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This is me in my new outfit as personal cat reporter ! It is a carnival mask of Venice I got for my birthday, but I think my cats don't agree with my new uniform !

My girlfriend and neighbor reported me all happenings while we were gone. Apparently the very first day of our absence, Lisa was standing at the door and from the next day on she was accompagnied by Kim, Arthur and Rosie, only Pookie didn't go over. Her daughter discovered this at first, she opened the door to go to work and found my 4 cats sitting around and on the doormat ! She called her mother and said "Mom there are some people for you" and my poor neighbor thought it was Jehova witness (in fur !) It was quite difficult for her to cross our street with 4 cats in between her legs. It's a pity that nobody shot a picture of this !

First thing I noticed, Lisa has her full fur back and it's even growing on her belly. She really looks good. Unfortunately she is still yowling for nothing and just sits there and talks to the ceiling.

Pookie was first offended of our absence but then she came and slept happily on my bed again while I was busy with the computer. But she never comes during nights since Rosie joined the family.

Apparently it had rained the whole time we were away and our garden looks like a jungle. Today Arthur and Rosie went outside while I was cleaning the terrace full of leaves.

Rosie climbed high in the weeping willow !

"What are you doing up there Rosie ??"

"Just checking if there are birds ? OK then I do what I have to do "

My poor grass !!

and then they both settled down for a little nap in the warm grass, while I finished cleaning the patio.

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michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Oah My~!
Rosie is climbing on that tree~!
So cool~!
That is so nice you have a great garden!!!!

Your mask is extremely beautiful!!!
I love it!!!!!!
I wish one day I can go there a buy one!

Anonymous said...

Arthur looks so handsome!

Ellen Whyte said...

Good to see you back - looking all sleekly catly :-)

I love the way your cats go collect your neighbour. Our two do exactly the same when we go away leave them in the care of our friend next door. What's more, they always weasel extra treats out of her!


Your kitty babies definitely
missed you! I think they all
have smiles because your home!
I am glad you had a safe and
wonderful vacation. Stop by and
see what happened at my house
last week! Have a fab day Gattina!

Puss-in-Boots said...

That cat mask definitely suits you, Gattina. Isn't it funny how cats know where their food is going to come from, even if you're not there. Smart animals they are.

And now, back home and reality sets in. I find I'm only home for a few hours and it's like I've never been away...sigh.

Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

That's a fabulous mask, Gattina! :)

Rosie, we are very impressed with your climbing ability!

Irishcoda said...

That's a gorgeous mask! Glad you had a wonderful vacation and I know your gang were all very happy when you came back home! That would have been so funny if your neighbor had gotten a picture of the 4 cats who came to get her, lol! :)

Rosemary B❤️ said...

I LOVE the mask.
I am glad that the kitties did well while you were gone. I am really happy that Lisa is feeling better singing and has her furs back. I sing a lot too but I have done that my whole life! Lots of howling, Caesar did this too. Maybe she is just happy!!
You have to do a lot of garden work now with the long grass. I hope the weather is not too warm. Here it is sooo warm!

I like all of the pictures today!

catsynth said...

Glad to see all the cats are doing well, that Lisa is healthy, and Arthur is enjoying the grass. It looks like Rosie is become quite the climber. Reminds of Luna's adventures up on the high ledge :)

kuanyin333 said...

Welcome Home! Meooooowwww! Sorry I didn't get the opportunity to post my COT on Monday nite...sometimes it just happens like that!

If you notice, the re-design of The Art of Living and Dying makes it load a whole lot faster now! So that should make everyone happier---it sure does me!

You loooooook purr-fect in your cat mask!

Mr. Hendrix said...

welcome back!! we're glad you had a good time. what a great mask.

enjoy being back with the kitties.

`°*ஜღ Moka ♥ღஜ*°´ said...

hi! what a wonderfull cats! mine looks like Rosie..... you can see my kitty here http://www.animafelina.com
bye bye from italian cat!

Deana said...

That is hilarious that they were all 4 at your neighbors house! And it is so good to hear Lisa's hair has come back so well.

My mom is living at my house until we get back and I think she has grown too attached to my pets. She is already looking forward to my NEXT trip....and the cats are very spoiled after her. She really goes all out for them.

Paula said...

Oh I like your new mask even if the kitties don't.
I am glad you had a good time in Italy.
One of our neighborhood kids just got back from there and was showing us all his vacation pictures last night.
Very fascinating places.
I think I would like to go there for our next big vacation.