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I am actually on holidays in Egypt at the red sea. This post is prescheduled, as of course I have nothing to report about my cats.

The day before I left, Rosie had a scandalous behaviour ! She washed herself in the window so that everybody could watch her !

I told her "Rosie aren't you ashamed" but as you can see she was not !

Packing my suitcase was a difficult task, Pookie didn't want to get off her new napping place !
and Rosie checked if I didn't forget anything.

When I left they were eating and Pookie was very angry that I had dared to take my suitcase. She disappeared somewhere in the house without saying good bye.

Mr. Gattino prefers to stay home, he doesn't like sun and beach very much, he will spoil the cats so much that I will find 5 fat cats when I return home !

You can find news from me on my Writer's Cramps blog

I will be back on Sunday 30 November.



A few weeks ago The Cat Realm asked all the cats to participate in a "I dare you" and the best dare would be choosen. I don't remember who won but it wasn't Arthur. As he had worked that much on this "dare" I have to publish it otherwise it wouldn't be right.

Arthur invites !

then he showed an example with a bottle of wodka

after that with some champagne and beer

Rosie of course didn't want anything else but champagne

but Arthur invited her for a couple of beers.

I also got drunk when I saw these pictures and that's why I saw Arthur's head double !



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Somebody asked me news about Pookie. It is true that before Rosie "moved in" I was the personal toy of Pookie. She watched over me 24 h a day. Now she has moved out of my room and has elected Mr. Gattino to her new toy. She never forgave me that I had brought in little Rosie. Rosie wasn't supposed to be my personal cat, she should wake up Arthur who became a lazy pasha between his old girls ! I thought when Rosie is older Pookie would come back again. But no way ! she is worse than a disappointed lover ! She lives in Mr. Gattino's room and comes only out when she is hungry or when she wants to make a little walk in the garden.

All my efforts to get her back were useless so far. But when I come in "her" room then she purrs and rolls around and she also loves to pose ! I think she is the only cat that purrs when you take a picture of her !

When Pookie sees Rosie she would hiss and run away. I really feel bad when I see this.

Lisa has found a new napping place to warm up her old bones. Now she sleeps between the radiator and the entrance door ! On the doormat !

Rosie as usuall has a lot to do with her mousies. Here she plays on my knees

and Arthur, the crooner just yawns when I used him again as model ! This white owl is supposed to be a Christmas ornament ! I found it cute but not for a Christmas tree and bought it.



It was a day where Arthur didn't know what to do. He looked out of the window to see if there would be some neighbors on the street or in their gardens, so he could go there to help them, but no chance, it was too cold and wet and nobody was outside. So he decided to help me with doing the beds.

After having been in my way all the time, he decided to look if there was something to eat. Besides a mousie from Rosie there was nothing. Arthur was very upset !

To show me what a cruel person I am, he tried to get some food out of an empty can !

I had no time to put the bowl on the floor Arthur the starving cat served himself on the counter

He looked cute, as he knows that this always works so I let him eat up there.
When he was finished, he decided to look for an adequate napping place.

and he found one ! In Mr. Gattino's room he emptied first the closet before he changed his mind and settled down in the armchair and fell deep asleep. Mr. Gattino wasn't very happy, but it was an occasion to put his closed in order. Sometimes Arthur is useful !



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Rosie found a pigeon feather in the garden and brought it home while cleaning was in process !

she played and played and chewed on the thing

Arthur wasn't interested at all. He wanted to help ! The vacuum cleaner doesn't bother him and he loves to be in peoples way.

But after a while, he thought he had helped enough and retired to his favourite place,

my bed. Where he started his daily hard work. He fell asleep.

Deep asleep ! but not deep enough to still work ....

Look ! he has moved an ear !!

And as always when Arthur is asleep I use him as my model to make funny pictures.

and here it is. Arthur's new hat !