This is my blogging corner this morning. It's cold and wet outside so nobody wants to go out.

not even Kim ! Pookie anyway always stays inside

Arthur doesn't allow me to make my bed. How could I disturb him he sleeps so deep and peacefully !

Lisa (18) now has arthritis and has difficulties to sit down, see she always leaves a little space between the floor and her bottom.

she also can't bend down properly anymore but if I put her bowl a little higher she doesn't eat ! She becomes more and more bullheaded ! She is completely deaf but otherwise everything works well. Only she pees a lot and I have to clean her (personal) litter box at least 3 times per day. It's amazing what a little cat like her contents water ! During the nights I lock her in her "own" room because she suffers from anxiety when it is dark, so I leave a little light on and nobody bothers her neither. She used to screech all night it was awful I thought I would live in a haunted house !

I never had to deal with aging cats. It is the first time it happens to me.

Piccola my very first cat, from nearly one day to the other decided not to live anymore and I had to put her asleep. It was exactly the same with Max. They never were sick, never had ageing troubles. They felt well until the end before, as with most cats, kidney problems put an end to their lives.


Mouchois said...

I adore your room! It looks like you have an amazing little space all to yourself.
And Lisa is such a darling kitty, even though she can't quite site down!

Ellen Whyte said...

The room looks cosy. And excellently furnished with cats! Poor Lisa. She may be old but she's still got you wrapped around her paw.

meemsnyc said...

I love the picture of Arthur in bed under the covers. So cute!


Yes our Shadow was not ever sick in
all of her 14+ years until the very
end and it is very hard to see a
loving wonderful cat companion aging. My heart goes out to you Gattina for all of your care giving to dear Lisa. ♥

The Chair Speaks said...

That's a lovely corner to write.
As usual, Arthur gets a comfortable spot to sleep soundly.
Poor Lisa, I suppose the best is to make her as comfortable as possible. How's the lump on her cheek?
Royal Canin Maine Coon cat kibbles contain glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health but the kibbles are larger than normal.

Linens and Royals said...

Gattina I hope Arthur moves over so you can sleep in your bed, or will you have to sleep on the floor? I think you must look after you cats very well to have them have such long healthy lives.

We love Luna said...

Hello sweet Gattina and friends!
This post is so beautiful.Mommy and I are really touched by your words about the adorable Lisa.But she has all pure love from your heart and I know it comforts her a lot.You take good care of all friends there.
Arthur is so cute sleeping in your bed.
Happy Tuesday!
purrs and love

Luna und Luzie said...

Poor Lisa! It is the same with our doggie Patch. He also can not sit right down like Lisa. he also had problems with his back.
i think we both do the best for our old pets.
I´m so impressed about Piccola, wow 20 years old....and never sick ?!?!
Luzie had her first healthy problems with 3 years.
I also would never disturb Olli if he sleeps like Arthur ;o)
Happy Tuesday!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Lovely and snug a room fll of cats.. What more could you ask for.. Poor Lisa, but she must still have some quality of life and enjoys her food so that is good.. Arthur looks so cute fast asleep... Sleeping peacefuly.. Hugs GJ x

Unknown said...

I like the changes you've done to the blog, very cute. I have a hard time disturbing a sleeping cat as well (even though let's face it, all they do is sleep lol!) Happy Tuesday!

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

I read once, that a cat will choose one person from the household he lives in, to help him through his golden years.
It is good that Lisa still eats. That is a good sign.

Arthur looks so peaceful under those covers. Of course you couldn't make your bed!


The Activist said...

Poor Lisa, I am sure she is coping jsut fine

Irishcoda said...

I don't blame your gang for not wanting to go out on a cold rainy day. :) They all look quite comfortable, especially Arthur. That is SO cute, that picture of him! I had one cat, Pepper, that lived to be almost as old as your Lisa is now. She got arthritis and couldn't jump anymore. The only other problem she had was that she had trouble with cat food, including canned, and so we switched to baby food. The vet said it wasn't as good for her but that it was okay if we would be able to mix in some vitamins or some regular kitty food so we did. Pepper just went in the night and it was so hard. I'd had her almost half my life at that point.

Cliff and Olivia said...

What a nice blogging corner, perfect for cats.

Arthur looks so peaceful under the cover.

We're sorry to hear about Lisa's difficulties. It's good to know she has someone to take care of her.

Cindy said...

Poor Lisa, it is hard to watch our babies get old like us. Pookie looks so precious in bed like it is hers.

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

Andy: I can really relate to Arthur under the covers....I love doing that also.

Mamabug: It is so difficult to watch our babies get old....both of my boys are getting up there in cat years, and I try to not think about how much they've slowed down, etc.

Love your Tuesday posts.....xxxxxxxx

catsynth said...

We're staying inside these days, too, with rain and the cold. That picture of Arthur under the covers is priceless!

Piccola was a very beautiful cat, and it sounds like she had a very long life.

Mary said...

Your cats are all so pretty and look very happy! Lisa looks likes two of my cats :-)

Hoshi said...

I love the picture with Arthur is under the cover and taking a nap :) How cute and peaceful....

Amy & the house of cats said...

We love your room - it is so bright it must be inspiring to be in there. And all the kitties look so cute!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Arthur looks so cute snuggled under the covers! I have an all white cat, also--Earnest. Earnest is deaf. Was Lisa always deaf? It does make it difficult to communicate. any tips?

Carla said...

What a cherry, cozy place to be:)

Mouchois said...

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Ginger said...

I have put down 4 that lived 17-20. It is very hard when you've had them from the start. My first I had from when I was 12-31===always kidney failure. I had a 17 year-old who was diabetic and I gave 2 shots a day to for the last year of her life.

Rainy days are meant for bed; I wish I didn't have to work on those days and could cuddle with my babies.

Marg said...

Oh my your house looks just like ours,cats all over the place. You sure are a good looking bunch. We have old cats here too. Sure is nice to meet all of you. We will be back.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Can't believe it, your cats are so contented to be at home. I see cats in New Zealand wondering around, and everytime I see dogs being taken out, I want to write a poem something like that.

You think you are more loved,
Just because you get taken out,
in the car,
to the park,
to the beach,
dressed in all fancy clothes,
cut in outrageous hairstyle.

I don't need that,
Because I am a C.A.T.
I go out when I want to,
where I want to,
Because I am a C.A.T.

Elizabeth P said...

WOW!!! I love cats and yours are so cute and beautiful!!! I´m going to tell you about some coincidences I found by reading your blog:

My sweet cat Michula looks alike your Pookie, I love her so much!!!

My sister had a very sweet black cat named Piccola and now she is dead like yours :(

I love your nickname Gattina! I named a cat Gattini some time ago :)

I´m following your blog so I´ll come back soon!

Elizabeth said...

Awwwww, you have a kitty blog! I LOVE kitties! I didn't know that you have a McLinky for pussycats on Tuesdays. Is it every Tuesday? I will have to do this next week. My kitties are my favorite people after my children.

By the way, my cat, Sunny, makes himself at home in my bed, too, and I have to kind of work around him.

Thanks for the link!