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Old Lisa had to go back to the vet. She had started again to yowl this time not during the night but from 4 am to 10 pm ! It was impossible. On top of that she had started to pee everywhere. She had done this already before but not so much as now.

So I carried her to the vet. After a check up, she (the vet) said that Lisa is in excellent health and has no physical problems. It's psychological ! What have I done to this cat ?? Not even my son shows psychological problems !

At home Lisa was thirsty

and hungry (as usual )

and then took a nap to be strong enough to meauw the whole afternoon. But it is far better now, since she has to take one happy pill per day and not anymore only a half. I only hope she soon would stop peeing too, otherwise I have to cork her up !

Talking about cork, while I had to take a picture of Arthur to make a card for a friend, I just thought I could tease him a little bit this time with a grey mouse.

I put it on his head. Arthur was still a little sleepy and didn't move

I put another mouse besides his paw, still no reaction !

Then he yawned ! Still not realizing what had woken him up,

The mouse fell down, and he didn't even notice ! After a while he decided to turn around and continue his nap. I had laughed enough and left him in peace !

See below how the mouse story started !

PS. According to the comments, there is no worry about Lisa's health ! She is in a very good shape, has put on too much weight and plays like a little kitten ! She is the boss in this household !


Mr. Hendrix said...

poor Lisa! we hope she feels much better soon. we'll send her comforting vibes.

Arthur, you're so funny. sometimes i'm just to sleepy to play mousie too.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Poor Lisa...I was wondering if she had kidney failure when I first read about her peeing...but it's obviously only senile dementia!

As for Arthur, what a funny cat he is. Totally oblivious to what is going on around (and on) him. Aren't we all like that when we wake up?


poor baby Lisa, it is so sad when kitties get older. I wish I knew
the answer, so we could make Lisa's
days better ♥ ? Arthur is so cute,and mellow! There seems to be run at the pet shop on gray mice, my Spooky Do loves his big gray fake mouse too!
Could Lisa be passing crystals or stones via kidneys and that might
cause pain not found by the vet?
(just something you might want to
check on the internet)

Anonymous said...

Awww... I hope Lisa feels better soon. Arthur is so cute, I love that yawn picture.

CRIZ LAI said...

I can understand the woes you have now as I'm also facing some problems with the twins peeing and pooping everywhere. Now you can all the lower ground areas being sealed up just to prevent them from making the unnecessary behaviors.

I had some back spine problem now and bending down all the time can be real painful and tiring. I hope Mama Jess would teach the twins well soon. they are already more than two months old now.

Haha... I find Arthur could be real entertaining at times. He has that serious but comical look on his face and the rat as a hat had me in stitches still. :)


Karen Jo said...

I am glad that Lisa has no physical problems. When you mentioned the peeing everywhere, I was afraid she had kidney problems. I hope her happy pill makes that problem go away. Arthur is so funny with the mousie on his head.

Anonymous said...

maybe arthur is jus like garfield..so oblivious yet so cute;)

Tink said...

I'm glad there are happy pills to make Lisa feel better!
Arthur reminds me of our first cat garfield years ago. Not in looks (he was a tabby), but in acting and behaviour!

Luna und Luzie said...

I´m glad that Lisa has no healthy problems but psychologic problems can be bad.
Hope everything get better soon.
Frieda hat auch immer überall hingepinkelt. Sie wusste, wozu das Klo da war, aber obwohl wir extra eins mehr aufgestellt hatten pinkelte sie in die Ecken....warum...werden wir nun nie mehr erfahren.
Luna weckt uns auch gerne Nachts. Das kann echt nervig werden.
Arthur is so cute with his mouse hat.

The Activist said...

Arthur is a beautiful cat. Perhaps Arthur chose not to be bothered hence is lack of reaction to the mouse

catsynth said...

Poor Arthur, being teased again with a mouse on his head.

We hope Lisa feels better soon.

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

Ha! It sounds like Arthur is your usual cat - not a care in the world, even if there's a mouse on his head!

Hope Lisa feels better too.

I'm sorry our blog was so hard to understand! :) Sadie is a girl puppy, so I can imagine her talking like a 4 year old. The woman who rescued Sadie (she literally saved Sadie's life) is trying to raise money for the Charlotte, NC humane society, so we wanted to show our support by offering the donation link to anyone who was interested.


Irishcoda said...

Poor Lisa. Maybe she's just complaining about her age. No one likes to get older, good health or not. And those pictures of Arthur are just so cute!

Anonymous said...

We sure hope Lisa is feeling better. We are going through the same thing with Mr. Bounce. He is now 16 and howls a lot and piddles where he shouldn't.

Mom laffed and laffed at Arthur with the mousie on his head.

Unknown said...

Poor Lisa! we hope she feels much better soon.
Muchos besos para ella

Kisses for Artur...Luna


Wuouf wouf!! LLanca

kuanyin333 said...

Really wonder what is wrong with Lisa---cats don't yowl unless something is not right! I hope you discover what it is--it must be terrible hearing her yowl! I sometimes tease Anela too! :-)

KathyB. said...

What a nice cat blog....I have 3 cats who pretty much do as they please.

How is Lisa doing ? What did you decide was the thing that got Lisa so anxious or distressed that she was peeing all over ?What was the solution ?

Arthur is very pretty and oblivious ! He seems to be a very calm and laid back kitty. KathyB.

Mother of Invention said...

Just checking in on your kitties! Hope Lisa stops peeing and calms down!

Anonymous said...

I hope Lisa gets better soon. Is something stressing her? The other cats?

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I am sorry to hear that lisa needs more pills to make her calm. I hope she stops peeing on stuff, that is very sad.

Arthur is very handsome with that mouse hat on and I love the picture of him with his mouth wide open, he looks completely bored hahahahhahaha
Caesar used to be a very good sport and also wear toys and things on his head. I will have no part of it!

purrrs and (((hugs))) to Lisa

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I am glad Liza is in good health,
But I am sure the pee problem is very annoying~~~
I really want to give you big hugs to cheer you up!
Thinking another way to make her happy? We are really the slave of cats....