My cat's suffering is over ! Since Saturday afternoon the painters left our house and the existing mess doesn't bother them at all. They had a difficult time when they didn't know where they could keep their napping hours in peace.

Arthur tried it in Mr. G's office

From there he had to move out into the kitchen, of course hoping that there would be some treats.

Then he looked for comfort in Mr. G's plate, who tried to chase him away but with not much authority. Of course Arthur won and could "steal" some pieces.

Rosie screamed her protest she had to leave her beloved room which should normally be mine

and left it in disgust. How could one nap in such a place ?

She found a little place in the living room on the armchair

Pookie too wasn't happy but finally stayed the whole day with Mr. G, took a lot of space and disturbed him at the computer. Mr. G suffered in silence (for once)

and now they are all happy, at least the living room looks almost normal. The curtains are still missing and the carpets too, but besides the fact that they can't pedicure their claws on the carpets they enjoy a nice view without curtains.

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The cats get slowly used to the fact that since a week we have two painters in the house who repaint all rooms. After the first day where Rosie and Pookie were a little lost, they finally found quiet napping places where they are not disturbed.

They move around with the painters. Kim has left the house very offended and only comes during the night for food. Sometimes in the evening when the men are gone she shows up just to tell us that she hasn't left us completely.

The only one who rather enjoys the whole mess is Arthur. He loves company and so he walks around and watch them painting, always trying to be in their way. When they have their lunch hour he sits with them and meows loudly because he wants to share their sandwiches ! He has a deep terrible voice and could easily double a cat in a horror movie !

Not bothered at all, Arthur continues his adventurous cat life as usual.

Since Sunday the living room is free and available for cats and Mr. G. so they share TV together for the first time since 4 days.

Yesterday morning getting out of my bed and looking for my slippers I saw this still life !

Rosie had carried one of my socks in my slipper and decorated the whole art work with a yellow mouse !

Isn't that pretty ? I didn't know that I have a cat artist in the family !

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I still have self elected inside cats. I don't have to go outside anymore and scream their names because it's so stormy that they are afraid to be blown away and land I don't know where.

So what to do with their time. They groom themselves for hours and I admire the positions they can take. Imagine just for a moment you would wash yourself the same way. I think we would have quiet some difficulties, even the most flexible person amongst us. Not to speak about how ridiculous we would look.

For a cat it's different. They look cute in their Yoga contortionisic poses.

Besides eating like horses they also sleep like logs.

Arthur has chosen Mr. G's desk and snores peacefully while Mr. G plays cards on his computer, and the wind whistles around the house.

This was not the wind which made Pookie's head so blurr, but she shaked her head in disagreement, because I wanted to use her as model for ABC wednesday pictures and the word "doll".

Finally she sniffed at it and agreed, so I could make my "D" picture for tomorrow.

It's quiet a boring time. My cats do nothing else but eat and sleep only Rosie works and puts her mousies every night in her water bowl. But even she plays less and leaves Arthur in peace. I think they are all waiting for spring to come.





After my flea adventure with Rosie she was very upset that I had dared to put this stinky product against fleas on her precious fur coat and therefore she did a very thorough cleaning

with acrobatic features to get rid of the smell. Maybe also to check if ever there was another flea squatting her fur in the middle of winter !

When she had finished, the watched TV, I don't know what it was maybe it was a program about how to educate humans.

Miracles happen, I discovered Kim who has never even tried to sit besides Arthur and had only slept besides her sister Pookie, sleeping peacefully side by side on the couch in the living room. I thought it looked so cute the black and the white fur balls.

Now that Arthur's gums are healed and he is still eating his special food, he puts on weight and is nearly back to his normal roundness. Honnestly I prefer a fat cat to a skinny one, although he is not fat (yet).

After his supper he was tired and sat on the heating, admiring himself in the window, then he yawned and settled down for a little nap, before his belly got too hot.

And I got the impression to see double.

Saturday the sun was shining for an hour or so and "inside" Pookie choose to go outside and take a little sunbath. She even found a partner to warm her up !

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