What a face I make, must be the necklace I don't like

Come a little closer !

Now it's my turn to make publicity for jam !


This week went by so quickly,  it's normal I think as I do a marathon nap with just  little interruptions due to the call of nature ! 

Besides her "Lockdown babble club", her two friends nobody showed up as we (except me) are still suffering the Lockdown. That's why they call their get togethers Lockdown babble Club. 

Honestly I like it very much and go from lap to lap and they all pet me and admire me which of course makes me purr and I am happy. They are all so kind and don't smell so bad like the one who comes here and puts all upside down and pretends to clean with this awful machine !

That's why I have to find hiding places, mostly under my personal armchair or like here on the chair under the table cloth ! Between us she had to look  for a long time until she found me !

That's still my favorite place !



How nice to sit in the sunshine on my tower !

There is something moving on the floor ! Can't lift my head !

 I tried to smile for my selfie, but I forgot to open my eyes !

I really cannot understand why all humans are so unhappy with their lockdown lives ! For us cats it's just wonderful, we always have  company, because now they work from home or stay at home ! 
I have to admit that sometimes it's a bit getting on my nerves, because I can't do my pedicure elsewhere than on my cat tower, because I also like to scratch the chair, it sounds so nice but then they get angry  !
My days are almost all the same, which doesn't bother me I love to have a regular life !
 The whole night I have the living room all for myself and I hop and ran around and play and sometimes I also sing because I am so happy !
I don't understand that she is NOT happy, because I make a lot of noise. Now she tries to get me tired before she goes to bed, but so far it hasn't really worked ! After a good day sleep I am in full shape during the night. The Butler has closed his door and doesn't hear anything.

Around 5 am I go to bed too, that means I just walk a bit on her to find the right place, but she doesn't like that and gets up for her litter box. Then we find an agreement, she lays on one side and I sleep against her belly

Then when she starts with her computer I sit on my tower and look out of the windows on both sides ! Sometimes I see pigeons flying by but they are so big ! But I love the little squirrels which I can see crossing the lawn.  It's a pity that I can't catch them because they just have the right size and they have a red fur.

After having sniffed a bit fresh air, without going out,  it's too cold, I do my grooming from top to bottom, and then I am again very tired !

The rest of the day you will find me here, unless we have visitors !



Do I really have such a fat face ? or is it your camera ??

I was hiding under the table and you found me !

Enough selfies !!



It is a long time ago that I haven't seen this white kind of powder ! But she couldn't convince me to put my paw in this white cold stuff ! I preferred to stay inside and look out from my cat tower 
The woman who comes once per week and puts everything upside down and on top uses this noise
making thing, came today on a Saturday ! It's a shame, I first hid under my maid's bed, then I had to move into the Butler's bed because she followed me with that awful thing ! What a morning !Now I like my new kibbles but only in the small little bowl and not in my usual bowl anymore. She dared to make a test with me, put the new kibbles in my old bowl, and a few in a new one smaller and it is in ceramic and brown ! Looks much better. I decided to only eat my food out of the new bowl and she finally understood (humans sometimes need a long time to understand us cats !) and put the old bowl in
the cupboard. Maybe I will change my mind in summer !
The Butler has bought a new mobile because he had a very old one which broke down, and now he has to learn how to use a smartphone for  seniors ! I don't understand that he gets angry if this thing doesn't work like he thinks. 
My lady in waiting called his friend and asked him if he could explain how this new mobile works. The Butler was very excited ! I like his friend very much and assisted of course to the explanations. Fortunately we cats don't need these things, we have other means to comunicate ! 

and here they are both very busy ! After a while as nobody payed attention to me,I retired and fell asleep on my favorite chair, because the explanations made me sleepy.

In the evening the Butler was still a bit nervous when his new mobile rang, it was his son who did it on purpose because he knew that his father would get excited if he doesn't find the right button immediately ! What an afternoon !! My servants are really exhausting !!




