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As you can see below, Arthur doesn't do anything else then playing with Rosie. Last week a young guy came to take out the weeds in our garden and he didn't even look at him ! Normally he would have assisted and helped him digging or at least be in his way, nothing ! Arthur stays home and plays with his new living pet !

I bought a new basket for the amazing amount of 1 € at Ikea ! I thought she needed one bigger as she doesn't fit in my bread basket anymore. I didn't have the time to put a pillow or something in, she already was inspecting it !

But not for long, because when I had prepared the basket, Pookie who had never slept in one in her whole live suddenly doesn't sleep anywhere else anymore ! Forgotten my bed or the seat besides my computer !

only the new basket counts. But when she leaves it, then it's taken over by Rosie. But not for long the main customer of this basket is Pookie.

Pookie too has changed her life style and plays more and more with Rosie's things.

Rosie has discovered other places. There are so many things still to discover in this house !

Here she inspected for the first time the laundry basket. Not that I haven't washed since two months, but she was to small to notice it.

and also sleeping on the laptop is new. So far she hasn't caused any dammage yet, only started the printer !

and when the day is over I have now to give out tickets for a place on my lap ! Please note that it's end of July the hottest period in this country and I have to wear winter clothes !



Whenever Arthur comes home, Rosie invites him to play. Poor Arthur has no time to nap in peace anymore he first has to do his duty !

The invitation

Come on lazy boy !

Ready ?

Here we go !

Now it gets exciting !

and after that, both fall asleep.

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Yesterday I went to the new Ikea which had opened in Brussels. It's the second one and I had never been there. In a big basket I found all kind of sea animals and bought a little turtle and an octopus for Rosie because she loves to play with little stuffed animals.

She asked Miss Pookie. Do you want to play with me, but Miss Pookie was tired (as usual)

So Rosie played alone

She bit and and throw the octopus from one side to the other

catched it again

made a little scratch pause

and finally had enough and settled down for a little nap too.

The others were out or sleeping.



The Spice Cats have nominated my little cat family for the Schmoozer award ! I thank them very much in the name of

Pookie, Arthur, Lisa, Kim

and not to forget the biggest Schmoozer Rosie ! She is the one who purrs herself through everything.

Here is the explanation of a "Schmoozer"

As it goes, schmoozing is the natural ability 'to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.' Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship."

Unfortunately I named already 5 schmoozers so I can't name anybody for my cats. But if somebody wants to be a Schmoozer, just let me know.



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Last week it didn't rain (exceptionally) at last for 3 days. Arthur took the opportunity to cross the street to check on our neighbor who was busy reparing his stairs. When I heard "NOOO Arthur" I looked out of the window and saw that Arthur just wanted to go on the probably freshly prepared concret and leave his prints for eternity just like in Hollywood. He was very upset being chased away and returned home. There he played for a while with his new sister Rosie who does him real good, because now he behaves like a youngster. And his tail is much better !

Now it looks like this. More up he doesn't manage yet. But I think with Rosie playing with his tail all the time it will heal completely.

But Arthur also gives bad advices to Rosie. I saw him climbing in my flower pot and pee ! while Rosie watched very interested. Fortunately she is too small to be able to climb too and follow this bad example ! I told him "Arthur shame on you". But I think he wasn't very impressed.

Pookie too got her youth back and plays with Rosie's toys ! Here she plays with the roll, she tries to get in, but it's a bit difficult, her belly isn't that of a teenager anymore !

I had to go to the vet with poor Lisa. She lost a lot of hair and had bald holes in her fur. She has a rush. The vet gave her a shot and now we have to wait. But she eats very well and behaves as usual. She still is a walking stomac.

and little Rosie when she has chased and jumped on the others enough, tries all nap places of Pookie ! Except here, Pookie doesn't fit anymore on my desk !

on the sofa

and on Mr. Gattino. The bread basket she used to sleep in at the very beginning has become to small by now.

When I came in the kitchen today, I found a black cat busy with eating in the cat bowls. I was quite surprised, but this cat was so friendly, she meauwed, sniffed at Rosie and before I could say anything,

she disappeared through the basement. Rosie of course had to watch her leaving.

This is my favourite picture of Arthur and Rosie. It really shows how nice they are feeling together. Arthur has very clean ears now, because Rosie takes care of them and washes them with assiduity. Arthur loves it ! And I still have my clean nose for the same reason.



Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos

Edition 2

Since she dares to go outside she didn't like to walk on grass. Of course she only stays in the garden when I am there or lately also with Arthur. Arthur has become her big brother and it seems as if they like each other very much. Arthur who had never "kissed" a cat washes Rosie from top to bottom. And she throws her paws around his neck and bites or cleans his ears !

Grass has an interesting smell thinks Rosie

and follows Arthur who thinks it too !

Both are walking along the hedge, where on the other side big dog Yanouk walks too ! But Arthur knows his friend, so Rosie stays. First when she heard him breathing she ran away to hide in the living room.

And then they start to play hide and seek or wrestling !

Come on lazy cat !

a quick wash after the games

and a walk to the flower pot

Arthur has to check what's inside

After all these adventures Rosie is tired and takes a nap in the sunshine

Arthur too, but he prefers the sofa inside. Always with his funny sleeping poses.



Pookie got back to her old habits ! She is not jalous anymore and behaves normal. What a relief !
She came back to my room and also sleeps on my bed or on "her" chair besides my computer. The only thing she doesn't do (yet) is sleeping on my bed during the night. But I am sure when Rosie grows from XS to XL she will do it.

Rosie always wants to play with her and that makes her unsure, she doesn't really know what to do with this excited little flee. So she slaps her friendly with her paw and hisses and Rosie becomes flat like a pancake and the world is in order again. It's amazing that female cats don't remember at all any mother instinct while male cats really behave as very good fathers. When I see Arthur supporting everything what Rosie does to him !

A little nap together

No, she doesn't want to play !

Rosie is a very tender kitten and needs a lot of cuddles. When she plays, she would suddenly stop and climb until under my chin to rub her little face against mine and then she purrs like a Formule 1 motor. After 5 min she is recomforted and goes back to her toys. It's the same during the night, she comes and sleeps right under my chin and doesn't move a bit until I wake up in the morning.

Here she sleeps on my lap and shows her new collar !

and of course she also started to help in the household !