I did it ! but don't come closer !

I made this selfie to show you my hobby .... take a nap !

Never noticed, but the screen smells rather nice !

Oops, what happened ?



Sunshine Rosie

Teatime with Arthur

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We had the visit of my friend Claudie from Southern France. Arthur loves visitors and was delighted

To please her he acted as table decoration

Kept her company while watching TV

And made shows for our entertainment. While he was doing this, it reminded me of the girls who dance half naked with a pole in nightclubs.

Each morning when I try to put the bed cover, Rosie sits on it. She sees my intention and has to wash to think it over if she should move or not. Finally she does, but then she is offended and goes away.

As the weather was so hot, she rolled around happily on the terrace and kept me company even when it was already dark.

Pookie mostly lay on the tiles because they were cool !



The sun is shining, I am in a good mood today

Why did you put the tablet so far ??

I hope I will be beautiful on the picture !



Nice view from here !

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After a few days of very warm weather, it is cold again.

Each morning I try to make my bed, but Rosie doesn't agree ! So it's always the same. She doesn't move, I pull on the cover, she starts to wash while thinking hard what to do, then moves to the other end of the bed and finally offended she jumps down. And every single day it is the same procedure.

When it was hot Rosie lay on the tiles

or decorated the table. The black and white thing is not piece of a tuxi fur, but the bathroom rug. It happened to Mr. G. that he thought she was laying there.

Pookie still gives her free concerts mostly in the morning and sings one opera after the other until finally she settles down for a nap. By the time we are ready for a madhouse.

When it's hot Arthur loves to lay on the bark in the shade

and when it's cold he squeezes himself between my desk and the wall on the radiator. To his disappointment it is cold !

Kim is mostly outside and only sleeps inside when it rains.



My selfie with acrobatic skills

Just took this selfie to check if I look good when meeting other cat girls on the street !

Only this tablet and nothing to eat ??



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We still enjoy warm to hot weather and except Mr. G we all purr together !

Miss Pookie despite her age can still sleep with her paw against her face. I have no paw, but even with a foot I am unable to do the same, that's the difference between cats and humans !

Rosie should pose for a portrait, but the string of the camera case fell down and was swinging in front of her face. Of course she played instead of letting me do my work !

Twice this week this sweet little girl had brought a mouse inside. And not small ones ! One she ate up completely, I couldn't even find the tail, while the other she left in front of my door ! How kind !

Arthur the mischievous cat loves my car. He often sleeps on top of the roof. One day Mr. G. shouted from the garage "Why did you lock in Arthur in your car ?" I couldn't understand I certainly had not locked him in. But I had left my window a little open, open enough for Arthur to squeeze himself  inside  and take his nap on the black cushions. Then of course he couldn't get out ! I don't know how long he had stayed in the car because upstairs we didn't hear his meowing ! Anyway he had time enough to leave his white hair all over the car seats ! He must be a descendant of Mr. Houdini's cat !

While I was blogging on the terrace Arthur showed up with a strange design on his forehead. I wondered if he had joined any religious sect ??

He also made me doubt about my mental health, because instead of two cat figures on the bark I suddenly saw three !

From Kim we don't see very much, she must sleep somewhere under the bushes and only comes home when her stomach cries...



Ooops, there is a bird flying by !

Don't need to open my eyes, just stretched my paw !

Grumble ... each week the same !



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I came back from my holidays in Eastbourne (UK) late on Sunday night. Mr. G. picked me up at the station and told me immediately that he was a nervous wreck because of dear Pookie who had terrorized him during my absence. I had no pity with him, because it's his fault, each time she meows he runs to feed her. So I suspect that she makes him jogging which is good for his health !

The only one who showed up as soon as the car stopped was Arthur. He helped us with my suitcase by being between our legs !

Rosie first didn't show up, but then when I was in bed she came and purred and leaked my nose and was apparently very happy to share my bed with me again ! When I woke up in the morning I had this familiar view, which I had missed a bit during my holidays.

Pookie gave me a welcome concert and wanted to share a glass with me. Then she disappeared somewhere for the night.

When I had left it had been cool and rainy. Now we have a heatwave again, and all cats have disappeared into cool places. Rosie first had a little salad before she too hid somewhere under the cool bushes.