Fortunately we have Arthur ! With this cold and boring weather outside at least he keeps us entertained ! He is the licensed fool of the house. In fact I should go with him to a circus !

This was the result of a photo shooting, with Arthur sitting proudly on the top of the cat tower. Suddenly he attacked the camera, and I jumped a few feet back !

This week I found rests of a muffin in the entrance. I had a package of muffins in the kitchen, and during the night he had taken it under the kitchen table, had opened it, unwrapped the cellophane and ate half of it ! Motto : Help yourself when you are starving !

He certainly is a sucker for cookies !

I can only leave wrapped cookies on the table and even that is not sure, because as you can see he always checks the basket. He keeps himself busy with stealing food as because of the weather he can't go out and steal things at the neighbors, the windows are closed !

Still, he managed to catch a bird and brought it inside. Mr. G. tried to safe the bird but was facing a wild tiger defending its prey ! He growled and made flat ears ! After a while Mr. G. was looking for the bird corpse but didn't find anything.

and then I saw Rosie checking something on the floor, she had found the left overs ! two legs, some feathers and a beak !

When I had unwrapped my gift for Valentine's day (a little cat statue) Rosie confiscated the paper and slept on it.

After that she jumped around on the sofa and tried to hide under the cover.

The only one who never moves except when you come to close, then she would run away is Kim. At least she is a decorative cat although you can see the fear in her eyes, that I might come too close with my camera !

With cats in your home you never get bored !!


The Furries of Whisppy said...

Hahaha! The cats sure are keeping you entertained during this cold weather! The poor birdie was probably looking around for a warm place and found the perfect spot in Arthur's tummy!

The Chair Speaks said...

Hahaha, we know Arthur is a clown and a good hunter as well as the greedy one! Purrs!

The Chair Speaks said...

Hahaha, we know Arthur is a clown and a good hunter as well as the greedy one! Purrs!

Sparkle said...

Arthur is an all-around good guy, I'd say!

Lovable Derek said...

Arthur is such a pickle. Lovely post. Thanks.

Linens and Royals said...

Are all Belgian cats so silly or is it just the ones at your house??

Mr Puddy said...

Great Job, Arthur !
and Miss Rosie, You make me laugh...MOL
Kim, don't listen to your human ! You are a professional model ; )

We love Luna said...

Kim is so cute, I love her portrait!
And I love my friend Arthur, he is genial! :)
Rosie chérie, always charming and smart!
purrs to you all my sweet friends,


Hannah and Lucy said...

What a pity muffins don't come in mouse flavour Arthur.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Lui said...

moody weather bring moody cats, haha!
and ooopsy, somecatty ate a mousy!
if i can bring our sunshine to your life, arthur, i will ;-)

catsynth said...

Glad Arthur and the rest of the cats are keeping you quite entertained during the cold weather.

Marilia said...

I´m laughing so much!!!!
My Nelson makes the same things!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

poor, poor starving Arthur!
There's nothing quite like crinkly paper! Rosie certainly knows a treasure when she finds it!
How scary to imagine being attacked by a camera!

meowmeowmans said...

We, too, are thankful for Arthur's antics. He always makes us smile!

Rosie, good job confiscating that tissue paper. Isn't it nice the way it crinkles?

Kim, you are a beautiful cat, and it is nice to see a picture of you.