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Our cat Lisa likes to sleep in or on strange places. Instead of sleeping in a nice freshly made bed she prefers rather uncomfortable things. But when she has choosen a place, then it's for at least a month, sometimes less, sometimes more and nobody can convince her to sleep elsewhere ! You put her gently on another place you can be sure she will be back in a minute. You don't even have the time to turn around. And if you get angry and use more strong methods by chasing her away, it just doesn't do anything. She would politely run away and as soon as you are out of sight, she throwns again there were she shouldn't be.

Lisa is a very bone headed cat. When she has something in mind even a Jehova witness' threatening her with the end of the world, wouldn't change her decision. She has always been like that, even when she were a kitten, so it is not due to her proud age of 16 years.

On the other hand, Lisa is a very affectionated cat and has never scratched anybody. Furniture with pleasure, but no people. She also has this loud purring what I have never heard from any other cat in my whole life. It sounds like a mixture of purring and cooing and you can hear her even when you are not in the same room. This is quite annoying when you want to sleep, and she lies besides you and purrs in your ear.

and here are pictures of places she choose for the last months !

The microwave and when it is turning she would look through the window.

a medical pump Mr. Gattino has to use because he forgets to breath when he is sleeping. Lisa doesn't care about the noise of the pump and purrs in competition.
Of course the computer. When the keyboard was on the desk, then she slept on it.

and the actual place, our toilet !

I wonder how long it will last. She squats it since about three weeks. And there too, you just can lift her up, put her in the sink while you are sitting on the thrown but you have to put her back !

Lisa can be a little terrorist !

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


Anonymous said...

Hi Gattina

Your Lisa is a bit of a character, isn't she? But that's cats - they get an idea fixed in their head and nothing shifts it until they are ready to give it up and replace it with another idea!

Oscar has posted in Oscar's Chair, he's finally get himself motivated to do that.

Hope all is going well with you and the cats.


Meow (aka Connie) said...

Lisa sounds like a great kitty cat. I love that about cats, when they get something in their head, there is no stopping them. It's gorgeous.
Hope you have a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lisa likes to sleep in all kinds of different places! I prefer to sleep in places where it's warm, sunny, soft, or better yet, all three.

helen said...

Lisa is sweet and it is nice to see her favourite sleeping places. This minute I have two cats and my dog sleeping in my bed ( I often write on my lap-top in my bed), I love their company.Soon I will go to sleep myself and then I put the cats in their own room where they have their beds and cat-door. Yes I still have the two homeless cats. I have not found their owner, I hang a note at the store and I`ve asked some neighbours,but no one seems to know the young cats. I am starting to love them,so if the cats want to stay I will take care of them even if more cats not was the plan right now. Cats are easy pets to keep, it is much more work with one dog that 5 cats.(But the dog is easier to train... the cats do what they want you know.)

Anonymous said...

Those pictures made my mom giggle!

Anonymous said...

hahaha! those are some silly places, and they don't look comfy. wonder why she likes such strange beds?

Anonymous said...

Sag mal, sind deine Katzen mikrowellenfest und wo gehst du hin, wenn du mal zur Toi mußt, wenn sie es besetzt hält?


helen said...

What are you doing with your cats when you and your husband are travelling? I used to bring my Mira in a cage when she was a kitten. Now they stay at home, they have a catdoor you know. My mother feed them,(my parents are our neighbour).

helen said...

Wow, your neighbour is really nice. And then you can enjoy your trips knowing your cats are OK.