I am posting from Hurghada (Egypt) at the Red Sea. I am spending 2 weeks holidays there.

Before I left I took a few pictures of my little cat family. Here are Rosie and Arthur in sweet harmony.

Pookie tries to fish

Arthur does what he knows best .... Sleeping

And this was the last picture of Pookie before I left, she slept the whole night on my suitcase !

They are all very happy to have the opportunity to terrorize poor Mr. G. for 2 Weeks.

I am sorry if I can't comment as usual, but my Internet and holiday time is limited !


Mr Puddy said...

Gattina, please have a great holiday
all your kids are fabulous.
Love Arthur , he is a genious of nap
and Pookie, She might to get your smell as much she can before you take a holiday
Pookie, might try to give you an idea for your holiday

Sparkle said...

Egypt is one of my favorite countries... they once worshipped us there, you know!

Barbara said...

Have a wonderful time! Glad to see the cats are just as gorgeous.

Linens and Royals said...

Poor Pookie did you want to go to Egypt too? I'm sure Arthur and Rosie will look after you and not tease you too much.

Dianne said...

I love the photo where Rosie is kissing Arthur's head

I had a cat that would sleep on my suitcase whenever it was packed and when I returned he wouldn't talk to me

have a great time!!

Luna und Luzie said...

Gattina, we hope you have better weather there like we have in northern Germany.
Enjoy your trip

catsynth said...

Enjoy your holiday. I am sure the cats will miss you in the the meantime.

The Chair Speaks said...

Pookie is watching her personal aquarium. love the way how Arthur sleeps.
Have a great holiday!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Oh lovely photos it is good to hear from you kitties that you are happy ad content while your mom is frolicking around the world, now in Egypt. How exciting.


Cindy said...

How precious! Pookie looks so sweet sitting on your suitcase. And so cute trying to fish! She must want to go with you. I am like Arthur, I love my naps, too!

Ellen Whyte said...

Have a good holiday and hope Mr G isn't run ragged while you're gone!

We love Luna said...

Dear Gattina, I'm so happy that you are enjoying the beautiful sun and perfect weather there.Wow what a trip!
My favorite picture today is the last one with Pookie trying to put her smell in your suitcase.I need to confess that I use the same technique here sometimes when mommy and dad are preparing stuffs for their voyage!
purrs and love

Amy & the house of cats said...

Oh those are such cute pictures! It is nice to have them to see while you are gone we bet!

And wow Egypt - how cool that has to be! Have a wonderful time!!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

Your cats may like this. This is a true story that my friend told us last night. We are still at the tail end of winter, and it is a wet winter so it is very muddy.

My friend's border collie has long hair and gets caked with mud. She takes her to the dog hairdresser to trim a bit off. When she came back, dog is bald.

Now, Dog finds it too cold to go outside, and lies in a warmed blanket.

meowmeowmans said...

Such great pictures, Gattina. We hope you are having a great vacation, and that Arthur, Rosie Pookie and Mr. G are having fun, too. :)

lupie said...

Hi Gattina!

Have a great relaxing holiday - doing what Arthur does best .. heheh :)

Aww... Pookie is a bit reluctant to let you leave for your hols !!! Sweet thoughts really!

See you when you are back!