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Yesterday while we were sitting in the garden I saw a fat cat crossing the grass and said to Mr. Gattino "Look at Danielle's (neighbor) cat, is she fat !" And Mr. Gattino scandalized : "But it's Pookie !" I looked again and yes it was my poor Pookie ! I never had noticed that her fur had changed completely ! When she was a baby and young cat in London where she was born she had the patterns of a typical English cat !

Like Sophie my friend's cat

Here is Pookie as young cat in London

And now !

Since 5 years she is living with us in Belgium, I wonder if the clima has influenced the changement of her fur, because now she looks like all grey cats here !

That made me check the others

Lisa hasn't changed at all !

Here she is as baby with her beloved "father" Max (who died 3 years ago). Her fur didn't change but she changed character with Max's dead.

Lisa looks still very good with her 17 years !

Rosie probably will never change ! She has her little tuxedo on for ever

and I also hope her big eyes !

Arthur was born white, and remains white only from time to time he has black spots when he had worked under a car !

3 white cats !


Jenn Valmonte said...

Was Max the white/black cat? I love his color!

Ellen Whyte said...

Pookie looks so sweet. But yes, a tad roly-poly!


Hi Gattina, I think tiger striped tabbies
do change when they get older. My tabbie
started out more brown younger and when
she got to be 15yrs she grayed a bit....
With Max as daddy, I think it might happen
even more... the graying of the fur!?
Rosie does have awesome big eyes!
Stop by this week and see my kitties
have a little fight....bad kitties! :)

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

I like seeing the "changing looks".
Before and After~!
Nice to see they are doing fine.
By the way,
I think Adan is better now, he is not so nervous~!!!! I am very very happy as well~!

Luna und Luzie said...

Luna is a tabby too and she also changes her fur color . It was the same with Friedas fur. We always wonder about the new color.
Luzie never changes the fur. She has always the same 3 colors and the same spots.

Gattina, bei Frieda war das ganz extrem, sie war vierfarbig creme, weiß, schwarz und ein wenig braun. Mal war die eine oder andere Farbe dominanter. Der Tierarzt meint, sie hätte eine Persermischung sein können.
Max war ja ein Bild von einem Kater.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Maybe it's because she has become older? My cats have always remained the same colour. Anyway, she's a pretty cat, her markings are lovely.

CRIZ LAI said...

All my kitties sure changed their fur colors. It looked as if all the colors had faded through time. Weird right? So far, I realized that only tuxedo cats still maintain their solid colors. Maybe it's due to the fact that they have only black and white hairs.

I was laughing at how you describe Lisa... no changes except with Max's head.. LOL! Well, I'm still trying to have some changes over here but I failed all time high. No one want to accept that new addition to the family. :(


TorAa said...

Of course, Fur changes. Like mine;-)

The Activist said...

Well, I dont know that fur changes. I will look out on my cats

Obsidian Kitten said...

finally i am back! hm...i don't know that i ever noticed that any of my cats' fur changed. how interesting!

wow-rosie is so grown-up in her lovely tuxedo now!

sedning love from nyc!

catsynth said...

It is interesting how cats marking change or don't change as they grow. I wonder if Pookie's markings were related to a change in diet, or climate, or simply growing into adulthood.

I suspect Luna will always be all black :)

Irishcoda said...

That's interesting...the only changes I notice in the gang's coats comes with winter and spring when they are either growing a thicker coat or shedding it. My DH says that Kosmo's colorings change with the seasons but I hadn't noticed it.

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of fur changing before. Strange!
I made a meme for you, come and look.

Forty Paws said...

Pretty cats!!

Luf, Us

Copito said...

Your cats are very cute, Gattina! I love everyone, but my favorite is Miss Rosie


Rosemary B❤️ said...

Wonderful photos. They make me happy :-)

The Cat Realm said...

How interesting! We never heard of a cat whose fur changed..... Do you think we could somehow change Mrs. OZ into a pink cat? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA