I had put my backpack open on the floor, and when I came back it was squatted by Rosie !

I doubt very much that she wants to come with us and driving in the car to Amsterdam to celebrate Christmas there.

The last evening before we left, Pookie had found a new occupation, she sits on my lap and plays with her tail. Of course I got her sharp claws in my legs ! It looked so funny when she tried to catch it and bite in it. I watched more Pookie than the News, anyway they are always the same.

Arthur has discovered chocolate cookies and steals them from the plate on the table. I wondered what he was eating there when I saw that it was a cookie and the carpet was already full of crumbs. I had never heard of cats eating cookies with chocolate, and wonder why he does it now, he never did that before. Has anybody cookie eating cat experience ?

On Christmas day we arrived at noon

and had a first glance on the Christmas tree. The gifts were put late evening, because it would have been a too big temptation for one year old grandson Toby.

Mr. G. for a change doesn't play with his cats but with his grandson. We loved his little pajama with a bow tie he was wearing on Christmas morning.

When we came back in the afternoon, we thought we would find very sad and hungry cats.

Instead, we found these two still lives, which didn't even open an eye to greet us, they had celebrated Christmas with my neighbor who took care of all our cats since the 35 years we live here. Our cats know it because as soon as our car has disappeared Arthur and Pookie are sitting at her front door, performing starving cats. She lives just across the street !




My dear cats continue their bad weather sleep, or maybe they went into hibernation.

Rosie always ready to check what I am doing or have done, was looking at the Christmas cards I had printed out, just to put them in my neighbor's mailbox. Probably Sir Arthur will escort me from box to box ! He knows the houses better than I do !

From time to time they look at each other, "to play or not to play ?"

with this result. Arthur needs a lot of beauty sleep, on the bed

or on the heating. The cat figure serves him as pillow.

I took a painting from a classmate home from an exhibition, which she wanted to pick up later, of course Pookie made the art critic by sniffing at the picture. Afterwards I have been told that my friend has also a cat and the painting probably smelled "cat" !

When she is not busy with sleeping, she watches over our bathroom rituals.

A miracle happened ! Kim who was outside since spring, and only came in during night for food finally decided to sleep at home again. First she slept on a doormat in the garage, refusing to use a comfortable basket I had put there for her, then she slept for a while on the kitchen table but run away each time we entered the kitchen, now she has decided to behave like a normal cat and squats Mr. G's bed every day. She even allows us to pet her ! I hope I can catch her and bring her to the groomer, because the poor thing is full of knots again. I wonder if autistic cats exists. She is not stupid at all, I would rather say very intelligent, but her comportment is really strange.

To all of you





At this time of the year my cats activities are really reduced to a minimum if ever this is possible !

After having cared for Mr. G. when he had his flu, Arthur takes care now of his digestion and waits patiently at the door, to check if everything is OK.

Then he returns to his most tiring activity choosing a place to nap, which is very difficult for him and demands a lot of effort.

and when he doesn't sleep he has his head in the food bowl. Since he had his stomac troubles he now eats like a horse, fortunately he loves the food I buy now which is half of the price than the famous "Hills" food !

Rosie each morning runs through the house and and puts the rugs her way, which is not necessarily mine. When Arthur is too lazy to play, she also starts her daily nap, after having messed up the whole house (or nearly).

Pookie freed of her nurse job, is not so happy about this thing standing at the entrance.

I thought if my cats are already so lazy, they could at least model for Christmas cards, to earn their food. Of course they were not always cooperative !

Pookie wondered what she should do

Rosie didn't like the smell of Father Christmas

Arthur protested against nursing angels

and ignored Father Christmas

Finally I managed to take one quiet nice picture with Rosie before she ran away.

Since yesterday Rosie has a nice job again, as I have catched Mr. G's cold (he is very generous in giving) and she took the nurse job over and stays with me in bed. But if you think she would bring me a tissu for my running nose, then you are wrong !





After the 4 injections I had given to Rosie every day without any problem I may add, she started to walk on 4 paws again, but not for long and I had to go back to the vet last wednesday. Apparently she had been bitten in her leg by dear Pookie, the wound was healed but it still hurt when she put her paw down. So I got another 4 syringes with a painkiller, one each day.

Coming back from the vet, Rosie felt exhausted !

and meauwed her miseries to Arthur, who as usual fell asleep

Now she is without pain and walks normally, unfortunately she also scratches on the furniture again, which in one sense is a good sign. (Not for our chairs)

As Mr. G. was still in bed the whole week, he was taken care of by nurses Pookie and Arthur who enjoyed his cold very much. Today unfortunately for them, he is up and gone out so the cosy days are over.

Pookie my spider rescue, found one in the bath tube !

she rumbled around in the tube, enjoying her hunt, and then ate it ! You can see the satisfaction on her face. And I have one spider less in the house.

All these events don't bother Arthur, as it is cold and rainy outside he prefers to hear the angels singing.

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