Sometimes it's difficult to be a "Selfie" model !

Don't interrupt my dreams !

It seems to me that Arthur's eyes are much better. He still has some crusts around the eyes, but at least there is no liquid coming out anymore. It's rather difficult to remove the crust, sometimes he lets me do it with my fingernail, probably he realizes that he feels better then.

Strange is that his fur has grown and he is full of knots ! I tried to comb and brush him, but the knots are to thick. Mr. G. cut some off but that does look awful, so I will go with him to the young woman who always groomed Kim. Hopefully Arthur behaves good, but he absolutely has to be cleaned, as he doesn't do it anymore ! Otherwise he eats like a horse and drinks his cat milk, sleeps a lot and looks as if he had put some weight.

These pictures I have taken a few hours ago and think he looks quite good for his 18 years. Of course he sleeps a lot and doesn't go outside anymore, it is also far too cold or it rains.

Miss Rosie lives her life as usual, sleeping on my bed, or sofa, or armchair mostly during the day and during night she goes out ! She doesn't fear bad boys when she comes back she always meows to announce that she is there, I find it very polite from her only when it is 3 am I am less happy. She wakes me up to say hello, and purrs in my ear, or sits on my chest and I get nightmares. Sometimes she is wet like a sponge and I always have a tissue on my bedside table to dry her !

Here she just had finished her nap, and went for her breakfast or lunch or whatever.

Unfortunately she teases poor old Arthur ! She always tries to occupy his napping places when he is not there. So today. Arthur doesn't care, he just takes the other radiator and sleeps there. Then it is not interesting for Rosie anymore and she jumps on her armchair !

Cute is that they are closer and closer together,  just like in the beginning when Rosie arrived as a kitten and Arthur played Daddy. 


pilch92 said...

Great selfies. I am glad Arthur is doing well aside from grooming.

Summer said...

I'm glad that other than needing help grooming, Arthur is doing better.

Photo Cache said...

Arthur, take good care okay?

Emma and Buster

Erin the Cat Princess said...

They are a wonderful and loving pair, despite the seeming protestations. Arthur really is looking great too, though I bet he will feel even better when those knots are finally out.
Lots of loving purrs to you all!
We do the whole damp 3am thing too. Surprisingly Mrs H is none too keen to help me dry off so I have to do it myself before asking for my breakfast. :)

The Chair Speaks said...

We love Rosie's little bed! We are glad Arthur is better after his fur knots were cut and eyes cleaned. Purrs and hugs///1

Brian said...

Such cuties, we hope those mats come out easy enough.

Catscue Catmom said...

It is good to get updates on the furbabies, wishing you all the best this week.

Dash Kitten Crew said...

It's always lovely to visit on Sunday and enjoy your photos. Arthur looks wonderful (and will look totally amazing after he is groomed).

Have a good week.

Tamago said...

I’m glad Arthur is eating well. Rosie enjoys teasing him but also they are closer which is wonderful! And they did great selfies :-)

William Kendall said...

Such sweeties.