We have guests for a week.

Dominique's new birds !

While we put the cage in the guest room, Arthur fortunately wasn't there. When later I checked on them and put the radio on, so that they had a little music, and I opened the door to get out, like a flash Arthur was in ! I just catched him in front of the cage and carried an angry and struggling Arthur in my arms out of the room and locked the door ! I was exhausted.

But it got worse, he stayed there soonly followed by Rosie. But Rosie hadn't seen the birds and wondered why Arthur made such a mess and was sitting in front of a closed door, she finally went away because there was nothing interesting.

But Arthur who had murdered Dominique's birds before, had gotten killer instincts and didn't want to leave. He sat there for at least half an hour or even more singing all the songs he know, with his loud horror movie voice. When I considered to put earplugs in my ears, he finally gave up and very upset left the door and disappeared !  I enjoyed the silence !

Since two days the sun is shining and Rosie checks the street. But she always stays around the house, so when she saw me with my little red square in my hand (which is my camera) she quickly returned to great me.

While the grass is growing and growing and I couldn't mow the lawn because it rained, Rosie (and the others) are very happy about this. Rosie looks with pleasure over her "salad" field. Apparently the grass is very good this year.

Pookie as a lazy lady prefers laying on the couch and admires my birthday bouquet, which lasted one week.

No news from Kim, we see her from far around the house. This night at 3 am I woke up and saw her checking Rosie's food bowl, so I went to the kitchen to feed her and what did she do this silly girl ? she ran away !! I really don't know what to do with her, she needs badly to go to the groomer lady, but I can't make an appointment when I can't catch her !

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Barbara said...

'Horror movie voice...' LOL! Now then Arthur - leave those birds alone...

I love those pics of Rosie and the gate - they're lovely!

No wonder Pookie admires your flowers, such gorgeous colours - and happy belated birthday... As for Kim, she really is a crazy cat. Was she born feral or is she just a nervous wreck?

meowmeowmans said...

It is so lucky for those birds that you managed to save them from Horror Movie Arthur! That picture of Rosie by the uncut grass is so pretty.

That is a beautiful bouquet. No wonder Pookie likes to sit by them.

Poor Kim. We hope you manage to catch her soon, so that she can go to the groomer.

Sparkle said...

I dunno - if I were a human, I don't think I would want my birds anywhere in the same house as Arthur - maybe not even the same neighborhood or city! That boy is relentless. A cat after my own heart.

The Chair Speaks said...

Arthur, Arthur! We can imagine how loud you sang! LOL!
The lawn doesn't need mowing. It is lovely with those little flowers dotting it.
Happy Birthday and we wish you many happy healthy years to come.

The Furries of Whisppy said...

When I saw the birds, my first thought was "oh, oh...ARTHUR!". We hope there won't be a repeat of the recent tragedy. :(
Rosie reminds me so much of Boomer when he used to roam outside. He would come running if he sees or hears me. Such a good boy....just as how Rosie is a good girl. :)

Linens and Royals said...

I hope that door is locked. Arthur looks as if he is about to spring up and open it. Meanwhile, I hope you are as innocent as you look Rosie. Cats just love to pose with pretty flowers and Pookie is no exception.

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

'Horror movie voice *MOL*
I guess those birdies where very lucky that the door was closed !!
Yesterday the summer finally arrived to us too = YAY !
Sunshine and about +23 in the shadow = purrfectly furheat ;-)
Very nice flowers you got for your birthday , Gattina !
Doesn´t any of the cats try to eat them ??
I know I would have *MOL*

Ginger said...

Pookie, you have the right idea. Arthur, you are so funny blasting your momma's ears like that. The killer instinct must be like nicotine to a smoker.

Sharon Wagner said...

How could he resist? Good kitty.

CATachresis said...

Oh the horror movie voice! We know it so well. The flowers are beautiful. I hope you had a great birthday :)

Ellen Whyte said...

Arthur has such a strong will. He reminds me of Scoop who was also one tough kitty. Glad those birds survived. Poor Kim, she is an odd girl.