Once again when you read this I am sitting in a plane on my way to Southern France where I will spend a week with my (ex) blogfriend Claudie. She had been with us until Friday in a rather cool weather, and now I will join her into the warmth and sunshine.

Rosie has become a night owl. The naughty girl goes out on mouse hunting (certainly not on Tomcat hunting) and jumps on my belly usually at 4 am which I don't really appreciate. Once I have left the bed she rolls up in her basket and doesn't move anymore only when her stomach claims.

Kim does the same, a little less, she spends most of her days on Mr. G's bed and ignores the world around her.

Miss Pookie still gets on our nerves meowing the whole morning non stop, I tried to make a "selfie" with her, but she behaved like a camera shy diva. At least she stopped meowing !

The only one who is still in action is Arthur !! We had chicken and the rest of it I had put in a Tupperwear, to cool down, forgot to close it and that's what I found in the kitchen this morning. He had eaten all the chicken pieces and only had left one piece, probably he had no room anymore in his stomach ! Good bye our evening meal ! He was so full that he slept the whole morning on Mr. G's office chair, who fortunately was away.

For the moment he does his neighbor watch rounds and I can see him sitting at the front door of the opposite house. Maybe he will ring the bell, with Arthur you never know !


Summer at sparklecat.com said...

Arthur always marches to a different drummer! :)

Karen Jo said...

Leave it to Arthur to find the food. Cissy likes to jump on my belly early in the morning, too, but she usually waits until daybreak.

Karen and Gerard said...

Rosie is so cute curled up in that basket and poor pookie just doesn't feel like getting his picture taken. Perhaps he meows because he is hungry. I find that if I give mine a little bedtime snack, he does not meow so early in the morning.

Hannah and Lucy said...

Did you enjoy your midnight feast Arthur? - Hannah is quite upset you didn't mail her the left over piece of chicken as she's just finished her last piece and is meowing to remind me that there is some more chicken in the freezer and to get it out to thaw!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

The Furries of Whisppy said...

Arthur and his stomach brings him on very exciting (and funny) adventures!

Marilia said...

Hehehe! In my home is the same situation if I forget pieces of meat, chicken or bones without protection!

Linens and Royals said...

Nice of you to leave that last piece of chicken for the other cats Arthur. Too bad for them if they didn't jump up and eat it.

meowmeowmans said...

So nice to see that Rosie and Kim are getting some rest. And we think that second selfie with Pookie is pretty good!

Arthur -- you look very satisfied and full. LOL!

Have a nice time in the South of France, Gattina!