Every morning Rosie is full of energy ! No wonder she slept through the whole night and never woke me up, not like old Lisa, the walking stomac, who when she is hungry makes a mess in my room to get me up at 2 or 3 am to feed her !

Rosie's little stuff turtle is one of her favourite toys and she carries it around in the whole house. She also has discovered the bath tube and jumps in there and watches the plughole as if a mouse would coming out. Yesterday I just could save her from jumping in the toilet. Usually the cover is always closed, but I just had opened it and Rosie jumped to get in the bath tube and I could catch her just in time.

the little stuff turtle

and here she runs like mad around on the bed

And then she is exhausted and would sleep a little while on my lap until she is fresh again and then the whole thing starts again.



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It looks like if I would talk about the weather on each tuesday, but it was an exceptional day ! The sun shined and it even was warm ! So all cats went outside very happy and enjoyed the sunshine.

Pookie took a sunbath on the windowsill

and drank from the rainwater. Usually there should be flowers in there too, but with all the rain they just died.

Lisa choose the the wooden pieces which were nice and warm and I didn't see her first because her fur looks like camouflage fur !

Arthur and Rosie inspected the water too

and then he retired for a nap. He had played a lot with Rosie. I just had to take a picture of him because he looks like somebody who watches TV the only thing missing is the remote control.

Rosie did her first damage, she broke a little ceramic cat, but it was my fault. I had sneezed so loud that Pookie jumped in the air and Rosie on my printer and knocked a photo frame and the cat down.

Because the weather was so nice, we wanted to show Rosie how to
use the cat flap. She was a little hesitant, but then she went in.
Now I don't know if she will find her way in and out because she uses
the window door. But usually cats are not stupid and she certainly will
follow the others.
P.S. Youpeee she made it ! I saw her this morning going through the
cat door ! Now I am convinced that I have a very intelligent cat !

Rosie has also discovered the front side of the garden and was playing
with all little insects she could find.

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In ten days Rosie will be 4 months old and not a baby anymore but a little Teenager. Of course she discovers new things every day.

When I put my shopping in the fridge, she suddenly jumped inside and didn't want to come out anymore. I would have understood if the weather would have been hot, but this was not the case at all, it was quite cold. She sniffed and looked at everything inside and finally I took her out in the vegetable drawer because I wanted to clean it.

Here sits Rosie in the drawer.

She also is strong enough now to play with the carpet ! (Unfortunately) but at least she hasn't discovered yet to do her pedicure on it !

The trouble is she hides a lot of her toys under the carpet and sometimes you are startled because something squeaks under your foot !

To play with Arthur in the garden is a lot of fun for her. Now she goes a little farer around the house, but never leaves the garden.

There are so many places to hide !

And to feel more secure, if ever she would go a little farer, I had bought her a new collar. She didn't like it all first and tried to bite in it but after a little while she got used. There is a little tube with our address and telephone nr. fixed on it. Doesn't she look very chic ??



The favourite toy of Rosie is still her green mouse. Between us it's already the third, but she still thinks it's her first one. The two others were completely destroyed and I had to replace one after the other.

But with this mouse in her mouth she runs around in the whole house and unfortunately has discovered this armchair. It makes such a nice noise when she jumps and climbs on it so that she does her morning excersices there. I don't mind because it's already quite damaged by old Lisa who did her pedicure on it of course on the back side so that I didn't realize it first. Now it's too late anyway.

After finishing with the mouse, she went outside with Arthur. She still wouldn't go alone not even on the terrace. I am happy with that because I am sure she wouldn't go away.
Next week we will show her how to use the cat flap !

and after this busy morning she retires on my bed for a little nap, watched by her stuffed cat with which she also likes to play.



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Weather in Belgium

This summer is really lousy. It rains almost every day. My poor cats of course don't like the cats & dogs raining and stay mostly inside, doing their favourite work, sleeping ....

Lisa's fur is starting to get better and little hairs are growing back, since she had got a shot against her eczema. The rain doesn't bother her as long as it doesn't rain in her bowls.

Pookie sleeps in Rosie's basket for a change, she only takes a glance through the window and then with a disgusted look, goes back to sleep. Kim rain or not rain is outside. It's a very sleepy athmosphere here in the house I have to put matches in my eyes to keep them open.

But fortunately there are Rosie and Arthur they are not sleeping at least not Rosie. Arthur returned home from his afternoon inspections in the neighborhood and he was wet ! Wet like a sponge. Rosie as soon as she saw him jumped around his neck to kiss him as if she hadn't seen him for at least 20 years.

A rather stormy welcome !

And then she helped Arthur to dry his fur and leaked and leaked to get him dry !

Even the ears were included and Arthur had to stay still !

Together finally they made it. I was not allowed to help with a towel, Arthur hissed on me. So I just watched them washing each other.

And after such a hard work, they both fell asleep.

What should I do on a rainy afternoon ? Watching TV with Rosie. She likes to snuggle in my arm like a little baby.

And to show you the difference in 3 months ! Rosie 7 weeks old and today !



When I came back from England I thought that Rosie has grown again. Now she really becomes a little cat.

I suspect the basket getting smaller !

All the little toys which are in there I brought back from the UK, but with this feather stick she has the most of fun ! She could play with it for hours ! I had seen this toy so many times on blogs that I wanted to have one too for my cats but I couldn't find any in Brussels or Waterloo's pet shops.

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But the best toy in the world for her is big brother Arthur !