After my flea adventure with Rosie she was very upset that I had dared to put this stinky product against fleas on her precious fur coat and therefore she did a very thorough cleaning

with acrobatic features to get rid of the smell. Maybe also to check if ever there was another flea squatting her fur in the middle of winter !

When she had finished, the watched TV, I don't know what it was maybe it was a program about how to educate humans.

Miracles happen, I discovered Kim who has never even tried to sit besides Arthur and had only slept besides her sister Pookie, sleeping peacefully side by side on the couch in the living room. I thought it looked so cute the black and the white fur balls.

Now that Arthur's gums are healed and he is still eating his special food, he puts on weight and is nearly back to his normal roundness. Honnestly I prefer a fat cat to a skinny one, although he is not fat (yet).

After his supper he was tired and sat on the heating, admiring himself in the window, then he yawned and settled down for a little nap, before his belly got too hot.

And I got the impression to see double.

Saturday the sun was shining for an hour or so and "inside" Pookie choose to go outside and take a little sunbath. She even found a partner to warm her up !

A big "thank you" to "The chair speaks" who spoke to me and gave me this elegant award along with some rules, that I should talk about me and name 7 other winners. As you know me since years now, I skip the self description and suggest that you all diserve an award. Please help yourself !

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Ellen Whyte said...

A flea? Rosie had a flea??? How shocking! I hope she's flea free now.

See you what you mean about Arthur and thoroughly agree. A little padding on a kitty is a good thing. Especially an older kitty.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

Thank goodness the flea is dead! When Peanut gets a flea treatment he runs around in circles and froths at the mouth like he's having a fit. Fortunately they haven't had any fleas in a long time.

Barbara said...

Pod and Charlie had their flea treatment this week, despite it being a pellet on the back of the neck Charlie still acted like a drama Queen and ran out through the cat flap afterwards! Love the black and white kitties together, and that one of Pookie and her friend :O)

Linens and Royals said...

Poor Rosie, I hope you have recovered from your flea trauma now.
What a show off you are Arthur you really know how to do the best poses.

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

Oh my a flea ??!!
I sure hope that it´s dead now !
Lookes really cool with one white and one black cat laying side by side.
Arthur is the man that nos have to pose :)

Mr Puddy said...

Yeah ..Rosie, I know how you feel. I don't like that stuff either ..Yak !

Cat Mandu said...

Mom puts some liquid between my shoulder blades that is good for fleas, ticks, and ear bugs--whether I need it or not. I can't reach it to wash it off.

Mom says Waterloo is a wonderful place. I'll stop in on the way to Holland. I guess I have to be careful. (She says you have a lion there.)

The Chair Speaks said...

This time we love the picture of Pookie and friend! :)

Sharon Wagner said...

I hope he was watching CBS. Cat Broadcasting system!

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Poor Rosie, we hope she is flea free now. We love the pic of Kim and Arthur sleeping side by side!

catsynth said...

I quite like the picture of Pookie and the ceramic cat :)

Hope Rosie and Arthur are both feeling better now.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Poor Rosie, I hope that flea has now dissapeared. LOved all the photo's today and am so glad Arthur is feeling better .. I could not get to comment yesterday as it wouldnt show your blog from the link for some reason.. Hugs GJ xx

Elizabeth said...

Your white cat is beautiful. Wow! And Pookie is so funny to go and sit next to that cat statue, like they are buddies! Kitties are so funny.

Have a great day!

TorAa said...

Hi, it's so nice to be back here on COT again and see all your wonderful cats and what they are up to.

btw. I still have a very temporary internet connection. Hope my pro-line will be up and working during March.


Very interesting blog!

Marie said...

You have such a sweet kitties -- I'm glad that Arthur is feeling better! And I'm sure Rosie will never let you live down the indignity of a flea treatment :-)


Thank You very much for Your visit!

Elizabeth P said...

These gorgeous cats are always soooo cute! I love their stories and enjoy so much reading them! :)