I told you there is a spider sitting on the phone !

I am still looking good ! Today I am quite happy with my selfie

Do you really think I look better with the flower on my head ?


The warm weather continues and I and my cats are living outside ! Only Mr. G. is an inside human, he doesn't like the sunshine. Only through the window. Quite strange for an Italian.

Kim loves to lay in the grass, always on the same spot in front of the garden shed, and when it's too hot she moves towards the tiles into the shade.

And as usual after her outside time she moves inside

Here I have a perfect view on her still bushy tail ! Despite the fact that I had been with her at the groomer a few weeks ago, she generously shares her hairs with the whole household.

It doesn't happen very often that Rosie and Arthur walk side by side, but probably they had heard a noise in the kitchen and had both to check what was going on. Arthur sleeps on the bark and Rosie under the hedge, they both got up and came towards me.

Rosie's favorite place when the sun is gone, sometimes I think she lays besides Arthur.

Or she plays my model on the terrace

Rosie has a new quirk ! She doesn't like to sleep on the sofa, unless I have put a sheet of paper there, as a bed sheet. I had realized that when I had left an invoice there and found it crumpled in the morning ! Of course I took it away and she was offended, made clear that she wanted a sheet, so now she has one and from time to time I have to change it ! Cats are prima donnas !

no bird, no mouse, no butterfly, not even a fly, poor Rosie

Arthur after having emptied the bowl of the neighbor cat in their kitchen, (that's what my neighbor told me when I saw her), collapsed for a siesta under the ivy.

He mostly remains outside and only comes a bit inside to watch Television.

Since two days my friend Nicole has adopted this cute 2 year old cat in a animal shelter, she is so cute and cross eyed. She is a Birman cat, maybe she was not perfect that's why she landed in a shelter. Nicole who had a Golden Retriever before, couldn't live without an animal and as a cat is easier to keep she is now very much in love with her little Claffouti ! (Strange name I agree)

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