Spring is in the air and my lazy cat family woke up from its hibernation and switched from indoor to outdoor cats. I suppose as long as it is not raining and not too cold.

While I was watching TV, I saw Rosie inspecting the neighborhood on the roof of my neighbor's garden shed, happily looking around for friends and ennemies.

Then she exercised for natural needs purposes, found the ground too hard for her delicate little paws, and unfortunately prefered the litter box in the garage a little later.

Kim was happy to suddenly have some company in "her" garden and even came to greet me. Her fur is full of knots and she looks like a mop. If there wasn' the tail you wouldn't know where is the beginning and the end of the cat. On Friday I have an appointment for her to get her groomed and all the knots out by a professional "cat hairdresser", as she won't let us touch her with a brush.

While Arthur prefered the sun in front of the house and warm his back on the stones, Rosie took herself for a cow and ate some grass for her stomac. If all my cats would eat more grass I didn't need a lawn mower anymore !

Coming home, she first had to clean herself from top to bottom while I admired her Yoga positions.

Mr. G. had prepared his sandwich and left it on the kitchen table only for a few seconds, but this was enough for Arthur to think that the sandwich was made for him, so he served himself before he too started a meticulous fur cleaning of his now bigger belly. The mortadella apparently had been very good ! Mr. G. was "angry" !

As he suffers from springtime lethargy (between us : the whole year) he uses now my light therapy lamp to get some energy. It had helped me so much to get my energy back, that I don't need it anymore for the moment. Pookie also thinks that she needs some more energy for mouse hunting and keeps him company.

Please try to visit all participants !


Barbara said...

LOL! Naughty Arthur! I don't envy the cat hairdresser, do they were protective suits and gloves?

Lui said...

Team Gattina sure is ready for Spring!

Btw, can they all attend Sweepy's bday pawty portrait?

Linens and Royals said...

Must be spring, everyone looks so busy. Maybe It's time to switch of that lamp now before all the cats go beserk.

Luna und Luzie said...

I,m glad to see your cats happily outside.
Oh naughty Arthur eats Mr.Gattinos bread.
Arthur scheint genauso verfressen zu sein wie unser Findus.
Hoffentlich hilf die Lampe ;o)

We love LUNA said...

Bonjour dear friends,
It's so nice to see you all exploring your lovely garden, so much fun outside.Even Kim is enjoying the feeling of Spring there, it's wonderful!
I think my dad also needs some energy from that Lamp, because he is always so tired and stressed about her job! MOL
purrs and love for you all

Ellen Whyte said...

Great post, Gattina! Really made me laugh. Poor Mr G; he'll have to police his food from now on. I hope Kim is OK with her hair cut this year.

catsynth said...

It looks like the cats are all ready for spring - it always brings out a burst of energy.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Nice tyo see all the lovely photo's of all the kitties enjoying outside. Naughty Arthur you should not steal though. Hope the groomers goe's ok. I get to go once a year and am usualy ok. Hugs GJ xx

Carla said...

:) Cats really do know how to live in the moment don't they?

Marie said...

Aww, looks like they are all getting ready to enjoy spring! I hope the cat groomer goes well, that is always an adventure in our lives!

The Chair Speaks said...

LOL! We love your mini stories especially Arthur eating Mr G's sandwich!

Elizabeth P said...

Very cute as always! I can´t wait to see Kim after her hairdresser appointment :)

meowmeowmans said...

So nice that the cats (and you!) are enjoying the warmer spring weather, Gattina. :)

A lovely and fun post, as always!

Nikita Cat said...


Love this series of photos!

Beautiful, and exciting!