What Arthur and Rosie need - Google answers

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Victor Tabbycat and Nina gave me the good idea to just google "Rosie needs", as Nina had done. It is really surprising what Rosie needs according to Google !

Rosie needs help
Rosie needs resources
Rosie needs 50 p (cents)
Rosie needs to shut up
Rosie needs to sell her car
Rosie needs a home

Help !!

50 p ? (cents)

Resources ?

shut up !

car sold

and I googled for Arthur :

Arthur needs a ride to the city
Arthur needs our help
Arthur needs a new car
Arthur needs 20000 $
Arthur needs a brain scan
Arthur needs to wake up

Wake up !

20.000 for a new hat ??

A ride to the city

A new car !

A brain scan ??

Try it with your cats, you will be surprised !



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More participants here at The Cat Realm

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Old Lisa had to go back to the vet. She had started again to yowl this time not during the night but from 4 am to 10 pm ! It was impossible. On top of that she had started to pee everywhere. She had done this already before but not so much as now.

So I carried her to the vet. After a check up, she (the vet) said that Lisa is in excellent health and has no physical problems. It's psychological ! What have I done to this cat ?? Not even my son shows psychological problems !

At home Lisa was thirsty

and hungry (as usual )

and then took a nap to be strong enough to meauw the whole afternoon. But it is far better now, since she has to take one happy pill per day and not anymore only a half. I only hope she soon would stop peeing too, otherwise I have to cork her up !

Talking about cork, while I had to take a picture of Arthur to make a card for a friend, I just thought I could tease him a little bit this time with a grey mouse.

I put it on his head. Arthur was still a little sleepy and didn't move

I put another mouse besides his paw, still no reaction !

Then he yawned ! Still not realizing what had woken him up,

The mouse fell down, and he didn't even notice ! After a while he decided to turn around and continue his nap. I had laughed enough and left him in peace !

See below how the mouse story started !

PS. According to the comments, there is no worry about Lisa's health ! She is in a very good shape, has put on too much weight and plays like a little kitten ! She is the boss in this household !



While Arthur was sleeping at his feet, my son had put a little mouse on his head and as usual Arthur when he sleeps, he sleeps and even an earthquake couldn't wake him up.

But after a while he woke up !

Rosie wondered : What has he on his head ??

The mouse was still there

and even walking through the living room, he didn't realize that he was wearing a "hat"

He went to the window door

and looked out to the right

then to the left

and as he didn't notice any special events, he just sat there with his mouse on his head !
Finally Rosie with one paw swiped the mouse from his head and Arthur who saw the mouse rolling on the floor jumped up and played with it. He hadn't noticed anything except maybe the hilarious laughter in the room !



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When I came back from my one week holidays in England I was greated by Lisa, then Pookie who seemed to be happy to see me. Rosie and Arthur came later and I got the impression that they even hadn't realized my absence, although both slept on my bed during the first night.

My friend Anne had given me this old little Grandma who should represent us in a few years !

she has the same.

I rewinded her and showed it to Arthur, the hero got scared and ran away first but then he got his courage back and had a closer look.

Lisa had a sniff and pushed Grandma over with her paw then she turned to her favourite occupation ..... eating.

As usual Rosie had gathered her mousies around the bowls, one in the food bowl and another in the water. I thought poor Lisa can't drink and took the mouse out. Then followed a loud scream which made Mr. Gattino running into the kitchen. I had taken out a real mouse !! Usually I am not afraid of a little mouse, but a dead wet mouse corpse was a quite disgusting feeling ! I threw it in the bin and forgot to take a picture !

Rosie had her innocent look.

To show me how fit he is despite my absence, Arthur chased Rosie through the garden !

Look at this high speed !



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As you may know I am actually in the UK at the South East coast in Eastbourne.

My host's house

and the wonderful beach in Eastbourne

Pookie was the only one of my cats who apparently worried about my suitcase, and as soon as I had packed, she choose it as her new napping place.

My friends have 3 cats. Sophie, Lilli and Pepsi. This is Sophie who was happy to see me again ! She recognized me from last year and moved into my room. I am very happy about it because even on holidays I have my private cat !

Pepsi is not happy at all to have a stranger in her house and probably thinks that I am a kind of Bulldog in a human body, because each time she sees me she runs away and disappears somewhere. No question of petting her !

Lilli too is quite shy and watches me with suspicious eyes, but she doesn't run away when I try to pet her!

and here are the two together, wondering what I am doing with this strange metallic box !
All 3 of them are quite old and had moved with my friends from London to Eastbourne. Of course they are all happy to have a nice garden now !



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When the weather was nice (note WAS, because it only lasted 3 days !) Rosie had discovered a new place from where she could watch the street and the neighborhood.

Even in the evening when I had closed the stores, she stayed on the gap between window and store. It was nice and cool there.

I realized lately that Pookie loves to be photographed ! When she sees me coming with my camera (see picture 1) she starts to purr and then takes a pose ! All the others run away except when they sleep of course.

Arthur today nearly caused me a heart attack. I drove my car out of the garage to go shopping. Nothing special with that, but then suddenly just like in a crime movie, I saw that somebody was sitting in the back ! Two yellow round eyes stared at me ! I got a shock ! It was Arthur laying peacefully under the window in the back !!

I gathered my spirits again and asked myself what to do ? As he didn't move I told him that now as he is already in the car, I take him with me shopping ! I had always done this with my first cat why not with Arthur, if he loves cars that much ! But just when I arrived on the main street, where it was impossible to turn around and go back, Mr. Arthur decided that he had enough of the car, jumped down, started to walk around, then sat on my knees and started to meauw in his loud deep voice like a ghost in a grave !

Now I got nervous I had to turn and go back at the first occasion and while Arthur was singing his operas, I finally arrived at the roundabout and drove back home. Like a white flash Arthur jumped out of the car as soon as I had opened the door and disappeared tail up, very offended.

I was a little disappointed I thought how nice it would have been driving around and everybody looking at the white cat in my car !

When I came back, Arthur was sleeping deeply besides the mice Rosie had put there carefully as usual, she still likes to range her things.