I have enough of your selfies this year ! Come back next year !!

I am too lazy to protest !

What happens ? Didn't hear anything !


The only one who really enjoyed Christmas was Arthur ! He was in his element ! Lots of people around and the little human too. For the first time he could play with Arthur and also pet him, and nobody said a word, because my grandson is allergic to cats !! I think now that he is 8 years old the cat allergy has disappeared, because he showed no sign. I really hope so, because he loves Arthur since he was a baby.

They played together and Toby wanted to show him the gifts under the tree, but Arthur was not interested, it didn't smell like chicken !

Running around and playing with garlands is tiring !

Toby had asked for a slice of ham and fed Arthur who of course was delighted !

When everybody was gone he retired in the cat tree which he hadn't done for years !

During whole Christmas with all these people around, Rosie had disappeared and I found her on my bed where she stayed ! She doesn't like human company

Kim didn't hear anything and stayed where she now always is in Mr. G's room on a carpet ! Sometimes she returns to her bathroom, in fact Madame has two rooms now ! She still has a good appetite but some little difficulties when she walks I think she suffers disturbance of equilibrium, but nothing serious. Now she loves being brushed and even carried around. Her character changed to 100 % !

Arthur today, still exhausted, but he would be disappointed if he knew that New Year we are not at home !



We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new Year !

I hope you will get lots of goodies during the human's festivities ! They spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it is very interesting for all of you !

There were not many news this week. The cats ignore the Christmas decoration completely. Balls, and garlands are of no interest

Arthur tried to help Mr. G. with the garland he had found in the basement and added to the Christmas tree.

They don't even care about the lights and continue to nap

I have got a cushion in shape of a Lady Bug from a friend for Christmas.

They just had a look on it and later slept besides the big "Lady"

The Christmas tree stands safe, my seniors are just snobbing it.

To make space I had put a ceramic cat on the chair, which Rosie appreciated and kept company.

Arthur has found a closed carton in the garage, had opened it and chosen as bed for the next  hours.

If I suggest not to eat too much, you wouldn't listen to me anyway, and certainly not Arthur ! He will terrorize Mr. G !



Phew ! you are just back and the selfie terror starts !!

See what you have done, now I am entangled with paws and mouth ! How can I pose for a nice selfie ??


Its almost a month that I haven't given any news of my cats, but the reason is simple I was away on holidays 2 weeks of sunshine in Hurghada/Egypt (red sea)

When I came home at 4 am nobody greeted me ! It was not worthwhile to say hello to me in the middle of their precious sleep. I was a bit disappointed, not even Arthur who is a very polite cat, was probably deep asleep somewhere.

But in the morning Rosie jumped on my bed and was apparently happy to find me in there. Arthur came and meowed for breakfast. Kim was still asleep in her bathroom corner, apparently she hadn't realized that  I had been away.

Arthur showed me that he likes the new sofa very much, especially when the sun shines and he has a warm and sunny spot.

Rosie prefers fabric, she doesn't like leather and showed me how nice she felt, despite the fact that I had left her alone, by rolling around.

They probably talked together, that now their holidays were over too, and Mr. G. wouldn't run at each meow to feed them. Arthur loves the warm tiles in front of the heating.

I had to start Christmas decoration and asked Mr. G. to pick up the tree in the basement. Arthur ignored the green stuff but loved the box ! For the next half n' hour he was jumping in and out and hiding ! I wonder how it will be tomorrow when the balls, angels and father Christmas will be unpacked !