This is my blogging corner this morning. It's cold and wet outside so nobody wants to go out.

not even Kim ! Pookie anyway always stays inside

Arthur doesn't allow me to make my bed. How could I disturb him he sleeps so deep and peacefully !

Lisa (18) now has arthritis and has difficulties to sit down, see she always leaves a little space between the floor and her bottom.

she also can't bend down properly anymore but if I put her bowl a little higher she doesn't eat ! She becomes more and more bullheaded ! She is completely deaf but otherwise everything works well. Only she pees a lot and I have to clean her (personal) litter box at least 3 times per day. It's amazing what a little cat like her contents water ! During the nights I lock her in her "own" room because she suffers from anxiety when it is dark, so I leave a little light on and nobody bothers her neither. She used to screech all night it was awful I thought I would live in a haunted house !

I never had to deal with aging cats. It is the first time it happens to me.

Piccola my very first cat, from nearly one day to the other decided not to live anymore and I had to put her asleep. It was exactly the same with Max. They never were sick, never had ageing troubles. They felt well until the end before, as with most cats, kidney problems put an end to their lives.






The snow is gone and rain came back instead. Not really a time to go outside, in Arthur's opinion, that's why he got back into his winter sleep and waits for better days by

washing himself for hours, to keep his fur white

sleeping against my bed

or in my wardrobe, ironing my T-shirts and cardigans

even for posing he is too tired, and didn't cooperate. I needed a pictures with apples for ABC Wednesday, and instead of making a beautiful face with big eyes, he fell asleep.

Rosie wasn't better ! This cute and innocent looking little cat is in reality a real beast ! While I was reading in my bed and she laying on my chest, she suddenly without any reason bit me in my hand and very hard it really hurt and I hadn't even touched her. In a reflex I slapped her with my book so that she fell off the bed and then sat on her cat tree. I ranted and raved at her and told her to never come back on my bed ! But during the night I felt her soft fur against my face and she purred (mabe for forgiveness) in my ear. I really don't know what happened to her she had only done this once in the past with me, Mr. G. is another story ! Now she is sweet again, but I don't trust her yet ! I hope she will never forget my book !

But otherwise I have such nice and peaceful scenes to look at while I am sitting at my computer.

Lisa (18) has got a big cheek, it looks like a ball, I don't know what it is, but it doesn't bother her at all, it feels like a ball of grease.

Has anybody ever had the same case ? I don't want to take her to the vet because it seems to be only a beauty matter because she physically is in a very good shape, eats and drinks well, but gets quickly very excited and then she vomits. I think I just leave her in peace I don't want to bother her at her age until it's nothing serious.





For Belgium it had snowed quite a lot and my cats were a little disorientated. After two days of playing inside cat, Arthur finally had enough and decided to go outside and put his paws in this white stuff.

Apparently he liked it, because a little later when I looked out of the window I saw him sitting under the bushes and watching the garden. Then he looked left and right and decided to try out the snow as litter box ! And apparently he likes it, because now I have less to clean the litter box inside !

After a day in the snow he now takes his naps again against my bed and even during night warms up my slippers. I very much appreciate !

Miss Rosie doesn't go out, she watches Mr. G. each morning when he leaves to have a coffee with his friends and of course to chat, don't say there are only women who chat !

Rosie doesn't like snow at all and stays glued against the house wall where there is no snow, I tried to get her in the snow by throwing a little snow ball, but she turned around and quickly ran back into the house.

There she spends most of the day on my bed during nights too of course and in the morning I still find her mousies which had been in the living room neatly ranged around the bowls. One of the little once she always droppes in the water bowl but with the bigger once she only puts the tail ! I thought it was a coincidence, but no, it's every morning the same picture ! She really has a housewife complex !

and Kim and Pookie stay in Mr. G's bed all day, that's very nice of them, because I can't make it of course without disturbing them, and I would never do that !