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Somebody asked me news about Pookie. It is true that before Rosie "moved in" I was the personal toy of Pookie. She watched over me 24 h a day. Now she has moved out of my room and has elected Mr. Gattino to her new toy. She never forgave me that I had brought in little Rosie. Rosie wasn't supposed to be my personal cat, she should wake up Arthur who became a lazy pasha between his old girls ! I thought when Rosie is older Pookie would come back again. But no way ! she is worse than a disappointed lover ! She lives in Mr. Gattino's room and comes only out when she is hungry or when she wants to make a little walk in the garden.

All my efforts to get her back were useless so far. But when I come in "her" room then she purrs and rolls around and she also loves to pose ! I think she is the only cat that purrs when you take a picture of her !

When Pookie sees Rosie she would hiss and run away. I really feel bad when I see this.

Lisa has found a new napping place to warm up her old bones. Now she sleeps between the radiator and the entrance door ! On the doormat !

Rosie as usuall has a lot to do with her mousies. Here she plays on my knees

and Arthur, the crooner just yawns when I used him again as model ! This white owl is supposed to be a Christmas ornament ! I found it cute but not for a Christmas tree and bought it.



Kitties have their human favorites
and it does seem to change when you
bring in another feline. Just like
the pecking order of who eats first,
it changes too. I am glad Pookie
has Mr. Gattina to comfort Pookie.

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

This is really a sad news.... About between Pookie and you and Rosie.
This is why I really can't get over 2 cats. Because our heart seperate 2 part to have Adan and Lego. And I am very thankful Arion loves Lego so I could keep love Adan like he is the only cat.
They really do jealous. But Lego shows more, and Adan doesn't care.

Well, there is another maybe. Maybe, female cats jealous more, who knows?

I am glad there is somewhere Pookie could go, that is Mr. Gattina's room, but she is showing her tummy when you go into Mr. Gattina's room , meaning she really wants your straight love very badly. She misses you, thinks of you all the time.

You are very important, to them.
None of them don't love you :)

Anonymous said...

Oh that is sooooo sad. We have the same here with Luzie. Since Olli moved in, Luzie moved out. She sleeps outside and or only for a few hours on the stairs in the house. She hiss and snarls to everyone (me too) and always.
It is so bad and I have always a little bad conscience ...
Luna also hiss a lot to Olli but it seems to be better.

Love the picture of Arthur, that´s typical...
Nevertheless: Happy Tuesday to you and your cats

Ellen Whyte said...

What a shame that Pookie can't forgive you. But at least she has Mr G and you still have Arthur and Rosie.

Maybe a gift basket of chicken???

The Activist said...

It seems Pookie has chosen Mr. Gattina and has taking Rosie has a personal enemy. Too bad

Anonymous said...

Pookie wanted to stay the only one and don't want to play with the young Rosie! I can understand that reaction. Humans are often like her. I saw often old persons who didn't like the compagny of kids. J'avais une tante qui venait en vacances à la maison et qui ne supportait plus les filles. Elles n'avaient même plus le droit de mâcher un bonbon à la fraise car l'odeur l'incommodait!!! Les petites soufflaient quand la tante repartait!
Rosie as always is very cute and I can't wait now to see Arthur as Christmas model! He was so funny for Halloween!

Copito said...

Arthur's face is crazy!


Dr.John said...

My goodness if cats can't get along is there any hope for the world?

Rosemary B❤️ said...

mom gives me very soft puffy beds where ever I want them. I am old and what I demand I get.
I think Pookie still loves her mom, but she wants you to know that she is still mad about Rosie. Mr Gattina's room is a safe spot for her.

love and purr

Unknown said...

cats are sooo funny...