• Wystful kindly organized a "Holiday Decoration parade" if you want to join it will be fun !

    Each year when I take the christmas decoration out, all our cats are very intrigued when I put all these strange things on a bed to have a look through. Has something to be replaced, or maybe I don't like it anymore and of course everybody helps me as good as they can.

  • Arthur has first to recover from all what he has seen so far and is thinking about with what he should play first, he likes the little angels, but the father Christmas' are not bad either, especially with their beards they look like funny little mice

    Lisa at first is completely lost ! So many perls, baubles, and glitter ! She forgets that she is an old lady and rediscovers her youth again.

    Pookie is thoughtful. What to do with all these Father Christmas ? And the one with the trumpet even plays an horrible music !

    and poor Kim she really doesn't know what to do now. She hates all changes in the house and now this strange stuff on the table ...

    That's the way Christmas time starts for our cats.

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

    Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


    Wystful1 said...

    Great decorations...and such beautiful kitties too!!! Happy Holidays Gattina (I had to edit your link you left on the parade site --you forgot the 'html' extension...but it's been added now!!!

    I really enjoyed your blog work for the holidays!!!

    Anonymous said...

    cat toys efurrywhere! (Hi Kim! you look like us!)

    Viamarie said...

    Your lucky your cats appreciate what you're doing. I know of others who just make a mess of all the decorations they can get in touch with.

    Wonderful decors you have.

    Merry Christmas in advance!

    Wystful1 said...

    Gattina...the corrected link I did in your first comment you left...the one the other day DOES take you to this entry. (It's the link you left AFTER your comment...not the name 'Gattina') In the comment itself---called "Christmas Time")

    Anonymous said...

    I hope that your cats don't knock them all over when you set everything up!

    Anonymous said...

    Kim looks EXACTLY like my cat, Fluffy! And she adores anything twinkly and shiny. She likes to lie under the Xmas tree on her back, looking up at all the twinkly lights and reflections. And on 12th night she 'helps' to put away all the tinsel. We have to replace the tinsel every December. I wonder why..??


    FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

    That is so cute. Your kitty seems to be everywhere. Lucky cat to be so loved.
    I have joined the parade too.

    Anonymous said...

    So, are the kitty's helpful this time of year? I love that santa playing sax! Here is my link to the parade: