Today, my best friend Ilona's cat Tcheupi (Tchoppy) decided himself to go over the rainbow bridge. He didn't want to fight anymore.

It all happened in such a short time not even 10 days. Suddenly he didn't want to eat or drink anymore. His kidneys were blocked. The vet tried to help by all means. Ilona did everything possible for him too. She had to give him up to two shots per hour to keep him hydrated. She bottle feeded him with special food. She didn't sleep anymore and became a shadow herself.

This morning at 7 am she called me and I drove over to her. Tcheupi was laying in his basket and looked as if he was already gone. But he was still breathing. We had an appointment at 10 am at the vet, to put him asleep. We put him in his basket in my car, Ilona was holding him and suddenly he had a last move and when we arrived at the vet, he only could confirm that he had died peacefully in her arms in my car. He was only 9 years old.

Tcheupi only a couple of months ago and how he still looked 3 weeks ago ! He was such a sweet and friendly cat.

Happy times, Ilona and I in Morocco


CATS ON TUESDAY - The return


On Sunday night I came back from Egypt, Mr. G. picked us up at the airport.

In the morning I had said good bye to Ali Baba, the kind camel who took the guests around.

Arriving home the first one I saw was Miss Rosie

sitting in the kitchen and watching me suspiciously. But then she recognized me and showed that she was very happy. Apparently she was the only one who slept alone on my pajama on my bed and felt a little lonely during night. The others had pushed Mr. G aside in a corner and slept with him on his bed. He complained bitterly about the lack of space.

Rosie hadn't neglected her good housewife talents and I saw this "still life" when I arrived. Her mousies neatly posed near the food bowl

She even took a lazy look on my new necklaces

I found that 18 year old Lisa had put on some weight. She wasn't very impressed by my sudden homecoming and was only interested in food. Love goes through the stomac.

After a X meal she retired in her room

Arthur dropped a lazy eye on me, felt obliged to strike a few times around my legs and

then fainted on the sofa, not taking notice of the gifts I had brought for Mr. G.

The only thing he had done during my absence was a graphic to show that everybody is in a good health.





The one and only cat I saw so far in our hotel. To great us he watered the tree !

I miss my little darlings, but have a great time. I am sorry if I can't visit you all sometimes Internet is so slow like a snail on strike.




As I am on holidays in Egypt without cats, I just prepared for each Tuesday a little cat story for you. I take my notebook along so I can follow up, maybe a little limited in time !


I am very sorry if I can't visit you all, but Internet for the moment is as slow as a snail on strike !





Each morning when I arrive in the kitchen to feed my little darlings and have a coffee, I never know what surprise I would find. For the second time this week, Miss Rosie had done her housewife duties and put her mousies around the food bowls, a real one included.

She didn't care that I made a disgusted face and dropped it the bin.

She was exhausted from her agitated night !

Pookie layed on Mr. G. bed and wasn't interested in my new book, she had thought it was "The cat with 14 tails" and wanted to see a picture of her, but tales weren't interesting for her.

and Kim as usual observed our inside life from outside.

But then the door bell rang and all cats disappeared in all directions. Except one. Arthur !

It was the window cleaner, and Arthur didn't find it worthwhile to wake up and greet him he continued to sleep, and even accepted a little cuddle (without waking up of course).