I have real helpful cats. Our terrace had turned greenish and to get it white again I had thrown

a jerrican of chlorid over the tiles. That's cheap and practical the rain washes it away and the moss goes away from alone ! Arthur loves the smell of Chlorid, he really gets crazy and behaves like a Kokain consumer ! Rosie not so much, she justed sniffed to be polite.

Arthur sniffs and sniffs and probably waits that he will get high, but apparently the effect is not as he wanted, as you can see.

While I was away he had elected a new sleeping place which is now on Mr. G. computer for at least 24, but from time to time when he comes back from outside he warms his belly on the radiator.

Pookie was fed up to play secretary and watch fishes, she moved into Mr. G's room again and left the desk to Arthur, and sleeps now on the leather armchair which she has arranged to her taste. That means she has scratched so much on the leather that we only can throw this thing away. For the moment it sits there as Pookie's personal scratching post.

The only one restless active is Miss Rosie, here she performs a show with hide and seek of a pink mousie ! The rag resists ! (Fortunately).

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Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

It seems your cats are always doing something, where mine just sleep and sleep and then for variety sleep some more.
I love the pictures. Poor Arthur couldn't get high, it's probably just as well.:)

Mr Puddy said...

Rosie, I can play with you while they have a nap : )

The Chair Speaks said...

Eeek, Arthur loves that smell? Our human EJ can't stand that smell. Ahh, we think Arthur is warming the mouse pad for Mr G.
Pookie is very pretty and deserve to have her own personal aquarium TV.
Is Miss Rosie looking or hiding the pink mousie?

Barbara said...

Arthur, I'm glad you failed at the drug thing- just say no! Rosie and Pookie are gorgeous, and so industrious :O)

Ellen Whyte said...

Well at least you know it's the cats' house and not yours :-)

We love Luna said...

Bonjour dear friends!
I like to watch mommy cleaning the bathroom, I think it's all about that "smell" so strong in some products.Mommy always said it is not good to sniff because she has headaches and it would be bad for me as well.
Rosie and Pookie are adorable in these pictures.I think Pookie would have lots of fun playing with Rosie and the pink mouse! :)
I would like to play as well!
purrs and Happy Tuesday

Whisppy said...

Poor Arthur. No high even after all that sniffing. :(
Pookie looks really comfortable in HER chair. Hee hee.
And Rosie, dear little Rosie is the energizer kitty of the house! She is very good at amusing herself with her mousies. :)

Unknown said...

Katy loves the smell as well! She goes crazy when I clean the kitchen lol.

Elizabeth Pujalka said...

They are soooooo cute! they made me laugh with all the things they do! :)

meowmeowmans said...

Gattina, your cats make me laugh! Thank you for these wonderful stories to start my day off with a smile. Please say hello to Arthur, Rosie, Pookie and Mr. G. :)

catsynth said...

It's interesting what sort of scents the cats will pick up on. Luna is fascinated by hair-care products.

It sounds like Mr G.'s room has become the happening place for the cats :)

Luna und Luzie said...

Hello, we are late today because the human had work today.
We don´t love it when the humans do any clean ups in the house or outside!
Rosie seems to have fun with the carpets.
Coole Gummistiefel, Gattina ;o)

Luna und Luzie said...

Oups, I better change my profile name soon!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Wow Arthur you are a strange one to like that smell. Loved seing all the sleeping places.. Hugs GJ x

Oskar said...

Those are some pretty kitties.

Nubbin wiggles,

Ginger said...

You can't throw away the BEST scratching post ever!