Our spring weather changes like a moody Diva ! Sunshine, rain, sunshine, hail, sunshine, rain etc.

As soon as the sun is out, Arthur too ! As you can see he works hard on the bark and I have to clean the entrance every day. Here he is busy to eat his daily part of salad, but it wasn't good enough in our garden so he went to the neighbor and ate it there.

Usually he then comes home to barf on a oriental rag ! He is a posh cat !

He also tries to do his little business on the bark, but it doesn't work very well because there is a plastic underneath and that's quiet frustrating. But at least I have no weeds. The flowers are fake flowers because it's still too cold to plant real once in the pots.

When after rain it's still wet and then the sun comes out they all take a sunbath in the living room ! This week Rosie hasn't catched any mouse, they probably stay also inside their mouseholes because of the rain. So far I haven't seen a mouse with an ombrella.

Even Kim has enough of the wet grass and profits from the sun shining on the sofa.

While I was working "hard" doing the laundry, my cats helped me watching TV ... they slept. Arthur was probably planning his next crimes.

and in the evenings he sits on the radiator to warm up his botty, before he goes out, certainly not looking for girls, he has enough with his harem of 3 females !

I always wonder about the complicated positions Arthur takes for sleeping ! Under the table over the metalic bars, which is not so comfortable or around the Onyx ashdray (for decoration only) .

PS. I got nearly used to the "improved ???" and easier ??? new Dashbord ! Hurrah !

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This week I had inside cats, because the weather was lousy and cold. They all used the litter box in the garage which stands there for emergencies, but nobody wanted to wet his botty and go outside to dig little holes and have to clean their paws afterwards.

Arthur loves to watch me fumbling around in the kitchen, he takes his most innocent look or fakes to sleep. So when I cut a chicken breast into little pieces and turned my head for a second I suddenly saw a white flash disappearing with a big piece of chicken breast ! He is a great thief. If he could be trained I would learn him to steal Euro banknotes at the neighbors !

Rosie as a perfect housewifecat still puts her mousies around her food bowl and is very proud of herself.

But in the innocent looking housewife a mass murderer is hidden ! She brought us again a real mouse as a gift and left it on the floor. The mouse looked so alive, but was dead, so I suppose it died of a heart attack. Mr. G. wrapped it in kitchen paper and burried it in the bin. Unfortunately there were no flowers inside.

Even Kim was fed up of the cold and humid weather and came to sleep inside. On Saturday I have an appointment at the groomer so please cross your fingers or paws that she will be inside !! The poor thing is full of knots especially under her belly.

The massmurder housewife poses for me as an innocent girl

and Arthur doesn't bother that with a bow on his head he looks like a cute lady, when he sleeps you can even put a grenade on his head and he wouldn't move unless of course the thing would explode.

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Last year on Easter we were almost melting because it was so warm, this year we were freezing and my cats "celebrated" Easter alone at home while my neighbor took good care of them. We went to Amsterdam, where at least on Easter Sunday the sun came out a bit.

Nobody was interested while I did the Easter decoration to take with us. All four snobbed the fake green grass, the yellow feathers and little fluffy chicks, and the plastic easter eggs were also not of any interest to them, not to speak about Easter bunnies.

Pookie as usual did her jogging from sofa to bed and the other way around to sleep and wonders why her belly

becomes round and rounder ! I now bought food for inside cats, although she can go outside, but she is so lazy.

Arthur thought that while it's cold and wet outside he should do some spring cleaning and entertain his white fur for eventual meetings with neighbor cat girls.

Otherwise he disturbes helps Mr. G. when he plays cards with his computer and pushes on the wrong keys creating new programs, much to Mr. G. pleasure. I hear then : %$@&# Arthur !!!

Pookie inspected the new scarfs I had bought and found them very comfy to sleep on them.

And then she told all of us what she thinks of Easter !






This post is dedicated to Arthur's 10th birthday !

In June 2002, Mr. G. and I went to an animal shelter to choose a white cat. Mr. G. had dreamt of a white cat since his childhood, and as our Max went to the rainbow bridge 6 months before, we though it's time to fullfil his dream.

and so Arthur arrived in our home. The vet put as his birthday the 3rd of April which is also the Saint's day of Mr. G. which is very much celebrated in Italy, even more than birthdays. I have my doubts about his Sanctity, but that is another story.

So today we celebrate Arthur's 10th birthday ! When he arrived he wasn't bigger than the remote control and quickly showed that he was a quiet special and intelligent cat.

He makes us laugh with his funny sleeping poses

He is a perfect model for my photo themes, especially when he sleeps then you can do anything with him. Even move him around while I make the bed.

Of course he also is a real cat with the corresponding instincts and unfortunately sometimes a poor bird or a mouse is murdered.

Arthur has a lot of activities besides sleeping ! He likes to watch water drops in the sink, stealing food from Mr. G's plate, squatting our toilet when we need to go, climbing in all cars when a door is open. My neighbors always check, as once he had slept on the back seat and meauwed when the car started to move. Poor neighbor almost got a heart attack. He also loves to take a sunbath and then collapses besides my bed for a little grooming.

He also is very playful, attacks the broom, doesn't fear the vacuum cleaner at all, chases Rosie around, watches the neighborhood, and sometimes also TV. It depends on what is on the program.
He loves watching golf (he is the only one in the family) and each time the ball falls in a hole he looks under the TV for it. For having fun we don't need a TV, we have our private entertainer : Arthur !

During the 10 years the remote control has shrinked. Now Arthur is bigger !

and that's typical him !