I am on holidays in Eastbourne (UK), but before I left they went with me to the station and waved good bye (in my dreams !)

Fortunately when I arrived at my friend's I was greeted by Pusspuss, there new cat. Last year the last one of their 4 cats had died and they had decided not to take a cat anymore.

But one day, a little cat showed up and looked at them with hungry eyes. Of course they fed her and suddenly the Pusspuss owned the whole house and became the Queen !

Now she is a very spoiled and happy cat !

She keeps me company when am blogging

and of course loves her treats !





It's warm so even my chatterbox Pookie goes out around the house in the hope to catch a bird or a mouse. Last week she brought me a dead bird into my room and dropped it just besides my desk ! She wondered why I wasn't happy !

The litterbox stays more clean, which suits me very well, even Pookie decided to use the garden !

Rosie does her pedicure on her favorite little tree, the little cat statues are there because our lawn mower robot Oscar always gets stuck in this corner. Since the cats are there it turns around and mows elsewhere.

Not only Pookie is part of a bird killer gang, but Rosie too ! I hope she only found this feather and didn't kill the bird ! At least she was happy with her new toy.

and since Mr. G. has a new laptop he also can sit outside, usually I always sit there alone, Arthur was happy and sat in the best cat basket of the house and watched over us.

If only the summer days would last forever !





When Arthur has no work to do under cars, in neighbor's yards or neighbor's beds,

he always finds an occupation at home. Here he discovered a drawer under the sofa, worked on it until it was open, climbed inside, went outside on the other side, climbed in again and then came out, proudly of what he had accomplished. I only had to close the drawer again, because that he forgot.

What do you think a cat would choose ?

luxury cat beds or

a carton of course !! That's what Rosie did as soon as I had put the carton down, to be thrown away. Now it still stands on the terrace. Cannot deprive my poor cats of this luxury bed ! Arthur uses it too !

And while I blog, I have my little supporters around.

Ol' Pookie, that naughty girl brought me again a dead bird this morning. And she looks so innocent !




When I arrived home from my tour through Devon and Cornwall, the only one who heard the car was Arthur !

He sat on the little wall, jumped down and greeted me by rubbing against my legs. I was so tired that I almost didn't notice, dropped my suitcase in my room and went to bed. Nobody from the others showed up. But during the night I felt a soft fur and it was Rosie who purred into my ear.

Arthur had enjoyed his holidays with Mr. G. had "improved" his good education and sat already waiting besides my plate for food !


Rosie, now that I was back, only opened lazily an eye when I showed up the next morning.

and while I was recovering from my trip and blogged in our garden she kept me company. After 5 years she had discovered Kim's tent and it's now her favorite napping place when she is outside.

Pookie the  always empty walking stomach only noticed me when she heard me in the kitchen ! She was so kind and had let me sleep without meowing at 5 am in the morning.

Kim hangs on the sofa, and probably hasn't even noticed that I had been away for 10 days.

Today is my birthday and I got a typical cat gift ! Sorry for bird lovers !