One day this week I came back from a walk on a muddy field. Photo hunting can be dirty sometimes. When I had taken off my jeans, I saw Rosie sniffing at them reluctantly, but then  got closer

wondered what the smell was and suddenly attacked my Jeans ! I wondered too why she was so angry, and then thought, she must smell the cows which had been once on this field and that of course was an unknown dangerous smell ! Imagine little Rosie besides a cow !

Since a couple of weeks now, each morning I find one or two mousies in the water bowl. Pookie got used to it, but Arthur doesn't like mousies in his water and stays away until I have taken them out. Rosie is really a caring cat to give their mousies a bath every day !

Pookie loves to pose for a photo ! When she sees me with my camera she rolls around and purrs !! She isn't bothered at all, no, she feels flattered !

Kim and Rosie for the moment sleep on Mr. G.'s bed, which makes him happy because he has a good excuse not to make it ! "I can't disturb the cats" he says !

Arthur too has found a "new" sleeping place. A long time he hadn't slept on my bed.

He first considers the situation  (should I jump or not), checks if their is no danger under the cover, and then only settles down for his day nap !

He also spends the nights with me. For the moment I watch a little movie "Hetty Wainthrop investigates" before I read my book and then switch of the light. The first evening he was thinking seriously if he would stay or not, but then decided that there was nothing to disturb his sleep and settled down.

He is the only one Rosie allows on my bed ! And this is my view each night before I switch off the light.

Please don't forget to visit each other !




Fortunately we have Arthur ! With this cold and boring weather outside at least he keeps us entertained ! He is the licensed fool of the house. In fact I should go with him to a circus !

This was the result of a photo shooting, with Arthur sitting proudly on the top of the cat tower. Suddenly he attacked the camera, and I jumped a few feet back !

This week I found rests of a muffin in the entrance. I had a package of muffins in the kitchen, and during the night he had taken it under the kitchen table, had opened it, unwrapped the cellophane and ate half of it ! Motto : Help yourself when you are starving !

He certainly is a sucker for cookies !

I can only leave wrapped cookies on the table and even that is not sure, because as you can see he always checks the basket. He keeps himself busy with stealing food as because of the weather he can't go out and steal things at the neighbors, the windows are closed !

Still, he managed to catch a bird and brought it inside. Mr. G. tried to safe the bird but was facing a wild tiger defending its prey ! He growled and made flat ears ! After a while Mr. G. was looking for the bird corpse but didn't find anything.

and then I saw Rosie checking something on the floor, she had found the left overs ! two legs, some feathers and a beak !

When I had unwrapped my gift for Valentine's day (a little cat statue) Rosie confiscated the paper and slept on it.

After that she jumped around on the sofa and tried to hide under the cover.

The only one who never moves except when you come to close, then she would run away is Kim. At least she is a decorative cat although you can see the fear in her eyes, that I might come too close with my camera !

With cats in your home you never get bored !!




Arthur had wonderful time this weekend, while the others were terrified and hid in the bedrooms !

Arthur's friend came for a visit, grandson Toby. Arthur likes Toby and is all the time besides him or playing with him. He even brought him one of Rosie's toy mousies ! Toby preferred little cars to mousies and didn't take it. Arthur then decided to run after little cars !

They watched TV together

I was also allowed to watch

and when Toby was gone to bed he checked the toys and pushed the little cars around.

Rosie came out of her hiding place and looked at these strange things, she didn't like them at all and

tried to look what was behind the TV. Since 2 days she does it every day which made me look behind, I thought I would find a little mouse, but nothing except dust. Maybe it was that she was drawing my attention to, as she is such a perfect little housewifecat !

To compensate Pookie's suffering because of this little human monster which made loud noises and ran around, I had bought her a new red collar.  She was a little reluctant to let me put it on, I am sure she would have preferred a piece of chicken.

Rosie spent the 2 1/2 days in her basket in my room and came only out to hurry in the basement for the litterbox.

Kim did the same, and she only ate during night when nobody was around. But all in all it went very well, Toby fortunately is not the kind of little boy who runs behind the cats and catching their tails ! He knows very well that a cat is not a toy.





Sometimes I wonder where all this water is coming from ! It is still raining every day. If it continues like that I will have to call the Noah's ark to pick us up !

Meanwhile Rosie and Arthur make turns to squat the best place for bird watching, that means on the radiator. No fights, while one is busy with watching the other waits patiently. In short : little angels ! (I wonder for how long).

Arthur made one try and went out, when he came back he jumped on my lap,  was wet like a sponge and my jeans too ! I needed half a kitchen paper roll to dry him, he doesn't like it and dared to growl at me ! and I had to change my jeans !

Emptying a little basket where I always put Mr. G. personal belongings when he does his job as couch potato, I found all kind of things such as medication he had used 3 months before, a tape measure because he had measured something I don't know when, 3 pairs of glasses he needs for reading, for only one nose, tissues, old paper slips etc etc and amongst all that also the little laser light to make the cats move ! From his sofa he let Rosie and Arthur jump around and chasing the red point on the floor or along the walls and door. Arthur must have lost some weight, and took a long nap after this exhausting exercise.

But he woke up in time when he heard noises in the kitchen and then he started to sing a whole opera until we had our trays and he got some chicken pieces from Mr. G. The truth is he nearly jumped into his plate and forced him to give him the chicken pieces. I am sure he wanted to gain the weight he lost in the afternoon !  Pookie is a little more educated, she at least waits until she is served. The poor man is terrorized and exhausted after each supper !

Sometimes, now that Kim sleeps inside they sleep in three levels. Arthur on the floor, Pookie on the sofa seat and Kim on the top. Rosie sits opposite in the armchair, and watches Pookie with huge eyes filled with hate. At least twice a week they have a fight together and scream so loud that I always think they kill each other !They are both very good drama actors !

Rosie likes Kim and on purpose, Kim never does say anything she doesn't move and she allows Rosie to sniff at her fur. Unfortunately to play with Kim is impossible, she just sits there and wonders why the other one runs around her.