My face for a selfie is too far away from the "YouTube" fire on the TV screen


I am in the bath, no place for a selfie !

 I told you I refuse to make publicity for Jam !!






After New Year I suffered for 3 days, because I couldn't sleep on my favorite armchair, because it still had the smell from that girl ! Fortunately the one I like came in the middle of the week and my servant told her to please sit in this chair, so it could get the good old smell back. Of course she did it with pleasure anyway when she comes I always offer her my chair (to be honest it's not true, she just fakes to sit on me, and then I give up and retire in one of the bedrooms.)

Here I am in her room and wait that they are all gone and no one disturbs me.

I am alsways tired ! But I found my spider again, and could play a bit. I had lost it for at least 3 weeks.

For a change I used the Butler's bed for my afternoon nap ! For once he didn't use it !

The new food really tastes good !

Now that I have my chair back I  feel much better and even play a bit because she was worried that I sleep too much and that I don't eat enough. One day she brought another Hill's nibbles because the once I eat for 12 years are not done anymore. Of course I refused to eat them, I wanted my usual nibbles back, and when I have something in mind I keep on it. One day she tried to give me three nibbles, they smelled good in her hands and I tried them. They were so good that I asked for more. She filled in a little bowl with a spoon of nibbles and I ate them all ! The others which I had eaten for 12 years I left in the old bowl. Now I eat again with appetite and even played with a feather ! 

and when my stomach is full I go to bed with her and sometimes but not so often anymore I sing a little song in the middle of the night. As nobody moves I think they both have hearing problems !

PS. The catfood in both bowls the big and the small one are the same, it's only psychological ! Cats are special !




 My last year selfie ! Happy New Year 

I love cartons !

No time for Selfie, I read my Kindle





I got used to the Christmas balls and angels but they all were too big to play with and not interesting at all ! Not even a mousie was hanging around somewhere. She had told me that she can't find green mousies anymore, the only once I play with, because I don't like the red once. To comfort me she served me a cup of tea in her bed, but tea is also not my cup of tea ! 

I continued my sleeping marathon moving from armchair to bed, chairs and my tower to watch the birdies, but there are only the big once which I don't like either.

Then came a day which they call New Year's Eve and where friends are invited and make noise, music and games ! In the other house I hated this evening and hid in her room and didn't greet them at all. 

This year was different. First only 4 girls showed up and three of them I like very much the fourth I was not so sure. Anyway it was fun, because I could participate and had a lot of laps to rest for a minute and of course a lot of cuddles.

Here I am with the butler

and here with her 

At 9 pm she got up followed by the others, they raised their glasses and wished a "Happy New Year" whatever that means. I heard them talking about a curfew at 10 pm and everybody had to be at home. Therefore they faked that 9 pm was midnight ! Humans are crazy.

During my 13 years as inside/outside cat I never had curfew ! I went in and out like I wished ! There are humans who invent too much rules and they have to live like in prison then. For one thing I was thankful ! They didn't make this awful noise which hurt my ears and which makes me run away and hide, that was what they call a firework ! It was not allowed apparently. Good for me, they were a bit sad because from my new balcony in the middle of the town they would have had a wonderful view !

One girl who was there I didn't like ! First she took my armchair without asking me and when I sniffed at her she didn't smell very good. Now I have this smell in my chair and I refuse to sit in it anymore. She had shaken out the blanket  and turned it over, but the scent just stayed in. Now I sleep in the Rocking chair when they are in the living room, in this chair one of my favorite girls has sat and it smelled good. Usually when she comes she always sits in my chair but I don't mind. Now I will ask her to ask Myriam to come over and sit a while in my armchair to take out the awful smell of this other girl.

I had to move from the armchair to the Rocking chair ! I am not content ! 

And so the New Year starts also for me, because I had to change my sleeping place ! Otherwise I wouldn't have realized that it is another year !