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Our cat Arthur is quite a special case. He is a very social cat especially for humans. He also likes his girls, but some male cats he doesn't like at all. Therefore he sometimes comes home like Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky". If you look closer on some pictures, you will see the traces of his last battle. But normally he is a peace and love cat. He also is a little clumsy. The other day he was sleeping on the dining table and suddenly we heard a big bumm, Arthur had fallen off the table in his sleep. But that is normal for Arthur. When he sleeps he sleeps. There also is not a day where he doesn't hit something which of course falls down and is sometimes broken.

Arthur always has a surprised look on his face and makes big wondering eyes. For that, people in our street love him.

He especially likes when the weather is nice and a lot of people are outside. Then he would make his tour and say hello to everybody. When I chat with a neighbour, you can be sure that Arthur sits besides me or between us and listens full of attention to the conversation. Sometimes, he lies down on his back to be petted.

If somebody is working in his garden, Arthur is immediately there to help. He is a specialist in digging and makes no difference between weeds and plants. He is a very helpful cat.

Sometimes when a little hole is made to put a plant in, he is very thankful because the person had prepared a toilet for him and with grace he would immediately take place on it and do his business. Sometimes he is a little astonished, when his victim is not so happy about that. But Arthur doesn't care, he is a happy cat.

In his former life he must have been a mechanic for cars. As soon as there is a nice and suitable (for him) car in the street, he would lie under it and work. Or sleep. But then when he comes home we don't have a white cat anymore but one decorated with black oily spots and stripes, who also doesn't smell like a rose. Then, we have to carry him into the bathroom and put a wild struggeling Arthur in the bath. For that we have to be dressed up like astronauts, and not forget the gloves we normally use in the garden to cut off roses.

He also loves to nap on cars, especially when the engine cover is still warm. Or maybe he also does break danses on it, because it's full of paw prints which doesn't enjoy very much the car owner.

His motto is : sit in the middle of the street and look cute. Yes Arthur is a crooner.

Here he poses for a Christmas picture

If you don't find Arthur for a whole day you can be sure that he had found a very special place to nap. Here in the desk and he frightened me to death, when suddenly he jumped out.

Arthur would never sleep in a normal place like decent cats would do, no, he always finds a special place and a strange pose !

He also likes slippers, maybe because of the smell, but he loves to keep them safe.

and then when he is very tired, he just falls down on any suitable bed.

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helen said...

he,he, Arthur is funny.

Meow (aka Connie) said...

Arthur sounds like a great fun kitty. Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

Arthur is a handsome fellow, and he sounds like a great cat. Dragonheart is also a real "people loving cat" as was my Siamese, Whiskers.

Giving him a bath sounds like a major production! I'm glad Dragonheart is easier to bathe, since it has to be done once a week.

Arthur looks so cute lying on his back!

(BTW, no problem hosting for the next two weeks if you wish me to.)

helen said...

My first blog I switched over to beta, then something happened and I could not get into it anymore, then I deleted it and started the blog I have now. I don`t think I`ll switch over to beta again.

srp said...

Arthur knows what he wants when he wants it and no one better get in his way.. I especially like the picture of him sleeping by his cat house and toys. What a character!

Anonymous said...

Arthur is just gorgeous! He's so funny - but it sounds like he could be a real party cat!

Great post, thank you.

Justin said...

Hey wat a lovely cat!! I too 've 2 sweet cats n they just love to play around us.
look at this funky post pets watching TV!.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Arthur is as cute as can be...! I love the place he found in the desk, Gattina, and I love that you a picture of him in there! LOL! He is adorable!
I won't be playing this week, Gattina...like I told you, I find it hard to be locked into a "weekly" posting thing...and with the Holidays....plus other stuff..I just haven't had the time...Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

hello - will pop back later to comment properly but am playing.

Anonymous said...

Arthur is a true cat! He knows he is in control! I love the white of his fur it is very striking! He must really keep you on your toes keeping an eye out for him!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm in such a hurry at work today. But I simply had to visit your blog. I love it and your adorable cat personalities.
PS Waiting for my broadband at home. Then I'll coming stronger back.

Have a wonderful Vacation

Anonymous said...

And thanks for the countdown banner-url.