My dear cats continue their bad weather sleep, or maybe they went into hibernation.

Rosie always ready to check what I am doing or have done, was looking at the Christmas cards I had printed out, just to put them in my neighbor's mailbox. Probably Sir Arthur will escort me from box to box ! He knows the houses better than I do !

From time to time they look at each other, "to play or not to play ?"

with this result. Arthur needs a lot of beauty sleep, on the bed

or on the heating. The cat figure serves him as pillow.

I took a painting from a classmate home from an exhibition, which she wanted to pick up later, of course Pookie made the art critic by sniffing at the picture. Afterwards I have been told that my friend has also a cat and the painting probably smelled "cat" !

When she is not busy with sleeping, she watches over our bathroom rituals.

A miracle happened ! Kim who was outside since spring, and only came in during night for food finally decided to sleep at home again. First she slept on a doormat in the garage, refusing to use a comfortable basket I had put there for her, then she slept for a while on the kitchen table but run away each time we entered the kitchen, now she has decided to behave like a normal cat and squats Mr. G's bed every day. She even allows us to pet her ! I hope I can catch her and bring her to the groomer, because the poor thing is full of knots again. I wonder if autistic cats exists. She is not stupid at all, I would rather say very intelligent, but her comportment is really strange.

To all of you


Cindy Adkins said...

Mine are sleeping a lot, too, as you will see with today's post! Buster found a good spot! Merry Christmas, Gattina, Arthur, Pookie, Rosie, Kim and Mr. G!
Cindy, Buster, Rudy and Sam

Barbara said...

I'm so glad Kim has decided to come in. Love Pookie the art critic! Merry Christmas to you and the kitties xx

Photo Cache said...

My little Buster and Emma sleeps in our bed during the day and they sleep with us at night in the same bed.
Very spoiled.

emma and buster

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Me too is doing a lot of sleeping :)
Today it´s snowing !
Maybe we will have a white Christmas ??
Glad to see that Kim finally decided to be a indoor kitty again :)
Have a great tuesday !

Sparkle said...

I am so glad that Kim has decided to come in for the winter. This is no season for a kitty to live outside!

Ginger said...

Arthur, you white cats must think alike. My Snowflake lives on either the printer, laptop (even semi-closed she will slide onto the keyboard), or on the internet wireless router....all warm spots. My vents are in the ceiling for the heat, so she hasn't found a way to get up there.

Dianne said...

Kim is lucky to have you looking out for her
I hope she decides to let you get her groomed
I love all your sweeties

Hannah and Lucy said...

Thank goodness you are looking after Kim - it is too cold to be sleeping outside now.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

catsynth said...

Glad to see all the cats enjoying some cozy time inside as it gets cold - and it's good to see that Kim came indoors to sleep.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

It's happy news to hear that Kim is deciding to stay inside where it's warm.

My cats sleep the day away too.

Happy Tuesday

Carla said...

Don't you love how kitties snuggle in and enjoy the cold weather? Yea for Ms Kim!
Thank you for hosting us! Merry Christmas to you and yours:)

Annie Bear said...

I adore Arthur and he and Rosie are always so cute together. I love how he uses the figurine as a pillow! I bet he has fun leading you house to house with your cards.

Great news about Kim!

My work week is a bit slower this week because of the Christmas holidays so I'm finally able to do a post during the week again.

Annie Bear said...

I forgot to say that I love your Christmas card!

Whisppy said...

Thank goodness Kim came home. Poor little girl must be so uncomfortable with all the mats. She'll definitely be much happier after the visit to the groomers.
Rosie and Arthur are so cute staring at each other on the sofa.
And I wonder what Pookie must think while she watches over your bathroom rituals. LOL.

Vilt og vakkert said...

Mjau, mjau!

My mum always said that my grand aunt Nøste also was an autistic cat. She behaved strange, but was nice and kind. She did not like strangers, when people visited us, she hid herself, but she was also very curious about them. When the bell rang, she had to look who was coming before hiding. She did not like to go outside without mum. She was always wary and shy, but cuddly when she was felt safe...
I'm not like her!

Merry Christmas to all of you ♥♥♥

Mjau from Sia

Ellen Whyte said...

Au is sleeping a lot now but Target and Guido are running wild. So glad Kim came home. Poor girl. Those mats must hurt.

Tina´s PicStory said...

your cats are soo sweet :) ♥

meowmeowmans said...

I especially love the part where Arthur decides to sleep instead of play. :)

Glad to hear that Kim has come in, and that she has decided to act "normal" for the time being!

Hugs to you and Mr. G., Arthur, Rosie, Pookie and Kim!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!

Frohe Weihnachten,
Maximus und Gisela

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

A lovely catch up post. Sorry we habn't visited much in the last week or so, mom's been busy.

Happy Christmas dear friends ~ and a joyful and healthy new year to you all. xx

The Chair Speaks said...

Arthur wants a friend to sleep with even if it's a cold one. LOL!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mr Puddy said...

Dec 24 : )
Hoo Hoo Hoo ! I won't be around till next 3 weeks, But I would love to say...Merry Merry Christmas !!
I wish you and your kitties have a very best time : )

Puddy and Mom Boom

Cezar and Léia said...

We love you all!
Happy New Year!
Luna and mammy Léia