to play with you.

Another new idea is on the 'Blog Fodder' link on my blogroll, if you're interested...

charlie and pandora'a mum

Anonymous said...

Ok will do - see you Tuesday.

MaR said...

I have no cat :(
but always wanted a white one, maybe it's time to get that kitty!
I will be reading what you people come up with!
happy sunday :)

Unknown said...

I only get to see a lovely cat daily, he's not mine... But he is spunky and silly.. I've got some of him too..

Great idea - good luck with it.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Well...It is fine, my dear Gattina, EXCEPT...For Mr. Linky.
I'm having problems with that....just not savvy enough I guess...Also...originally you said we could post anything....a picture and/or written stuff...Now, you say pictures are not enough? As I said...I'm not sure I cando this everyw eek..so, if you want to take my name off...I will understand....

OldLady Of The Hills said...

I'm sorry Gattina...My eyesight must be getting really screwed up!!
But...as to Mr. Linky...I would love to do it but I just cannot figure out how by the directions...SO....I will try to put the Logo in each time and your link each time...AND, I will do my first one this Tuesday...! HOORAY.
You will meet my little dear boy....!

Anonymous said...

Gattina I am in! I even have some really good pictures I have taken recently I can share! But if you don't mind I will not be using Mr. Linky on my site. My wordpress makes it easy to click a comment name and find their blog! I will go make my post now for tomorrow!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great idea Gattina!
But I had not a cat to share with the cat's lovers!
Have a nice week!

TorAa said...

This post made me nearly crying: I miss my cats, her in theopen sea with huge waves form SW between Norway and Denmark. Hope i'll have Internet connection tomorrow as well, just to be "kittenized" Thanks

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Gattina- For some reason we are having a hard time knowing what we need to do for Cats on Tuesday. Do we just post a cute picture up on our site? Do we link back to anything? Help!!

Sincerely, Your friends who really want to participate, Rosie and Cheeto