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Bad tongues pretend that cats are lazy, because they are sleeping most of the time. But this is not true, it only looks like ! It's not the fact to lay in a comfortable, warm, cosy place for 18 h at least, but it's very important to do it right ! And that means they are not lazy, but they work !

First they have to find a suitable place. The beautifull basket (fitting with the colors of the room) that we prepared for them and placed near the heating is just good for trying it once to be polite.

No, they watch you until you get up, usually very quick as you are late, therefore, they don't have to wait too long. As soon as you leave, they quickly jump on this still warm place, curl up , and take a "I have been here for hours"look. The worst person wouldn't chase this cute sleeping cat away !

But before this moment comes, they have to eat. This is very important, otherwise they would wake up because they are hungry.

Then they really decide on the right place, the bed or a just vacuum cleaned sofa or freshly washed laundry ? And when all this is done, then the real work starts.

They perform their lay down ritual. First the place is checked with the paws, then they turn around several times until they curl up and put their nose under their tail.

Arthur makes the demonstration

turn around

a little wash before

and the work starts !

Already sleep itself is very exhausting ! turning around, moving from one side to the other, dreaming, hunting mice or birds, waving tail , quivering paws, then smacking, purring and snoring.... all this is not at all like we do. We fall on our beds, lay there and get up after 8 h.

Cat sleep is art. It's not important to them that they miss most of the world news (boring anyway, always the same). They prefer the sweetness of a bed.

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Anonymous said...


You have caught the world of the cat perfectly! No, they are not lazy, are they? Being a cat takes an enormous amount of time and trouble. Oscar can attest to that!

He loves the computer chair and we fight over it daily. If I've beaten him to it, he will have the next best thing - my lap! This, of course, makes using the computer very awkward, but he doesn't care as long as he's got what he wants. The only time he'll voluntarily get off the computer chair is when food is being put out for him.

Have a great day.

Jana said...

I meant to ask you if Kim has a tail? She looks like a manx in most pictures and I wondered. Benjamin is a manx and looks like a black box with legs and a head. He was begging tonight for chicken, though he wasn't putting his foot up or making sounds, just standing by my feet watching every bite I took hoping for something to drop. So, I gave him pieces, then next he was up on my leg looking in my plate for something to grab. I fight all the time with Shadow for my seat. You're right, they head for the warm spot then get so mad when you want them to move. Oliver (who is no longer with us) used to lay across my arms when I was typing on the computer, he'd get mad and holler at me for disturbing his naps. He's huff and make disgusted noises, but I wouldn't get up and give him the computer chair so he would lay across my arms, trying so hard to get me to give up and move!! NO WAY!!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Wow, this is exactly what we do before we go to sleep. I'm soooooo happy your lady recognizes what important steps go into sleep preparation. By the way, that bed looks super comfortable. We wish we had such a nice place to sleep! -Rosie and Cheeto

Anonymous said...

This is a perfect explanation of how hard we work at what we do! Kudos!

Anonymous said...

hello! we've been seeing you here and there in comments and here we are to visit! we added a link to your blog, so we'll be back lots - purrrrrrs!

Mr. Hendrix said...

hi! anyone who thinks taking a nap isn't hard work has never watched a kitty.
Besides, you're right, world news would jade us.