I think without Arthur we would lead a rather boring life ! He keeps us entertained and busy all the time.
This week when I came home and unloaded the groceries in the garage, suddenly a white flash jumped out of a carton box and meowed loud greetings ! I almost dropped my bags I hadn't expected that !

As it had snowed again he was rather disappointed and was looking for some occupations. His favorite one and which gets worse and worse is stealing things ! Mostly food of course. I had prepared 3 slices of toast for my lunch and saw only two. Of course I accused Mr. G. but he pretended that he was innocent and that probably I had only toasted two, as I am so bad in calculations. So I ate my two and found the next day a piece of toast and lots of crumbs in the middle of the living room. Arthur had tried to eat it during the night ! But that was not all, I had prepared salmon with pasta turned around to get a spoon or something, and when I looked at my pot again, I just saw Arthur jumping down with a piece of salmon ! Of course I couldn't take it from him, then he gets very angry !

He is also worried about his health and was happy to find some grass in the snow to clean his stomach. Then he hurried inside and through up his stomach contents on an oriental rug ! After all, Arthur is a posh cat and knows what he deserves.

But how could I be angry with this cat when it lays like that on my lap while I watch TV ?

and insists to be on family pictures ??

Rosie too, was quiet upset about the snow, she looked after birdies, while I was making my bed. But there were none around, so she returned and played with her mousies which she continues to place in the water bowls.

Pookie had lost her collar so I bought her a new one in red I am not sure if she enjoyed it, because in the beginning she scratched to get rid of it, but then forgot. After all she has always worn a collar with our telephone number inside.

Kim has changed her lifestyle, she is now an inside cat and tries out all napping places even on my bed together with Arthur. That, she had never done !

Cats are always full of surprises !


meowmeowmans said...

How nice of your cats to keep you always guessing what they will do next, Gattina! I think Arthur is like our Moosey -- so funny and charming that it is impossible to stay mad at him. :)

Linens and Royals said...

I am still laughing about where Toby is looking in the family picture.
What a contrast, Kim the black blob and Arthur. It's hard to tell the difference between Arthur, the snow and the white cat statue.
Always better for cats to be sick on posh rugs instead of in your bed.

Sparkle said...

Well, of COURSE we kitties are full of surprises - we need to keep you humans on your toes!

Mr Puddy said...

Good on you, Arthur !
It's too cold, you deserved extra food !
And I love family photo, your butt just right in front of the mini human...tee..heh..heh

CATachresis said...

You are right, Arthur is a character! Always pick the best and most expensive item to throw up on!!! :)

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Arthur sure keeps you on your toes! MOL.
We LOVED that family picture especially how Toby looked very interested in what Arthur was showing him. Hahahaha!

Hannah and Lucy said...

One thing life is never short of surprises with Arthur and the gang!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Marilia said...


Colehaus Cats said...

Yikes! Sounds like the regular routine was disrupted and so, they had to find their own fun! Surprise! Purrs...

Splendid Little Stars said...

Arthur--such a sneaky white flash! It's a good thing he is SO cute!

Tina´s PicStory said...

sorry i did something wrong with the linky :(

Not a Dog Person said...

Arthur is too funny. I had a cat, Ben-Oni (actually posted a few pics of him as a kitten today) who hung out with me as I was struggling to light a charcoal grill to smoke a trout I had caught. Finally got the darned thing lit and ready for the fish when it was gone. Then I spot Ben-Oni backing up and dragging the fresh trout by the tail. He would've eaten the whole thing if i let him, but I went through a lot of work to catch that trout! Besides, he was dragging it skin-side down across the grass. I did take the fish back and smoked it, and gave a bit to Ben since I couldn't eat the whole thing myself.